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  1. Thanks for the additional information. I had not seen that particular website before, so I appreciate the additional info. For those interested, this is what the council and district flags look like: https://www.scoutshop.org/custom-districtcouncilcamp-fringed-flag-3x5-653799.html
  2. I read somewhere that the square knot was first issued around 1971 and at that time, the background of the commissioner patches was blue and that's why they picked blue. I've seen some councils that have lists of awardees prior to 1971, so the award itself may predate the issue of the knot. Congratulations TLS on your award. I was totally blindsided myself a couple of years ago to be given the award.
  3. Yes, but be aware that these are a canvas material. Not quite as heavy as the ones described as heavy canvas, but they can still be warm in the summer. You may want to look at the quick dry version. https://www.scoutshop.org/shop-by-scout/boy-scouts/boy-scout-mens-polyester-microfiber-switchback-relaxed-fit-pants-612141.html
  4. As an aside, at a recent National Camping School training for the new short term camp administrator position, one of the trainers mentioned that there should be an updated shooting sorts manual being released in Q1 of 2021.
  5. I have this hat and I love it. As others have said, it's a crushable felt hat. The only knock I have on it is the placement of the hat pin. This hat rests lower on the head than the campaign hat, so the pin needs to go up higher to avoid getting stabbed. There is no guide or anything like the vent hole on the campaign hat, so if you're like me, you will drive yourself nuts trying to center it. I never got it quite perfect. I used some locking pin backs and I threw in a disposable sweat liner that I use for my caps (I can sweat through a hat like no tomorrow!) and that helps a lot. This
  6. Here's a news story about the first year of Scouts BSA Girls attending our local camp. https://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Local-BSA-scout-camp-opens-doors-to-all-girl-troops-511816471.html
  7. Well, this is just sad. Frustrating also. I find it interesting that this is not in the main GTSS, either shooting sports manual, and was never mentioned when our camp was inspected this summer (June) and I had scouts from tiger to WEBELOS on the range. I suppose at this rate, I'll have to ask for proof of citizenship before I let them on the range before long.
  8. Based on this website: http://uniform-reference.net/insignia/usarmy/usa_enlisted_1920_conv.html I have reason to believe that this is the insignia for a quartermaster sergeant of the motor transport corps.
  9. The top rank insignia is a World War I era 1st sergeant, upside down. All of the patches that you have posted seem to be roughly from the world war I era. The second one is eluding me so far, it looks so much like a motor sergeant, but the "thing" inside the wheel spoke is not on the standard motor sergeant insignia. There were an ungodly number of different insignia for ranks and specialties for the US Army in World War I, so much so that they created supply issues and they standardized the ranks and insignia down to seven grades and basic insignia in 1920. I'll keep digging for the new
  10. Most of these appear to be period insignia of US Army formations and a couple of rank insignia. The Lincoln appears to be from the 84th Division (Rail Splitters). The Shield with the Cross of Lorraine from the 79th Division. The mountains in shield the 80th division, next one may be a special unit, the Circle A is the 3rd Army, the red diamond the 5th Division, The green with the horn appears to be a special unit, a couple of sets of sergeant stripes that I can't quite ID yet (They appear to be upside down) and the last one is the 4th Diivision (Ivy Division). I'll poke around for thos
  11. Wrongfully, Welcome to the forum! As a COR I have had this conversation with someone before. As bearess said, I'd want to meet and discuss the situation, preferably not in a scout setting and with a bit of privacy. I want to see how up front the person is with me about their charges, the circumstances and whether this is the only offense, or if there were others. The things I want to consider is how old was the person when they committed the offense? A 19 year old getting a DUI or simple possession is (in my consideration) different than a 40 year old. I'd want to know if you have c
  12. I found this interesting (from section I): "One-on-one contact between adult leaders and youth members is prohibited both inside and outside of Scouting." A literal reading of this would mean that I can never again babysit my scout nephew, even if it's not a scouting event. Yikes. (Of course an even more literal reading of this means my brother can no longer take his scout son to school while mom takes younger brother to daycare.)
  13. Wow, I read things like this on here and I learn how lucky I am to be in my little council. I also volunteer at the district level and I have heard the SE tell the DE's (and carry through on it) that if they ran a district event and showed a profit he would fire them. His theory being that if your event showed a profit, you didn't offer the kiddos enough program. We may be struggling for funds, we may be spread out all over a huge territory of rural counties, but at least we don't have to deal with the kind of stuff I read about on here. I feel for you guys, hang in there and find a role w
  14. I helped run the BB gun range at the council cub camp out this past weekend. Long, cold and wet days to get things set up and then run (to be fair, the archery crew had it worse. At least we had cover on the rifle range.) So, the activities are over and I'm heading back to the dining hall to get some sweet nectar of life (coffee) and ran into some of the Cubs. One said "You're range master KYScouter from BB, right?" I said yes and he proceeded to tell me that was the most fun thing he did all camp. Another little guy recognized me and introduced me to his mom.....high praise from a littl
  15. I've filled in for a tiger den leader a few times, due to illness and whatnot. What I've learned is that the little guys work great with silly. If you can take a lesson plan and make it silly, that's great. Den Cheers? yep. Den yells? "Are there any Tigers here?" Each boy stops, makes his "tiger face" and yells "rawr!!" Den leader doing a pantomime of a camel with marshmallow humps while the boys sing "Alice the Camel?" They love it. The other thing is to turn it into a game, especially an activity game if the boys are starting to get wiggly.... scout oath or law relay? Check (
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