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  1. When it comes to shooting the 5 groups of 3 and now the exception of 5 groups of 5 if you're not adjusting and not using a scoring target, are those separate or if they score 5 groups of 5 count for qualification? I read it as separate, but I also see it as if they hit a group of 5 within the quarter, then they could hit three. Hopefully you can decipher that mess!
  2. Are you a transplant from the Scoutbook BSA Forums too?
  3. Tradition is one of the main reasons I stick around. Not to say that there isn't innovative ways to do things, but the foundation is strong and remains so. I don't have a scouting background, but it's the elders I sought out and learned from that enables me to pass on that tradition.
  4. I believe my council runs the same way, however, with me never experiencing Scouting until I was an adult volunteer, I thought this was the way things were supposed to be. The way you describe it sounds much more exciting and fulfilling.
  5. If everything that could be done was done at the time, that should release them from future liability. It's like knowing you can be sued at any moment in the future even though you're doing everything right today. God help us.
  6. And more revenue is the reason why most camps don't use this model anymore?
  7. So you're telling me that Summer Camps used to be a place that troops would basically go camp out and work on merit badges for a week, all being patrol-led with MBC assistance?
  8. Not trying to cause any opposition, but when did the public forget that people can be inherently evil. If an organization has done all they can do to put in safeguards and protect children and even employees, why should they be held responsible? There is no 100% guarantee that any organization can protect anyone from everything. Bad things happen. Now if any organization fails to put in those safeguards, then yes sue the heck out of them. Otherwise, individuals need to be held for individual actions. If someone wants to do something illegal, then they are going to do it no matter how many sa
  9. After working in the Dining Hall last year, I asked basically the same question as your feedback suggested and was told that healthier options cost more money and took longer to prepare. So in the end, it's cheaper to buy unhealthy bulk food and all you have to do is throw it in the warmer to thaw out. So glad they asked me to take over Shooting Sports this year.
  10. It's funny you mention that because I've been thinking that I'm better suited as a Cubmaster rather than the Committee Chair. While I would like to think I'm "decent" at being a CC, it is not the side that gets to have all the fun all the time. From what i understand, it can be from the unit level on up?
  11. I'll be going through the Wood Badge process next Spring and I was curious if I should be preparing anything ahead of time. From what I understand it's supposed to be a very knowledgeable. I don't know a whole lot about it except I was told I should go and that there's a lot of leadership training I can take back to my pack.
  12. I'm thinking he meant "requires" as in expectation in participation.
  13. Reading all this makes me thankful I have a council with few issues, at least nothing worth mentioning at the moment and hopefully never. I do find it interesting that they asked for more money, but didn't ask if they could do a FoS presentation for your unit. Quick to take a buck and not make one.
  14. I'm sure you can't find a high percentage who actually look those numbers up. The statistics are out there for you to look up, not to tell willingly. Big difference. Unless you're trying to make a change and difference right here and now, what is that people want and what are you trying to prove? Did the BSA mess up. Yes! Are they going to pay for it. Yes! Are people going to be aware of it. Yes! That doesn't change the mission that the volunteers are trying to uphold here and now. Be a part of solution, no the problem- "nuff said".
  15. While I do agree with you to a certain extent, no business (non-profit or not) is going to tell you something some egregious. Nor would I tell a parent that. That's is not my direct history of Scouting, that's BSA. I would like to think that a parent would do their research about the pros and cons of any organization that involves kids. Nowadays, if you do a simply Google search, you'll find the dirt under the rug. I'm not avoiding the fact of what the BSA did. I'm presenting what our Cub Scout Pack can do for you and your family. That dark history of the BSA will always be there, but no
  16. I completely understand. I myself was a victim from MST and while there is an age difference between MST and CSA, the effects are still the same. Is there still abuse occurring in the military? Absolutely? Am I still proud and will I support my specific branch? 100%. I've come to terms that it's not for me to decide for others how they should feel about the organization based on my experience, UNLESS, there is a gross consistent pattern of neglect. At the time, yes I wanted to burn the world down. But now, I'm doing my best to make sure no one else can be affected.
  17. I would like to think "good enough" is when parents have accepted that the organization has proven itself as a reliable and safe environment for children. It doesn't matter how many policies or background checks BSA has, but whether the public believes that they are doing everything they can to minimize the risk to children. When they feel the same comfort of having the kids in scouts as they do in the classroom, then I would say we are on the right track.
  18. I have that same problem and you just fixed it for me, so thank you!
  19. I might have worded that wrong. By saying there are 2 sides of the fence, I meant there are good and bad things that happen in any organization. I didn't mean in terms of absolute, but in terms that we can work though it the best we can. And yes, public schools are bad IMO 😁
  20. There are 2 sides of the fence in anything. Is Scouting inherently evil? No. Did it make a major blunder and paying for it. Yes. If people didn't believe in its overall values, there would be no memberships, no volunteers, and those of us who are still here wouldn't be fighting like h*ll to stay afloat and grow our units and continue to teach, guide, and mentor. You can find faults in any organization. Like the ol' saying goes, "it's not how you start that's important, but how you finish". Call me naïve, but we will make it.
  21. This makes me so mad. A simple "thank you for thinking of us" would've been nice. We never give our council a cent. Whatever fundraisers we hold outside of popcorn/camp cards, our committee decides what we should do and how much we should give. He can take his disappointment and shove it.
  22. Sure is and if "we" resist by not buying the new accessories (handbook, neckerchief, etc.) each year, they'll find another way to collect revenue (annual fee increases).
  23. Not a fan of censorship, but this is one of those times I wish it worked both ways.
  24. Like you, I came over shortly after the BSA Programs Forum excluded a lot of important topics and discussions. I've been finding a lot of good topics on this website so far and it seems that it is pretty active with lots of good responses from experienced scouters. There's even an eDutch Oven!!
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