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  1. Shouldn't the units help identify and develop volunteers?
  2. Nice documentation of issues in your council/district. My council/district (Montana) does much better in all these categories across the board, so when ICL does ramp up, the district representative has a much easier time asking for donations. Montana Council does not charge a recharter fee. They rely on commissions on popcorn sales and ICL. They get large donations and have an endowment fund to update facilities at camps in Montana. The shower/bathroom facilities at Melita Island and K-M Scout Ranch are awesome. The new dining hall/admin building at K-M Scout Ranch is amazing and they are look
  3. I would be agreeable to adding a requirement to citizenship to the community related to this. A compromise?
  4. I do like JTE, because it identifies areas that my troop is week at. Last year, I set a goal to do 9 short term campouts. I had to push the scouts to achieve this. At the first troop meeting this year, I asked the scouts where they wanted to camp this year. They made a list of sites, so the SPL and the PLC have some camp planning to work with the next two months. Scouts do get excited about this part of the program when they get to decide on the destinations. How about this... Bronze: Troop and/or patrols goes on six separate short term (1-3 nights) campouts during the year. Si
  5. Current JTE is a good start, but could use refinement as others noted. What is the process to update the JTE nationally?
  6. This is a good point. Journey to Excellence wants a certain percentage of scouts to advance one rank to to a summer camp, etc. This measure should be revisited to measure the correct things.
  7. Still not listed on the Merit Badge Page. Since it is not required until May 1, they will not list the requirements to this badge until closer to that date?
  8. Did you start on your service project before it was approved by the district? Has it been approved by the district?
  9. You are right that none of us at the unit level doing most of the work will be given a chance to provide input on this new merit badge (or on even if it is needed). That is the way it is. 2020 was a hard year on the organization with COVID-19 and the constant radio and TV ads looking for people harmed by the BSA to join a lawsuit. While my troop gained 2 scouts last year, it lost 5 of them due to COVID-19 restrictions. (Actually one was lost due to age out.) My troop did okay in weathering the storm. Myself and my co-volunteers put in a lot of work to make this happen. A number of other
  10. In my Troop, the SM and ASMs are not the advancement chair. It has to be someone on the committee. It is their job to order all of the patches, rank awards, etc. They must also arrange for boards of review and have some admin work for court of honors. The advancement chair in my troop is really busy with her job, so I help her (as SM) out as much as I can. I just let her know what I am up to. So assign the advancement chair to someone on the committee and let the ASM help them out if needed. This year I had to step up for the committee, because covid-19 has increased the time commi
  11. Your political movement is free to start its own youth chapters outside of the Boy Scouts and do your own recruitment activities. There are a lot of restrictions on the Boy Scouts in regards to political events and activity. I cannot go door-to-door with my son in our scouting uniforms to campaign for a candidate we like or for legislative initiatives on the ballot. Now the Seattle BLM organization has committed to lobbying their state legislature to increase capital gains taxes to give public school more funding. My personal opinion is that states should give minority parents vouchers,
  12. If the national BSA wanted to make a statement on racism, then why didn't they make a statement along the following lines... "Given the increase in racial tensions in the United States over the past year, the leadership of the national BSA wants to give thousands of Cub Scout and Scout BSA units credit for being positive models in our communities. A Scout is kind. A Scout is helpful. A Scout is Courteous. A Scout is Friendly. Every day scouts of all races, genders, etc join together to do activities in the outdoors and serve the communities they are a part of. We are proud of Scouts and a
  13. My last act in 2020 was to submit our recharter through the internet interface. I have to tie up some paperwork loose ends next week, but the process is almost done. So 2021 is a go for my Troop! I am looking forward to 2021, which could be my last as scoutmaster and one last chance to get the troop to be scout led. With COVID-19 cancelling district events, it will be a chance for scouts to plan their own calendar of events. I have 7 scouts working on their Eagle rank right now (over half of the troop), so the first 6 months of 2021 will be busy with eagle projects and finishing up requir
  14. The new merit badge is not in scoutbook as of 12:20 am MST Jan 1. My council uploaded a MBC list to scoutbook on Mar 24, 2020 and since that time, I could not list anyone in my unit as a MBC. Here is an interesting fact, as unit leader, I can sign off on any merit badge requirement in scoutbook. This is important, since I get a stack of blue cards from Merit Badge University or from summer camp and I have to manually enter that information into Scoutbook. Right now, there is nothing stopping me from signing off on any merit badge requirement, but I only do so for MBs that I am approved fo
  15. I am a big Scoutbook person and would like it to work this way. I will sign up for another merit badge tonight and see how long scoutbook updates. My guess is that a manual upload to scoutbook is needed via the council....or manual entry to scoutnet. Council drops the ball and valid councillors do not appear in scoutbook. Units will do what they have to do for the scouts when councils/national let us down...though i am currently trying to be part of the solution.
