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    Founder of an IT company for 41 years, now retired. Cub Scouts in the 1960s, then became Cubmaster for my two sons, on to Boy Scouts, and Venturing. OA, NOAC, Jambo, Philmont, etc.
  1. Do you have any standards that are kept for your pack meetings? For instance, in about an hour: Handouts placed for adults for pickup Flags and stands gathered Sound system gotten ready (option) Video gotten ready (option) Assistant Cubmaster greets Special Guest and manages their logistics Gather, Seating by Den with Den Leaders, possible craft at table Adults seated separately from scouts Adults to speak line up /// MEETING BEGINS 6:30 pm/// Flag Den of month presents flags Pledge of Allegiance Scout Oath and Law F
  2. 1 each month: normally August through May Summer Scouting: May, June, July
  3. I am Committee Chairman for a pack of about 50 cubs. It has grown through bringing interesting guest speakers to our Pack Meetings. There is not a lot of traditional facets to them. We are planning our Blue and Gold to be held in February and one parent (Assistant Cubmaster) has voiced concern over it. He feels parents are much too busy to provide a dish if we have a pot luck meal. Our meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. He also feels the Blue and Gold should be some other time. I'm torn to understand the "busy parents" moniker. Is it possible that we don't do enough of the t
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