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  1. You are mixing up statistical and non-statistical terminology. In the context of a statistical study if something bad happens frequently then it's a "high risk". But a negative occurrence being a "high risk" has nothing to do with the severity of the potential outcome. Elementary Teachers, particularly in their first few years, are at "high risk" of contracting all manner of infections from snotty, unhygienic children. (then after a few years they are often relatively healthier, illness-wise, than the average adult) But the likelihood of a serious outcome from all those illnesses is extrem
  2. That's a great idea; and in many ways I agree with it in principle. The problem is that the US government spent 80 odd years (after slavery was abolished) keeping their thumb on the scale (via redlining) when it comes to minority populations. So we aren't talking about some new kid "coming lately to the game getting to take a swing". What we have here is something more like a kid who's been on the baseball team since 1st grade, but wasn't allowed to do anything in practice but chase stray balls. Now it's High School and he/she is told, "Congratulations, we've decided to give you a shot at
  3. Look, it's another sweeping generalization based upon some headline somewhere. Not to diminish the mental and physical sacrifice people in the Health Care industry made during the first 12-18 months of COVID, but again, you just aren't relating the actual data accurately. The way statistics works is that when data is being unusually impacted by some specific factor that isn't likely to be ongoing, that data gets excluded the study as an "Outlier". When it comes to industry related mortality rates, that's what all of the COVID related deaths would be considered because world-wide pandem
  4. I would NEVER willingly put "troop" monies into an account our local council had access to. I have no problem at all imagining a SE deciding "un-designated bank funds at the end of the fiscal year get shifted to the Council general fund". If I was forced into a situation where a Council chartered troop was my only option, I'd probably establish a new charity with the sole function of acting as our "banker". We would "volunteer" for a fundraiser and the "Troopfund X" organization would simply hold our funds until needed and then they would cut a check for whatever needed paying. Kind of
  5. Just to be clear though, drug companies don't have warning labels based upon past history of old drug formulations, they post warnings of known risks of the current drug. So any BSA risks and warnings pamphlet should be based upon the BSA's more recent history rather than the pre-1980s.
  6. I don't know what Catholic church you attend(ed), but your concept of what priests are personally involved with is drastically different than anything I've seen in my last 40 years of being Catholic (including attending Catholic school). The precipitous decline in the priesthood since the 1970s has resulted in priests having little if anything to do with any of the non-liturgical or sacramental functions of Catholic functions. I'm not saying there aren't any priests still in the schools or running youth community outreach programs, but they are few and far between. The first time I saw a pri
  7. Again I'll say, the total number of Catholics is not relevant for this discussion since the vast majority of Catholic youth have ZERO contact with any priest or deacon. (unless you can find some study identifying what proportion of that youth act as Alter Servers) I know that I attended 3 different Catholic churches as a child (in a fairly large metropolitan area) and not a single one of those churches had more than a dozen or so Altar Servers at any one time. So with roughly 17,000 churches you have a sample population of maybe 200,000 per year.
  8. Another possibility is that your troop has a whole new leadership team that is still trying to figure out how to actually plan meetings. A 60-90 minute long game for 2+ months is a bit excessive, but we've seen multiple weeks in a row in our troop where the PLC kind of falls flat on getting an actual meeting planned so the SPL will pinch hit with a long game. It's part of the Scouting program of being "youth-led" to allow the troop leaders to fumble their way to success with these sorts of things while the SM throws out occasional suggestions as opposed to taking over the programming him/her
  9. You are making assertions that simply have no support. A 2004 report estimates that roughly 4% of priests and deacons between 1950 and 2002 were abusers. Additionally, you can't know if the BSA abuse rate is "proportionally " (which is the only relevant number here) higher that the Catholic Church without knowing what the population size was. It certainly wasn't simply "every boy that grew up Catholic". The vast majority of Catholics have little to no personal contact with a priest. Most contact is with Altar Servers and those few schools where the priest is a school employee also.
  10. Yeah, I get that's probably what people are thinking when they read that line, and hopefully that's where it stays. But people only intended for rapists to end up on Sex Offender registries too; then in addition to rapists we ended up with teenage couples, public urinators, drunks that go streaking through the quad and so on. BTW, actual privacy laws have nothing to do with why employers restrict their reporting; they do that because they don't want to deal with defamation lawsuits.
  11. Section 7.b Incidents that result in a youth or adult offender being placed on the Volunteer Screening Database for child sexual abuse must be reported to the affected Troop’s parents, volunteers associated with the affected Troop, and the affected Charter Organization. The Local Council will provide notification to its Executive Committee. Notification will also be provided to the the YPE, YPC, and the Organization as part of the summary reports required by 7(a). If the only scenario that results in someone ending up in the "Volunteer Screening Database" is confirmed child sexual a
  12. I've seen scouts pack in a duffle and then put their duffle, sleeping bag and pad into a tote. That makes a certain amount of sense, particularly if you may have to set up in the rain. Honestly, besides my thinking it was ridiculous, my bigger issue was that I didn't want hard plastic totes going into troop tents. You get the tent bottom pressed between the plastic and a stone or a root and it doesn't take much before you have a tear in the floor.
