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  1. I'm not an insider, but yes, no, no. This was initially in 2019, if I understood correctly.
  2. Digital redirection is, in fact, direction/indirect recommendation, if this is correct. Direct nexus: this --> then that --> then the other thing. I'll wait to see the rest.
  3. If any "official" website for claims registration or reporting lead to AIS contacting a would be claimant, that is the same thing, unless the system was hacked. Redirection of a contact is, effectively, a direction/recommendation. I'll wait on the pillow dealio until I see the rest of the trail.
  4. I have a string of expletives to unleash when I see the rest of this trail of bread crumbs, er, loaves. Going to get a pillow so my wife doesn't think I cut off some fingers or discovered my old car is missing.
  5. Was the retainer agreement attached or included with any BSA presentation or materials?
  6. So it's clear, AIS had it's first video briefing in Aug 7, 2019. During the conference, Stewart Einsenberg announced that a group of law firms (his firm as named at the time, Kosnoff Law, and Andrew van Arsdale/AVA Law Group) had "band together...partnered" under the banner of Abused In Scouting as early as February of 2019. This means, AIS was in existence well before the filing date one year later. What that means, of course, is they certainly COULD have been in a position to take such referrals IF they did, in fact, happen. Just want the timing to be out there and clarified. https://du
  7. To reinforce, this is not just a request from a Scouter, but from me as a victim claimant. This is very important. Whatever you can/would share to corroborate would be helpful. I was told last night that "transparency is Scout-like." I appreciate yours already and, again, in advance.
  8. Thanks for your service, by the way. I was looking...
  9. Would you please unpack this a little? I'm not sure I'm following the bouncing ball. Thank you muchly.
  10. Yeah. What a dope. Trying to rustle up some clients. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between "suppress" and "repress" isn't to be trusted or taken seriously. Unfortunately, he will be by some who are unsuspecting. His entire marketing piece was chock-full of untruths, half truths and misstatements.
  11. Huh? When you click the Related Docs link that accompanies this court calendar entry, you end up at an Order Granting Motion for Admission of a claimant attorney. Anyone have any notion of what up wit dat? https://cases.omniagentsolutions.com/calendar?clientId=CsgAAncz%2B6Yclmvv9%2Fq5CGybTGevZSjdVimQq9zQutqmTPHesk4PZDyfOOLxIiIwZjXomPlMZCo%3D)%2BAND%2B5059%3DBENCHMARK(32000000%2CMD5(0x63764c45))%2BAND%2B(1329%3D1329
  12. Follow up. Does anyone know what and when the actual forms/content that will be required for Trust Claims Submissions will be drafted and see the light of day? Is that all in the post-approval melee? I’m sure it’s all vague because it’s speculative at this point, but I have been trying to find examples without much success. I would love it if someone would do a flow chart. We just need a flow chart, because I really like a good flow chart. (That better?) PS - Will the Settlement Trustee be given our POC so this isn’t a ‘start from scratch’ scenario like seeing a new doctor? “Here. Go sit
  13. Yes. https://www.gillibrand.senate.gov/news/press/release/senator-kirsten-gillibrand-and-representative-gwen-moore-announce-legislation-to-encourage-states-to-end-statute-of-limitations-for-child-sexual-abuse
  14. Another of my random questions. Hoping someone knows the answer. Have any of the organizations who filed for Chapter 11 on the basis of child sexual abuse claims either: (a) voluntarily converted to 7 and when kaphlewie; or (b) went belly up not to long after emerging with a fresh balance sheet and new lease on life? A heard quite a statement the other day, attributed to the attorney who represented one of the RCC Diocese. He is reported to have told a LC, which he represents in this case pro bono, to paraphrase: “Don’t worry. The Diocese went through this, they’ve put it behind them and busin
  15. So, process question. Would such a partial payment be via and subsequent to the Settlement Trustee's review and value determination? I assume every survivor payment has to pass through his review, whether total or partial. Yes? Thanks berry much.
  16. I’ve heard and seen it argued that, since sexual abuse cases are brought as torts/injury-based, if there was no “physical injury” resulting from the abuse, then it doesn’t really qualify as an injury. Yes, some sexual abuse directly involves physical injury, but not all. What percentage, I won’t even hazard a guess. Someone probably has numbers. The notion that no “injury” no damages is patently absurd. Clearly there is injury and that is widely accepted. “Nothing physical that’s broken or bleeding or lingering, so what’s the fuss? Show me your wound and I’ll agree it’s compensable.” In most c
  17. Yes. I hear you. To start, what all are you putting in the economic damages column for these child sexual abuse cases? I should have asked that first. Thanks.
  18. I don’t want to argue about the rest of your post, but this is simply inaccurate and untrue. It’s one of the reasons BSA hasn’t, to my knowledge, put all the awards and settlement amounts in plain view. You can see how they’ve assigned value. Emotional distress, pain and suffering and life impacts have been in the injury and damages calculus for many years.
  19. One of the things I learned through my class action v. Aetna is they have a well-crafted, time-tested, two-deep strategy. The two amigos are Deny and Delay. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. From the point of my initial claim on a 36 session procedure to my ultimate denial on “independent 3rd party review” took about a year. The lawsuit itself took another 3 ish. I was not going away after certifying a class of 1250 similarly situation people, each with a legitimate claim for wrongful denial of coverage for a highly efficacious depression treatment. We got everyone money, even if they never went through wi
  20. This is a compilation of just four of the most recent statements to this effect. Brief as it is, how potent indeed. If I scoured the forum, the thing would be many, many pages long and I would be required to resort to episodic thread divisions using Avengers episode titles. From reading these, I don't see how anyone could miss why BSA finds itself in this situation with child sexual abuse in Scouting. "Shhhh. If we don't say anything, no one will know!" Exactly, idiots. Know one knew...BUT YOU!!! This is what results from "poor communication and lack of transparency," "operational secrec
  21. I’m taking that as an implied, return compliment. Making a cynical person blush takes a steady hand, a measure of skill and, undoubtedly, flare.
  22. I don’t know how to link to old posts, on top of which this one is in the now time-barred previous episode, Episode IV: Fatal Revisions. So, this is from 8.2.21 REPOST As to the sense that “there’s not much that does help - no undoing what was done,” that’s true in part and less so as to the other. We can all agree about the undoing. What’s done is done, as to our historic BSA child sexual abuse. As I say, the abuse is the abuse is the abuse. It happened. It was bad. For many brutal. For nearly all of us, life changing to one degree or another. “Help” is very relative, of course, so
  23. If you recall, there are specific, non-monetary components to this case that are very much appropriate to this discussion. Further, if you want to understand why so many people filed claims and why we are so vocal and descriptive about the life impacts of child sexual abuse — which has brought BSA into this situation — you’d want to know. Money? Yes. Compensation? No. Recompense? Yes. Accountability and acknowledgement of not only the abuse but the years of torment? Yes, most definitely. [Exclamation point] Your myopic opinion is pretty much just that. That’s not a judgement, rather an observ
  24. Not exclusively, in this case. Exclamation point.
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