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  1. Definitely not easy. There's one "benefit" to all of this that is seldom mentioned and then only by survivors. I guess that's as it should be. In addition to the prospect of (a potentially wee amount of money), large steps to improve YP including survivors on at the table, a measure of public accountability and acknowledgement, hopefully organizational shakeup and changes at the top, getting clarity on what LCs and COs are and their shared liability, and the prospect of healing and some closure, there is something profound. Namely, we now have the first sorta public band of Scouting child sexu
  2. As an art person who is also very sentimental and protective of monuments, this sickens me. My youngest son is with an auto insurer's Special Investigative Unit. Thefts of catalytic converters rose 325% during the pandemic and not because people needed money all of a sudden. Simply, cars were sitting everywhere begging to be stripped of precious metal. One company had $21M in these claims in a six month period of Covid lockdowns. Skilled thieves take less than a minute. One report was of a ring hitting retirement homes and ambulances. I do mean ring, btw. 30 people involved in one general loca
  3. Cool. This is the first time I and/or one of my posts has been dubbed absurd. I think I’ll let someone who “knows” me, the case, my posting history, and this specific issue defend the point (and me).
  4. I assume this is a serious question and you're not just messing with me. If the latter, yes, and COVID, gas prices and and global warming. Just levity, my friend. See, below. As follows: 1. Relevance - See Inquisitive's comments. 2. Relevance - Purdue got kicked back to Judge Drain after the District Court said it can't be approved due to the third party, non-debtor releases. 3. Relevance - This case, like Purdue and as stated in the excerpt, will end up being more about protecting those that follow us than providing closure, justice and recompense to survivors of past
  5. For what it's worth and though it's dated, I find this article interesting and relevant. Some may, as well. Here's a snippet and the link: An emphasis on prevention rather than the past About 90% of the settlement, which could deliver between $6 billion and $10 billion over time, will go to states, local governments and tribes. They're supposed to use it to fight the opioid crisis. University of Connecticut law school professor Alexandra Lahav says that ratio prioritizes the greater good, going forward. "To me it shows an emphasis on how do we fix what is broken for the future,"
  6. Yes, Likewise, enough with "guns are evil, only law enforcement and military should have guns (but let's defund the police, reduce our military and ignore the facts evidencing blanket restrictions don't work while we're at it) and I will 'stand with' the families (while I stand on the bodies of their children to signal my virtue)" while it happens again.
  7. Is this a statement to the effect that, "S/he is a danger to herself and/or others"? Who gets the report and is it filed under penalty of perjury as to the facts stated? It has to be a verified statement of some kind. Is this the preemptory "red flag" process, the confiscation trigger or both? I don't know a ton about this but would like to read the bill. What is the restriction, how broad and does it have a sunset or expiration clause and/or conditions for retraction? It does, but drawing these lines is very complex in my opinion. I think there is a big assum
  8. 1. Who is making this list of Dementia patients and psychologically disordered individuals, to whom is it reported, how does the pre-purchase "red flag" work, and who executes the search and seizure of those weapons already in their possession? Are all weapons included in the prohibition and seizure? Are family members mandated to "report" and, in the event they fail or mishandle the reporting, are they liable for any resulting injury? Mental health providers? Geriatricians? GP? Friends, employers, colleagues, children...? 2. How do we define "major psychological disorders"? 3. Does
  9. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people age 15 to 24 in the U.S. Nearly 20% of high school students report serious thoughts of suicide and 9% have made an attempt to take their lives, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. #### “Teenagers and young adults have the highest rates of suicide compared to other ages,” Dr. Fleisher says. “The things that make them vulnerable are where they stand socially and where they stand developmentally.” Developmentally, their judgment and decision-making abilities are still coming online, he says. The prefrontal
  10. I will leave it at this, but IMNSHO that is a terrible and egregious assumption from someone - I ASSUME - who has not been in the head, heart and circumstances of someone who is suicidal. I really wish you had not said this and, more so, that you didn't hold this opinion of young men you saw meet their end. This is the second time this opinion has been expressed on the forum and it deeply saddened me both times. Utterly.
