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  1. I beg your continued indulgence for my horrible typing on this thread. I’m even worse pecking it out on the phone than the full-size keyboard.
  2. Risk management in action, which I understand. Public exposure —> Legal risk = financial risk + reputational risk —> deterioration of public trust —> membership decline = financial risk. No? At some point, I think we have to accept this equation as fact. In and of itself it’s not an indictment, but a business mindset decision tree. When you see it on paper next to and weighed against the statements below, it sure looks a lot like an indictment. IMNSHO. Correct. Not just argue, but sincerely wonder why leaders didn’t consider it IF they actually didn’t. I can’t imagine it was n
  3. Gonna have to piecemeal this. Not sure on the standard of the day point. The other two are legal issues, applied according to present day law. I will likely miss something bc I'm not going back to my notes, but it boils down establishing a "special relationship" with the victim (and clear nexus between BSA and the child victim); knowledge of facts that, if known, would have given rise to victim/plaintiff's knowledge of a cause of action (which has to be proven and further sussed out, as cases have shown); negligent supervision; and duty to warn and protect, based on the special relationsh
  4. Sorry. I have out of state family in town. Standards of knowledge and responsiveness to actual or reported CSA or legal standards? The cases arguing fraudulent conceal by BSA range from highly fact specific to general, pleading only the special relationship between BSA and Scouts, documented knowledge of CSA over a long period of time, failure to vet and supervise volunteers and employees, and failure in the duty to warn and protect. To this point, the case specific actions, like John's and mine, have been successful. To date, I am unaware of those using the general knowledge, but the are
  5. Thanks. I’ve posted that before and never received anything but emotional responses. No factual rebuttal. I’m not saying BSA did “nothing,” just to be clear. Also, the standards of the day are still irrelevant here. The issue is, was it “concealment,” as defined? We have to look at all of these facts today, on July 2, 2022. That’s where we are and all we have. This is one state’s definition: To establish fraudulent concealment, a plaintiff must prove (1) that the defendant took affirmative action to conceal the cause of action or remained silent and failed to disclose material facts
  6. Let's see if anyone joins me. I am genuinely interested in all views and any history that can be added. I admit, I am keenly interested in this topic because my case to defeat the potential SOL defense is based on fraudulent concealment. As I've said and again just a few hours ago, the situation with my SM abuser and SE is the linchpin. Anywho, let's see who shows up, or not. I wish we had been allowed to give notice of a new thread before the holiday hiatus ruling came down. Oh, wells... Has any of this been debunked, in whole or in part? If not, the word used in the other thread
  7. This appears to a non-numbers guy like the bill has been on the bar for a long time and the tab is being called, no? I was more so referring to what seem to be lingering outstanding invoices.
  8. Ack. This doesn't read or sit well. The Stang to JLSS: "Where's my money, honey?" https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/6a2cd45d-dcbb-4ee1-b752-7b7de821412f_10013.pdf
  9. I've crossed off the entire month of July (with a pencil). Expectation management of a manic-depressive.
  10. This is very interesting. I reckon it will be getting some serious press and, in my view, could be a game changer in terms of states opening look-back windows. Federal investigators have reportedly launched an expansive investigation into allegations of sex abuse within the Roman Catholic Church in New Orleans going back decades. The probe reportedly focuses on whether priests traveled with children across state lines in order to assault them. According to an Associated Press report published Wednesday, more than a dozen victims of alleged abuse have been interviewed this year in
  11. And a limited docuseries from WintersRock/Lionsgate titled, Be Prepared.
  12. You're welcome and I appreciate that.
  13. Most recent request for compensation from The Stang's firm. It's an "interim period" going back to January. Don't ask me. Anyway, you're welcome to read through and report fully on this filing. On my end, I simply had to relay one of the best lines I've read in a legal document in a good minute. Not being a bookkeeper, accountant, tax attorney or $250 per hour fee application preparer, I'm not familiar with this term of art. I find it hilarious, however. (Please allow us this moment of comic relief, weak though my efforts may be.) PSZ&J is particularly sensitive to issues of “lumping.
