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  1. As well as the number of claims left standing after the JLSS-mandated investigation, ferreting and vetting.
  2. Is that an inflation-adjusted estimate? I need to know how long to make the layaway term for the purchase of my new pair of Red Ball Jets.
  3. Abuse that occurs after emergence (and Phoenix rising) is new liability with no release protection from the bankruptcy. Also, “claim values” will be referenced in future cases, which is one of the reasons insurers hate that matrix.
  4. Looking backward, no. Forward, yes. Historical liabilities are released by the emergence and Phoenix rising.
  5. https://www.reuters.com/legal/litigation/boy-scouts-nears-court-approval-23-billion-bankruptcy-settlement-2022-09-01/
  6. What is the typical attendance/use of the HABs by location?
  7. I was 99% sure about something once. That being, I'm wrong about 99% of the time.
  8. Ja. What was the longest hearing we've had to date? 7PM ET or so? Why did BSA proposed Wed? We had multiple hours today AND the mediation parties previously fell all over themselves (and each) lauding their their herculean endurance skills. I'm sure we recall with deep reverence when they labored through the night while [*gasp*] the Super Bowl was being played. I'm shocked beyond recovery. Someone please bring me my fan and spirits of ammonia. Right quick...
  9. By way of court color commentary, we've already had three recesses. One was because the judge had no Zoom feed. Another because we were exceeding online capacity. People were being dropped and/or denied access. Mid-morning, the number of Zoom attendees capped out the 1000 mark and they had to upgrade. The third recess was due to the attorney then appearing and speaking had a hiccup attack. To this humble reporter, the poor fella seemed on the verge of being sick. This post is intended as a substantive process report for those unable to attend this important proceeding.
  10. Yes. The Coalition to the tune of 20M claims. One of the Coalition principals is front row, center in court today.
  11. I would love to see the breakdown by firm. That's a lot o' photocopies...
  12. She only deferred to a future motion and hearing, having preserved any objections. If the plan is finally blessed, that money will land in the Settlement Trust.
  13. Question for our faithful and vigilant fee checker: What be the current damages from professional fees billed to the Estate? As always, I am grateful. /s/ Iman Arithmaticfailure
  14. So I’m sure I understand your ponderings, by “under the carpet” and “deflected” you’re referring to the concealment theme that started our conversation? Thanks.
  15. My SM abuser was in the Army National Guard. He borrowed vehicle for our campouts. He took me there many times...
  16. "Opt out CO" is not a different "CO type." It's a term of status/treatment under the plan and it drives whether key provisions apply or not.
  17. "Hello. Um, yeah. This is ___________ your non-CSA expert non-tort and non-bankruptcy lawyer who hired an aggregator and call center to fetch me some BSA claimants. Uh huh. Yes. I know you haven't heard from me since the case was filed, but I was busy with 25 slip and falls, a ton of evictions, 6 domestic disputes and a couple hundred DUIs. So, about that claim of yours. It's taken a really really really long time and I know it's been very rough. In light of the judge's ruling on Friday and some complicated matters she's addressed, my partner and I have spent two minutes thinking about your ca
  18. Perhaps, but this is a matter of her knowing foxes aren’t good guards for henhouses. (I guess ferrets are fine.) Judge Houser is going to be vetting claims and sniffing out fraud, with the hammer of penalties and prosecution. JLSS wants no self interested parties - or those with something to hide - to obstruct the process from tip to tail. The STAC has plenty of advisory and oversight influence in other matters, just not here. JLSS is seeing to that. Very wise stroke of an angry pen.
  19. I have nothing to say that is worthy of much attention, other than I am SOOO VERY grateful for Eagle1993 and his excellent reverse engineering of this opinion, and other such. I, for one, am indebted to you. Well done, sir. Jolly good show. Jolly good, indeed. Seriously bro. I really mean it for realz. Hip, hip and pip pip. I shall return to vexing over the next round of dredging up the past to reiterate the dastardliness one more time. And the band played on...
  20. I need to go back, so don't hold me to this. A few happy notables on the approval side: "Many survivors have been waiting for thirty, forty or even fifty years to tell their stories and receive a meaningful recovery. This plan makes that happen." (Page 158) "While I understand objectors' strongly held view that they are better off individually if left to their own litigation, this is a mass tort case. There are 82,209 claimants whose views need to be considered, and ... I consider 85% to be overwhelming acceptance." (Page 164) "This is an extraordinary case crying out
  21. I concur. It is a very circuitous route for having spent such and enormous amount of time getting to a destination which location is in no way crystal clear. Mud comes to mind. Enjoy. As I go back with a flashlight and tweezer, I will pine for Eagle1993's anticipated outstanding Cliff Notes. Reader's digest version would be totally sufficient, in the alternative. Buckle up people. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, me thinks.
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