  13. Since most of that document is very much in the realm of a meta-process document rather than set of ground level changes, I don't think there's much to object to. I don't generally see a problem with information being made public, though I get a little leery about a public broadcast of someone's ouster from the program. If someone is ousted for criminal behavior it's fine, but since there likely won't be anything that resembles typical "due process" with the BSA's procedures, I get concerned. I have no problem at all with aggregated data being publicized and shared at whatever level.
  14. see below Keep in mind the idea of surge brakes even on trailers small enough to not require electric brakes, surge brakes can help make it a safer tow. Just make sure it's easy to disable them for backing up. Also, take a look at this product. https://www.weigh-safe.com If your troops are anything like mine, even among the people who can pull a trailer, the idea of correctly balancing one is frequently a foreign concept. I got one for my troop and it's been pretty helpful a few times cause I (equipment coordinator) can simply say "DO NOT LEAVE if this doesn't show at leas
  15. I moved this into it's own thread for more specific help rather than tacking it onto an old thread.
  16. You may not be able to make assets "restricted" after the fact, but there are a number of other options: You can spin them off into trusts or sell to third parties with covenants permitting essentially unlimited access over time; You could make a conservancy agreement with the State agreeing to maintain the "natural" state of the property for 100 years with little to no development or harvesting. Which doesn't render it "not an asset" but certainly drives the value down so far that it becomes easier to shield in a bankruptcy. You can encumber the property with a loan, then plow
  17. They can't take action now. But anyone who did before the stay has had time for it to age past undoing, plus all you have to do it wait till the stay is done, put the asset in a trust, then wait 3 years before filing bankruptcy. Since lawsuits take years to litigate anyway, the timing works out ok.
  18. People can keep saying this like it's a rule or something, but it simply isn't. There haven't been any cramdowns because there hasn't needed to be. There also haven't been any conversions from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 because a deal couldn't be reached. I dunno what school you went to, but That's a C- in this neck of the woods. You mean so that you can proceed to stated court, where you'll get to participate in another bankruptcy? Outside of those LCs that end up with than a handful of suits, I expect any widespread move into the state courts will simply initiate more Cha
  19. Sure, but that's a correlation, not a causal relationship. That would be like saying older, beat up cars are linked with car accidents. There is a link, but not because older cars actually cause accidents, it's because young new drivers are prone to accidents so parents buy them older beat up cars. I'd wager money that the reason there's a link between alcohol and abusers is that the abusers are attempting to self-medicate rather than seeking professional help for their fixations.
  20. Did I discuss narcoleptics driving to summer camp? No. You invented that as a strawman argument. Let me sum it up. You argue anyone with an alcohol use disorder (which is regularly having 7 drinks in a week for women or 14 for men) should be screened out of Scouts, regardless of whether or not they follow the "No alcohol at scouts" rule; because you are worried that (something might happen) if their disorder suddenly hits a crisis point and you've trusted them with kids. So if that situation is what you are afraid of, and you think the risk is sufficiently dire that they should b
  21. Well, trying to establish child abuse and private drinking or drug use as in any way similar is just plain BS, but regardless of that, what you are talking about is attempting to create criteria for membership based upon your personal biases as opposed to genuine differences in the nature of chemical use. Alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, barbiturates, caffeine, hallucinogens, anti-depressants, they are all chemicals that impact the functioning of the body and brain in ways that people find useful in a variety of circumstances. The ONLY thing that differentiates alcohol from any of
  22. My former pack did a catered main dish with potluck for sides and dessert. Charged $2 per non-registered adult and $1 per non-registered child, mostly so that people wouldn't RSVP and then not show up. The important thing is to give people good directions on their potluck contibution. We used to assign Lions and Tigers to "side dishes" and Wolves and Bears to desserts. Also, you MUST specify the number a dish should serve or you'll end up with some numbskull picking up a 20 piece chicken nugget box from McDonalds as their "side dish" contribution for their family of 5. (yes, true story)
  23. Most of subject matter on this forum isn't about sexual abuse in any direct way, and outside of those threads devoted to the discussion of CSA, expecting the people participating in those discussions to be concerned and aware of what might "trigger" someone is unrealistic and unreasonable. Most of us are well aware of the fact that humor is often used to ease uncomfortable discussions and situations and can understand that cracking the kind of joke RoadRunner did was not intended to take away from the significance of the discussion. If the subject is too raw for an individual to tolerate a d
  24. I think at least part of the issue is the general difference between Cubs and Scouts and finding women who can leave "mom" at home. My experience has been that moms have a significantly harder time dealing with the chaos of "scout-led" without wanting to step in to help/comfort/fix whatever problems come up. At least, that's what a number of the moms in my troop have said about themselves. Of course, in my old Cub pack, we didn't have many moms going on camp-outs either. Even when moms were the ones helping at den meetings and doing most of the Cub activities, it was almost always the dads
  25. That's about what I'd expect here too, though perhaps with a higher perp count. And I don't have any issue at all with scouring the records for abusers that can still be charged. But it does aggravate me when I see her talking about her investigation "Targeting the BSA". Targeting the Catholic Churches made sense given the involvement of the hierarchy as a whole in the ongoing activities of the priesthood. And personally, I find it dismaying that so few Bishops and Cardinals have faced more than public shame for actively protecting priests and recirculating them into positions where they c
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