  14. There is one thing "wrong," but not with the "picture," rather the photographer. He's focusing on the wrong subject. The other camps are not the assignment and are out of the frame. BSA is in the frame, like it, love it, hate it, don't give a rip, and so forth and so on. Our legal system works on multiple principles, one of which is commonly known as "test case" litigation. A court is presented with a fact pattern that is one of many and the attorney(s) for the plaintiff(s) sometimes select "low hanging fruit" upon which to build both their case and those of future plaintiffs. (I say sometimes
  15. FYI, this is the reply I received after a direct inquiry: My hope was the lawyers would release the documents. They have not yet. Please see below. Resources to Learn • GCUMM is actively engaged in supporting Scouting still • There is a resource page for questions • More resources are coming The GCUMM has been an active voice in the last two plus years of activity with the Boy Scouts of America. The voice of ministry and advocacy for youth has been filled through a GCUMM staff member. We still support Scouting. The GCUMM.or
  16. A long tenured Scouter and UMC member invited me to watch. A question or statement was made about Units moving to an Elks Club or the like. Bishop Schol (member of the Ad Hoc Committee and UMC representative to mediation) gave a pained answer, expressing hope that congregations and units would not part ways and they would continue to "serve youth with Scouting ministries." Based on my tracking of the chat and Q&A, that's an empty hope, in terms of everyone taking this new path. I certain get the risk/exposure motivation here, but I don't understand how affiliation will engender "co
  17. Is this for me? 😮 I'm blushing. Also, I welcome your thoughts on my post above. (@JoeBob's downvote points the way.)
  18. Per usual, I don't disagree with you. I was drawing out commentary from the interested moviegoing public without commentary or witty banter. Thus, I found it "interesting," which term resides firmly in the vagary and opacity I dearly love. I am an objective party reporting as a neutral reporter. Non-caveat Caveat: I received no front row ticket to Tribecca, merchandise, remuneration, production credit, honorary degree from Columbia or signed autograph from Opie for this non-review of the review.
  19. Interesting review that takes issue with some of the film's method, potentially narrow research and use of Nigel Jaquiss who, reportedly, is an interested party as a producer. The author says his concurrent role as the reporter and interviewer is a conflict. It I enjoyed hearing the perspective. ‘Leave No Trace’ Film Review: Searing Doc on Boy Scouts Abuse Cuts Some Journalistic Corners Tribeca Film Festival 2022: The material here is unquestionably powerful, but director Irene Taylor takes some questionable shortcuts in telling the story Martin Tsai | June 15, 2022
  20. Aha. I get it now. DK + that day will come = The Dark Knight Rises. It's all clear to me now. "Sometimes the truth isn't good enough...sometimes people need their faith rewarded." I love solving riddles and I nailed this one. Oops. Ought not say "riddles" in the context of this conversation.
  21. Welcome back, Dr. Kennedy. Many thanks for your input. I look forward to your release from incarceration and the lifting of the gag order.
  22. Somewhat random, but related side note as we discuss assets and disposition in various scenarios. During the summer of 2020, the Middle TN Council was "caught redhanded" transferring all of their property and substantive assets to asset protection trusts. Yeah. Exactly. That's a property and tax attorney's way of saying, they tried a sleight of hand, backstage sneekeroo to put its assets beyond the reach of the court and eventual Survivor Settlement Trust. These actions, which were effectuated and available in the public records as deed transfers, were in contravention of the court order and a
  23. TV interview with Irene Taylor, the director of the film. The genesis of the project is related to her being an Oregonian who watched their Supreme Court rule to admit the IV Files as evidence in the 2010 case of Lewis v BSA. https://www.kltv.com/2022/06/10/boy-scouts-documentary-investigates-history-abuse-allegations/
  24. Nice. I asked a question, however compound. Just trying to understand your expertise. I did see the career notation, but not specifically regarding non-profits in Chapter 11. Your aggressive and defensive responses don't help your cause/case, whatever that is beyond the aggression. Part of the repeated suggestion that you read the previous Chapter 11 threads and posts is to give a perspective on some of the reasoned analysis both by other experts and to understand the views and perspectives of those now posting on this topic. Okay. Fire away. I have my shields up and photon torpedoes at the re
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