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  1. You need to read more carefully, Fred didn't say "charges may be overblown due to bias", he said that "charge stacking" can result in biasing the jury once a trial actually takes place; and it's not his idea it's a fairly well studied phenomenon. https://harvardcrcl.org/use-the-rules-of-criminal-procedure-to-limit-prosecutors-power/ And a civil discussion regarding a tragic situation at a Camp, including whether or not a particular response is overblown, seems entirely within the purview of a site like this; particularly since neither the site nor the BSA is "about protecting kids" they
  2. If separate people committed distinct crimes, I don't have any problem with multiple charges. However what commonly happens is you have DAs stacking up multiple charges for the same offense for (usually) sole purpose of essentially extorting the defendant into accepting a plea deal. (or sometimes so that they can advertise to the public their "tough on crime" stance for elections) In a hypothetical case like this, lets say the most serious possible charge is "Negligence with a firearm leading to death". The prosecutor then charges the defendant with: Conspiracy to commit a cri
  3. It's still only going to apply to cases that can be brought in Federal court, which is generally going to mean it needs to have either involved crossing state lines or happened on Federal property. It's not impacting the individual SoL of States.
  4. If the scout has really mastered the skills in the Swimming merit badge, it really shouldn't take longer than an hour. Definitely less time than you are likely to put into tracking down someone to sign off on previous work from a Summer Camp.
  5. Yup. Sounds like a clear case of charge stacking to me; which I personally find to be a reprehensible abuse of our criminal justice system.
  6. Our troop regularly does trips dedicated to Mountain Biking, Canoeing (there are some cheap canoes local), Shooting, and then just general camping. We try pretty hard to keep the number of weekend trips over $40ish to no more than 2-3 per year and that's with $17-$18 per scout allocated to food. ($15 per person budget, plus we don't charge adults). One of the things that has been helpful with keeping the standard "just camping" weekends entertaining is the purchase (or donation) of some in-camp entertainment equipment. We have a set of 12 tomahawks and 9 throwing knives that can keep most
  7. If you have traditional patrols with the freedom to move between patrols on at least a regular basis you'll end up a good cross section of ages at PLCs fairly naturally. What will typically happen is scouts will self select into something that resembles age based patrols just because they'll choose to move in small friend groups. A group of 5 twelve year olds might join the Fox Patrol because they like some aspect of it. Then the last 2 fifteen year olds will get through 6 months with the 12 year olds and get annoyed so they'll join the Eagle Patrol because there are 3 other fifteen year ol
  8. For trailers? Haulmark is typically pretty good. The biggest problem with trailers is that the quality can vary widely even within a particular brand. Welder competence is typically a toughie industry wide and so if "Bob" did the frame welding on one trailer it could be great while the one "Mark" welded up may have ongoing issues. The best advice I've seen is to stick with one of the premium brands and try and buy one a few years old to save money, or go with a manufacturer that will let you inspect the trailer before taking delivery. And ideally, pick a manufacturer that's close enough y
  9. If you've got a 3/4 ton truck with a class 3+ hitch and a tongue capacity of >1000lbs that can always pull the trailer, you are generally right; just keep all the weight between the axle and the truck and you are golden. But at least with my troop (and I have to assume others), that's not always the case. We regularly have people with mid/full size SUVs pulling that have 5000lb/500lb weight limits and you have to keep things fairly well balanced to make sure you keep the tongue weight over at least 10% of the total weight, without going over the 500lb tongue limit of the hitch. With our
  10. I strong believe that every troop with a trailer should have one of these. https://www.weigh-safe.com/product/universal-tow-ball/ There are WAY too many parents pulling trailers without any good way to judge if the weight distribution is appropriate within the trailer (and lacking the experience to eyeball it) Particularly with single axle trailers. I know I had one year where someone pulled our trailer to summer camp and when they arrived complained about how terrible our trailer was to pull. When I went over to it, I was able to easily lift the tongue off the hitch by myself. The Q
  11. I'm going to try and address a few of your points within following quote rather than trying to create a dozen separate quote bubbles. My responses are bolded. . To be honest, even though you say you are aware of the differences between Cubs and Scouts, some of what you've written (the underlined portion above) makes me think you haven't quite made the transition as well as you think you have. While many of your points have some validity, your overall viewpoint leads me to think you still want/desire to have a much more involved "advisory" role than is really ideal in the
  12. I actually just upgraded our tool selection to a full set of hand tools, but I'm not going to go too much further than that. There are very few parents in my troop that are handy enough to be willing/able to do much more than loosen/tighten bolts, so having a more complete set of tools isn't of much use anyway.