  16. @DuctTapeand others, Let's remember the original purpose of merit badges...to expose scouts to various topics that they find interesting. If a scout takes First Aid merit badge, the goal is NOT an official first aid certification, rather to get the scout exposed to the basic concepts. I have first aid certification through the Red Cross for work and that includes being able to demonstrate CPR and how to use an AED. This MB falls short of that, yet there are unit leaders and MBC that add to the requirements of the MB, because the view it as some sort of certification. It is good that
  17. I wish there was a way to punish those responsible for the abuse instead of punishing the program for today's scouts.
  18. I work hard to not expose my scouts to my politics. They occasionally say stuff about politicians that are factually false, but I resist the urge to debate and correct them. I believe keeping my personal politics out of my Troop will make it more inclusive and prime it for growth. I am okay with boys having political debates with each other, but I am quick to shut the debate down when it crosses the line when scouts start attacking each other (as usually happens with political debates). I have parents of scouts that are on both sides of the political divide and they appreciate my neutral
  19. @eagle91-A1 Amen. Last year, my troop did 9 short term campouts in a year for the first time I was scoutmaster (in 3 years). The word does get out in the district that we are a troop that does outdoor stuff, which helps with recruitment. My boys troop is partnering with a girls troop on campouts, because two families have scouts in both troops and the adults serve both troops. I was able to recruit one of these families last fall using the partnership, the fact we have an active outdoor program, and the fact I contacted them once my troop's scout pin sent me a notification. Newsmax had a
  20. In Montana, the outdoor emphasis of Scouts BSA is attracting girls to the program...girls who would not be in any scouting program had Scouts BSA not offered them an opportunity. Second reason for joining Scouts BSA/cub scouts is having a brother in the program. Seems to me that this is sour grapes from the Girl Scouts, but I am not a lawyer or a judge.
  21. Racism violates the scout law...friendly, courteous, kind, so today's scouts and leaders do have a pathway to follow outside this new merit badge. I have only been exposed to scouting for less than a decade, so I would be curious how troops/packs racially integrated earlier than 1970. One thing I do know is we need to give the current generation of scouts credit for: they are more accepting of other races, religions, etc than any generation before them.
  22. In general, the leadership of the Chartering Organization (CO) through the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) of the troop decides whether or not a chair remains. If the Committee Chair is good friends with the CO leadership, then there is not much you can do. I would bring up your concerns to the COR to feel them out. If the COR refuses to address the issue, then the best thing to do is find another troop. If this is the only troop in the area, then consider starting a new troop with parents pushed out of the troop. There is also the lone scout program. I was removed (mutany) as
  23. The latest iteration of the scout handbook does have several ways for scouts to indirectly measure the height of the objects and width of streams with the use of their own pacing measurements. As I observed my scouts on their course, I asked them how wide is the stream at this point and later on, I asked to determine the height of a tree on their path. I think this minimally meets the requirement, but those developing courses can certainly add these measurements to the next distance/direction instruction.
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