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  1. So your response to the fact that many schools have a crazy and impossible to manage definition of bullying is to expand that definition to Scouts too? There's a twisted sort of logic in there, but man... That's like arguing that kids with mandatory school uniforms should have to wear a uniform all the time because we don't want them to be stressed out by having to switch between school clothes and home clothes. My experience with my son is that while the official "rules" do have objective standards for bullying, there is a solid contingent of folks who will bend the definitions into
  2. Functionally speaking, when an organization goes through bankruptcy it ceases to exist (or goes on only as a trust fund). What comes out the other side is a completely new organization that just happens to have the same name and some of the same assets. (barring a few select circumstances that can re-link the two organizations) I don't think your appraisal of people is realistic either. I've spent 20 years working with "the public" via phone calls, letters, mailings and in person visits. Even fairly intelligent people are regularly unwilling to read more than a few lines of a letter
  3. https://loyoladunesrestoration.wordpress.com/2018/04/22/our-native-tumbleweed/
  4. Oofff. That's a heck of a drive for most Chicagoans. Maybe that means they'll actually put some money into Owasippe. Right now that place looks like the set of a comedy flic where the stars are disappointed when they return to visit the place they remember fondly from their childhood. I think I've actually seen tumbleweed blow across their parking lot before.
  5. No, if BSA abandoned the LCs without doing absolutely everything they could to get them covered I suspect it would fundamentally destroy the relationships. So while going independent might be smart in one sense, in the long run I don't think it would be the best option. I think any attorney who is thinking in these terms is either an idiot or is dissembling. Yes, before all the claims got filed an attorney might have been able to get a multi-million dollar settlement out of a Council. But now that everyone knows there are hundreds or thousands of claims just waiting to be litigated?
  6. Well, I'm glad that portion was kept, at a bare minimum, the BSA needs serious reforms on it's reporting. I just worry we'll end up with a bunch of stupid new rules because the committee feels like it needs to change something, but can't come up with any good new rules.
  7. I'm sorry but that's not a "Plan", it's a general idea on how they'd do things. Developing workable details on that "plan" aren't going to be any simpler than what we've already be doing for the last 2 years. You can't compare accidents with deliberate acts. It's far far simpler to prevent accidents than to stop someone from doing something deliberately. As far as your belief that "We're not doing everything we can"; well no, obviously we aren't doing everything we can. But "everything we can" isn't the standard we want to hit it's "everything we reasonably can". I mea
  8. I didn't read anything about Israel having any different information than we do here. Basically "They aren't nearly as effective against preventing Delta, protection ebbs over time, even if you do develop an infection you are drastically less likely to have serious complications." Was there something I missed?
  9. That's when you just register a few moms as merit badge councilors, and when a backup is needed just say "Hey, either a mom comes along or we can't go".
  10. Yes, the "replace a pane of glass" is definitely aimed at older homes. But even in newer ones you'll still find single panes sometimes in garage service doors. Or interior "french doors". Waterproof Basement: I suspect they are talking about the more minimalist "paint-on" waterproofing products. All you do for those is caulk holes and cracks, then paint on the waterproof barrier. Yep, pull cords on blinds are definitely wear items for people with expensive blinds. With cheap blinds, they may well be integrated and intended to just replace the whole unit. And yes, window sash c
  11. I think the logistics of that make it pretty much impossible at this point. If the COs were nationwide or even councilwide organizations it might be different, but you are talking about thousands (tens of thousands?) of COs. I can't fathom how you could organize the lot of them into some kind of a coherent coalition in less than another 12 months. As I've said before, there isn't any functional mechanism for the BSA to simply seize council assets. Even for those councils that wrote the "everything goes to BSA upon shut-down" into the bylaws, the answer is a simple vote to change byl
  12. My CO has linked troops. We have one Committee Chair and all Committee positions are joint except for Treasurer. (it was simply too much work for 1 person with 100ish scouts and scouters) The only thing that I think you need to watch out for is meeting bloat like qwazse mentioned. But that is fairly easy to keep a lid on if your CC can actually RUN the meeting. Sometimes this might mean cutting off discussion of a contentious or unrelated issue and tabling the matter, or ending a discussion that has become repetitive.
  13. It's also where adults that were previously happy to run nice clean indoor programs start to cringe at the idea of actually camping and hiking.
  14. For a Non-profit that intends to solicit funds, requiring some level of contribution from board members is reasonable and can be critical for the receiving of grants. MANY of the grants available to non-profits of all shapes and sizes require (or at least weigh heavily) 100% financial participation by board members. So even the smallish arts organization I'm a member of requires a minimum contribution of $100 per year. So, in the case you presented above, I didn't blink at the requirement for $200/yr for FoS, but another $5000 over the 3 year term is definitely going to be restrictive.
