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  1. Purely anecdotal, but I've heard three people say that very thing. Effectively, "Wait to give so you don't end up contributing to the take of a bunch of lawyers."
  2. With permission. Let me know if this doesn't work, please. WSJ BSA 8.30.21.pdf
  3. Have any of these folks landed in the judicial crosshairs prior to this lovely scenario? If so, to what end? What has been alleged by the insurers and their experts doesn’t speak highly of their methods or morals. Hoping to read ahead in this 10-part dramedy screenplay. Thanks.
  4. WSJ has an article found via a site search titled, “Boy Scouts Draw Plan to Settle With Sex-Abuse Victims, Exit Bankruptcy. Here’s What We Know.” It’s been up since 5:44PM yesterday. I’ve been unable to click through. Thinking it may be a placeholder.
  5. I know. We’re on two different levels of the mall trying to find each other. I get lost in a store, much less the mall. I’m talking about the breakdown of the small ‘c’ coalition of the TCC/FCR and big ‘c’ Coalition and all that can means to the next phases and processes, in addition to the vote. We have to get there, first, and together has been what’s kept things on track to this point. The Hartford deal created that little ‘c’s opposition camaraderie and the new Hartford deal may tear it apart. Oh, and getting their fees denied paved the way for the cave.
  6. Yes. That problem is inherent. My red flag the clear implication that the Coalition is selling out for the new Hartford deal, as MYCVAStory (and I less substantively) noted as an underlying fear.
  7. With permission. Boy Scouts Are Close to New Deal With Insurer Hartford on Sex-Abuse Claims.pdf
  8. Right. I wasn't questioning method, skill or precision, just that what they sought to achieve through the expert is kaput. It was ill-conceived, as you've stated.
  9. I'm feeling like mediation is going to undergo a spelling evolution. It will henceforth be spelled c-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-e and I don't mean that in the best sense of the word. I hope I'm wrong. Meh. She's gone from cans straight to heads.
  10. As you know better than I, a classic case of expert backfires. Spectacularly.
  11. Yup. He is nothing if not calculating, and also smart. He is where he is for a reason. (I am NOT pandering. I've been saying this repeatedly, well before I had a fanboy and took on that celebrity client. Ha.) Why are they getting to depose the aggregators, again? What did the judge mention? What pushed the rock over the hill? Hm...
  12. So, of the 44 days, how many now get spent deposing the aggregators? "We'll start with the aggregators." The second word really caught my attention.
  13. With a blanket rebuff and admonition for anyone else who would so attempt to "extricate oneself from representing a client." Rare form today.
  14. Another denial. No delving into the POC's. Allowing depositions of the aggregators/claims generators. Cited Mr. Kosnoff's statement about the fraudulent use of his signature on POC's by another firm or group.
  15. MYCVAStory made the point very well. If the Coalition caves, it's likely because the bill collectors (enforcers?) keep lighting up their phones. They want it to stop, sooner rather than later, so they can start counting coin.
  16. One fig leaf. 3 entities. Logical conclusion? Someone gonna be n'cked, depending on the size of that leaf. Just sayin'. In my book, that's a small leaf and someone's motive is suspect. Hint: starts with a 'C' and ends with an 'n'.
  17. Same. She has been extremely combative disfavoring the arguments by the TCC and the Coalition. Less so the Coalition, in part bc Goodman is fluent in bakruptcyese.
  18. WSJ just confirmed a new deal with Hartford. "Boy Scouts are close to a new deal with insurer Hartford on Sex-Abuse Claims...could approach $800M, though negotiations continue."
  19. If true, tells me it's a sweet deal even at that number.
  20. Also, John, you didn’t use the high-end of the statistics - 100 per abuser or 1 in 6 men abused - for the calculations did you? That’s right. You did not. As to multiple multiple, as abuse is defined in the POC and the Tiers of Abuse, my abuser hit 8 the first night of my very first BSA campout. He went down the row of 4, 2-Scout tents tossing in a pair of cold Old Style and a porn mag to share. That was campout one. I was in the Troop from ‘72-‘79. (I was an unhappy Cub Scout prior to that, so about 7ish years total. I don’t have the Cub start date listed anywhere.)
  21. Locate the first tiny word in the section you quoted. Not you, not Barry, not anyone else. I responded to requests for replies/conversation on a topic with an honest reply: “I am not here to discuss...” I’ve done that topic and responded to that argument, as have a number of others, til I’m blue in the face. (Smurfs-based jokes and mockery welcome.) All y’all rock on with your bad selves. (That’s not a poke, just a Southernism meant to say, “As...you...wish...” Meesa done with that Maypole dance.
  22. Not poking, just asking. Is the point or argument that BSA is in Chapter 11, driven here by child sexual abuse lawsuits or threatened actions, because of the IVF disclosure? Because they kept the records, though purged who knows how many? I’m trying to clarify. Thanks.
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