  13. One key difference between BSA and virtually any other youth program that heavily utilizes volunteers is that the BSA tries to keep theirs even once the volunteer's children are no longer involved. As a result, a uniform that serves as something of a badge of service has more value than it would if you were just using parents as volunteers for the length of their child's participation. It also helps newer Scouters gauge the value of input from more experienced Scouters. Not that it's foolproof by any means, but at least if someone has been around long enough to earn 4+ knots, you know t
  14. That seems to be a pretty common misapplication of the rule as I've heard LOTS of Scouters saying it too. Probably because the rule isn't written well. Canoes are a different enough beast from other multi-person craft that they should just have their own entry specifying non-swimmers can only ride with adult swimmers. BSA's fixation on narrative formatting (rather than bullet points) is a real problem in many of these instances of guideline misunderstandings.
  15. I think you may have missed the original post where I started discussing this issue and just keyed in on a secondary comment thinking that I was putting forward my own opinion. The discussion was centering around bewilderment over the fact that there are file records showing parents "just want Mr. Abuser to get help" rather than wanting them forcibly castrated and fed to only mildly peckish tigers. ALL I was pointing out is that prior to the 1980s "They" (meaning society at large) tended not to recognize any significant "harm" done by non-violent child sexual assault outside of those cas
  16. So, are you saying neither of these are actually sexual assault or abuse? I know we're talking about concealment and fraudulent concealment by extension, but I think understanding how you define the terms is important, at least to me. Actually, the breakdown for me is on the "asking repeatedly for sex" = coercion aspect of the equation, not on whether or not coercing someone into sex is assault. Using threats or force to persuade someone into sex is definitely sexual assault. But asking your partner multiple times in a night or crying about how you'll have "blue-balls" or pouting w
  17. I'm not sure what you think I'm missing. The point I was making was that before the 80s the findings of this study weren't commonly understood or accepted. This study being published in 1990 doesn't contradict that.
  18. 1: NGOs like RAINN. Usually it's people or organizations attempting to drive home the severity of their issue by creating a false equivalency. Some examples include: "asking for sex repeatedly = coercion = rape", "sex with someone who has been drinking = rape". 2: Well, visible to a doctor doing an examination. Internal tearing and deep bruising may not be visible to a bystander, but are still a physical injuries.
  19. I'm using the commonly understood definition of "violent", not the expanded interpretation that sexual assault advocates like to use. So essentially, sexual abuse or sexual assault that doesn't result in physical injury. And for the people who will read this without the context of the whole thread, I'm not discounting or downplaying non-violent abuse or assault, I'm referencing a distinction that used to be made.
  20. My point is that there wasn't a recognition that non-violent sexual abuse would result in long-standing psychological damage. Yes, if a child was raped and was catatonic afterwards, the system could recognize that as a direct impact of the assault. But even then, they would work to fix the catatonia and once resolved, would view the matter as largely resolved. If a child was abused but continued on with life apparently normal (home and school and church life) the view was essentially "Oh, they came through it ok, no further work needed". The idea that there might be PTSD like symptoms or p
  21. No, Negligence has been found in many cases, but I haven't seen any cases where the SoL has been re-opened (and the case won) via a claim of Fraudulent Concealment. I believe ThenNow posted a link to a court case where the Court refused to dismiss a claim on summary judgement because they argued Fraudulent Concealment but that ruling was very heavily based upon the fact that they were unwilling to categorically reject all such cases, not because they thought that specific case would win.
  22. That doesn't sound any different than the sorts of advertising that happens with every youth serving organization. In particular is sounds strikingly similar to the kind of language used with regard to school staff and coaches. Both of those organizations even require the youth (in HS at least) to sign a Code of Conduct promising to obey instructions from staff and coaches. You are making ridiculous comparisons here. The BSA had a system of protection that was insufficient and children got hurt. That's incomparably different than a company or governments direct actions being
  23. We bring an oversized plywood "camp kitchen" style box that serves as storage for troop copies of manuals, guides and booklets, chess, checkers, cribbage, Yahtzee, multiple decks of cards, loose leaf paper and a couple of spiral notebooks. There's also usually a football and a couple other random balls in there. Scouts have free access to it with the expectation that whoever takes something out puts it back. We emphasize that point so we don't have scouts thinking "I'll just leave this out for the next person" and then stuff gets ruined because no next person comes along. As a note, if you
  24. It would depend on the nature of the statements and the behavior. Making serious "credible" threats is a crime, but not every threat is both serious and credible; and while bullying is bad, not every instance of someone being mean, or rude or anything else is actually bullying. The standard for making a report to police or CPS needs to be based upon what an average person might think is a problem, not simply what ANY person happens to report as bullying or inappropriate behavior. Particularly since there is so much bad information out there as to what "bullying" or "sexual harassment"
  25. You made a shiver run down my spine. "Oversight", NOT "Supervision". I've never had someone else installing supervision work out well. If our council started trying to actually supervise troop activities, I'm sure it would result in constant arguments as the different "supervisors" all had somewhat different interpretations (including a fair number of straight up errors) of what the BSA's vaguer guidelines mean.
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