  15. Oh, I'm not arguing that the sale isn't worthwhile. Clearly it is for many troops. My primary hatred for it stems from the fact that (in violation of the BSA's own rules on fundraisers) the pricing is so radically out of line with the value of the product it is functionally just a mass beg for donations with a consolation prize for donating. I feel dirty even asking someone to pay $20 for a $4 bag of White Cheddar Popcorn. (There are few items that are only about double the retail cost, which is tolerable, but 5 times the cost!!) While I'm not arguing that 70 isn't too many,
  16. Don't get me wrong here, I agree with the general sentiment that you are conveying, but it's important to keep the feelings from overwhelming the truth. I HATE the popcorn sale with every fiber of my being, but the Troop/pack portion of popcorn sales isn't "Small", it's either 30% or 35% of sales depending on if you opt for prizes. And I don't know what LC you are in, but mine sends a check to the unit. I think leaving it as a "troop credit" is an option with the council, but all you have to do is ask for the check and you get it. As someone else mentioned, I know the councils "
  17. Those are really two different issues. Farming out the responsibility of delivering of bad news to a subordinate (volunteer or otherwise) is just plain poor leadership and a dereliction of duty as far as I'm concerned. Hiring someone specifically to lead through a re-organization or bankruptcy or other major change with the understanding (whether implicit or explicit) that it's going to be a temporary gig is pretty much standard practice in large organizations. You don't want the people in charge who "created" the problem to remain and you want someone who can evaluate the situation wit
  18. Every parking lot everywhere is going to have tripping/slipping and falling hazards at some point; those in areas of snow even more so. That's a foreseeable risk with prevention steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk. And yes, I'd imagine that any given Walmart sees a significant number of fall complaints every single year; most businesses with high customer traffic get those claims with some regularity. Most scout troops don't have pedophiles in them. Regardless of the large number over the years nationwide, there's simply no evidence of it occurring frequently enough at this po
  19. Yeah, a finding of liability for negligent security in a church would be one hell of a stretch if you were trying to base it solely on "The BSA has a history of CSA." I mean, if insurance availability was based upon public opinion, you might be right; but insurance companies run on numbers, not publicity.
  20. The best solution I could see to this issue would be to extend "Youth" registration status to anyone that doesn't qualify as an "Adult". In other words, anyone under 21. Not that I expect the BSA to take that approach. __________________________________________________________________________ Honestly, the only way I see any sort of rational adjustment to this policy happening would be to start taking the policy really, really literally and start reporting every single infraction to the BSA's official hotline. "Hello BSA? I was at a meeting and I saw a 16 year old Venturer g
  21. Yeah, that's not quite how it worked in the asbestos claims. Bankruptcy is a federal action and the bankruptcies for that were nationwide just like this one; and any claims as of the discharge were wiped away, regardless of SOL. Those companies that went back for second or third bankruptcies did it because new claims, resulting from illnesses that began after the discharge would start accumulating. Anyone who isn't aware that child abuse is a risk anywhere at this point is never going to learn no matter how prolific you make the warnings. The belief that "It won't happen to m
  22. I have a comment and a question. You are an attorney, and as such, arguably, are in the top few percent of the US public when it comes to education and critical thinking skills. You are also well versed in the nuance of language and the importance of using exactly the right terminology when making statements. Thus, when you read the words "equitably compensate", it has a fairly specific meaning to you. That said, do you really think most of the victims out there would really have distinguished between a statement that the BSA wanted to "Equitably compensate victims" and one where th
  23. This is indeed one of the major factors in camp upgrades. The required width of access roads has increased over the years as emergency response vehicles have gotten larger and in many communities with strict zoning and building rules you can no longer get permits to build or expand (or sometimes even repair) existing structures without complying with current codes. So if you have a camp with 3 or 4 miles of access roads that are 10' wide but building a new structure will require expanding those roads to 16' wide, that's a really big expense to tack on in addition to the cost of whatever the b
  24. Just to state the rule in total for new parents or scouters that may read this: Any adult using "private" online or phone communications with a scout needs to make sure either another registered adult or a parent is included cc'd in the email; not both. So any email, social media post or phone call needs to include: Scout, MBC, and then a parent or registered adult.
  25. When you spend a significant portion of your life involved in the more dark and horrible aspects of humanity, even on the side of angels (so to speak), there's just no way you don't come out of it a changed person. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if someone like Kosnoff suffered from secondary exposure PTSD himself after that much time being exposed to trauma.
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