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  1. That's a group of Navy SEALS. I'm pretty sure that no matter what the age of the member of those groups are, they are trained and matured enough to supervise themselves. Mostly. But you hit the nail on the head about the majority of kids entering the military.
  2. I have read his bio and it says nothing about being a unit leader. I do know that he was in our Council years ago as (I think) a Field Director, but then he moved east somewhere. That was before I became SM. I also know that our Exec. Board Pres. did NOT want him to fill the position he is in now...
  3. Camp Arrowhead, Ozark Trails Council (Missouri) just called off summer camp for 2020.
  4. So our SE just called me a few minutes ago. Tried to sell me on how this was a good idea and "in this troubled time" this was the best way to ensure adult volunteers were properly trained. He didn't like me calling their version pencil-whipped and had nothing to say after I pointed out that page 10 of the IOLS course guide specifically says "Do not move instruction areas inside to a classroom setting. This defeats the purpose..." I think I'm going to be put on that list councils like to keep with those who rock the boat...
  5. "Your email was shared with Scouting U from our Member Care Team. I have reached out directly to [GRC SE] and share Scouting U's position on which trainings are not to be delivered in an online format. While everyone is operating in the best of intentions during this unprecedented time, there are some trainings that we feel are better kept for when we can get together again in our outdoor learning environment." I guess someone at National doesn't agree with the way they're conducting IOLS...
  6. @Eagle94-A1 Even though it doesn't say you can't, the course requirements still say "in an outdoor setting". I just don't understand how this is going to be allowed to fly. They should change it to "every Scout deserves a semi-trained leader"...
  7. @Eagle94-A1 I read the FAQ, twice, and found nothing about adult leader training except the WFA stuff. Can you post a link to where you found the info for BALOO/IOLS?
  8. As a professional scouter you know good and well that these things happen all the time. There are too many people in positions at the council level that run it as their own personal fiefdom. And, too many as well, that either go along with or make excuses for it.
  9. I am a part of the GRC, if this is truly prohibited by national could you give me a source that says so? Not saying I don’t believe you, or that I even agree with this training being given online. I ask them about this and here is the answer I was given:
  10. *crickets* That man saw the writing on the wall and quietly got the hell out of Dodge. A decade or less...
  11. I just take care of it myself. It's pretty easy to do online, and as said above, the SM will know who is going to stay on anyway.
  12. This whole waiting game national is playing has been a huge stressor for our Troop. I get it, BSA is getting hammered on insurance costs. But what about us poor, rural folks trying to keep a program going on an already shoestring budget? If our Council exec doesn't give a damn, I guess I should expect nothing more from a guy in Dallas make 500 grand a year...
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