  11. I'm not a heavy up-voter, especially if a post has what I believe to be more than one point, any one of which I vehemently disagree with. I surely grieve. See my point about gun violence, CSA and sex trafficking. I put them in the same sentence. "Failure" to punch the wee emoji-producing icon neither negates it nor allows you to assume I or anyone else doesn't grieve. I hope that's not what you meant. It's a post that is upvoted. I see nothing where I can upvote line by line or point by point. For me, I couldn't do so because of your advocacy for a total ban and, presumably, confiscation. Trus
  12. Not directly responsive, but I thought I would post it. From my conversations, most people don't know this. I have not researched the background study or studies. Next to this chart it is must be noted that 4 of the 5 most deadly shootings involved a semi-auto rifle. https://www.statista.com/statistics/476409/mass-shootings-in-the-us-by-weapon-types-used/
  13. Amen. Like child sexual abuse, as well as trafficking and mental health overall, where are the real champions of the cause(s) Who will humbly and earnestly convene a true coalition of thinkers, donors and doers? I see precious few. Our oldest some was a Criminal Justice major with a Homeland Security emphasis. His track was graduate, Police Academy, then FBI, Homeland or the like. After Ferguson, his now wife begged him to reconsider. He did and I'll spare you the subsequent details. In any case, I have put a great deal of time into thinking about and researching the topic. I am no expert
  14. Anyone else having trouble getting on the Zoom hearing? It's never happened to me before this.
  15. Univ. Of Calif.'s $375M Deal Brings Abuse Payments To $700M The University of California system unveiled an additional $374.4 million for more than 300 individuals who say they were abused by a former UCLA Health gynecologist, bringing the total amount in settlements with alleged victims to nearly $700 million. What's that per person? Oh yeah. $2.33M and change. Nice.
  16. I know zip-a-dee-doo-dah about the STEM program. Please suffer me one question and one thought. Once the latter is out there I will be at my quota for the day. 1. Is there anything offered in the schools or elsewhere that's attached to an outdoor and character building organization like Scouts? 2. For an entire segment of the population STEM and bookish things are what they do, at least in part. I raised 2 boys and 2 girls. One of each would do traditional Scouting, though they didn't for obvious reasons. The other two can and did "light" outdoor adventures but an all OUTING scenari
  17. I don't think anyone can lay the odds, but I would say better chance of approving than not. I believe the Notice of Agenda Matters landed today. I'll see if I can find a few to review. That rhymed. It is usually in English, but you need a special incandescent bulb to decipher the legal lemon juice.
  18. That be me. I'm calling making this connection a "good get" on your part. He was all about him and how things looked and projected on "his Troop." How we presented and performed was a huge part of his identity. As to Mr. Pink Shirt Hater, I say the same. All about how he thinks this "looks" to others who see one of "his" kids wearing a PINK shirt. Pah-lease. "No Scout of mine is going to be caught dead wearing a PINK shirt...!"
  19. I don't see anything in the terms. Someone should be made aware of this gap, though. Are there other documented instances among members here that would put together a pattern beyond isolated examples? Regardless, it shouldn't happen at all if anyone wants YP to really work as a core element of culture and practice.
  20. Possibly only relevant to my musings on the state of play, but as fate would have it, NESA was born 50 years ago today and 50 since I joined Scouts. “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” And how.
  21. Just landed on the docket, whatever this means. Minute Entry: The Court will not be ruling on confirmation at the omnibus hearing on May 25. The only matters going forward at the omnibus hearing are those listed on the agenda. - RE: [9714] Order on Omnibus Hearings scheduled for 5/25/2022 at 02:00 PM US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market St., 6th Fl., Courtroom #2, Wilmington, Delaware (LJJ) (LJJ) https://cases.omniagentsolutions.com/documents?clientid=3552&tagid=1153&dateFrom=05/15/2022&dateTo=05/21/2022
  22. His reading (and expounding on his ruling) was over six hours long. Pop some corn and grab a beverage...
  23. Of course. From my understanding, BSA doesn't control the selection of survivors and, I think, it would be reasonable to trust the TCC and SWG. That is what I'm trying to say, for the most part. Consider the applicant pool, as well. My sense in this particular conversation is you both are assuming BSA is in control of this Committee. At least half of the members will be survivors, per the plan provisions. If the members are anywhere as close to as accessible as the TCC has been, which I believe they will be, survivors from all quarters will be heard, in the most active sense of the word. You a
  24. My bet is on completely and totally fractional. Also, I am NOT advocating for other than a diverse group, but my understanding is the vast majority of claimants are men. Then, there is some commonality of age, as well. Simple facts, no? There MUST be diversity of experience - which includes multiple factors - but shouldn't it be in keeping with the proportions, whatever they are? Is this a fact-based assertion or assumption, or crafted out of whole cloth? I really don't know. Not poking. Oh, I was being somewhat jocular. YP is critical, but I think she trusted the TCC and SWG on that s
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