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  1. And as far as taking responsibility. I accepted the consequences and owned up to my actions. I plead guilty to the offense. I went to state jail and I served my time as well as some extra time due to a clerical error (28 months on a 24 month sentence, not that that is relevant to the issue at hand). Thank you for the advice. I will talk to the chartered organization rep when I get ready to attempt to rejoin the scouting community.
  2. I'm not saying I was wrongfullyexiled for my Drug use or conviction. Not at all. That's just a screen name that I've used forever. I'm not in any way saying that anything to do with that situation or circumstances was right or not of my own doing.
  3. I have been absent from Scouting for about 8 years now. I am an Eaglescout and a brotherhood member of the a order of the arrow. But unfortunately I now have a felony conviction for possession of a controlled substance. I want to get active with Scouting again as part of a plan for turning my life around. My conviction is from 2017 but my charges are from 2013. My crimes are non-violent in nature and were for simple possession. Is there anything that can be done about this? Or would it be a waste of time for me to even try applying to be a scout leader?
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