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  1. Just got done talking to a buddy of mine who is (was) at ScoutingU. it was over 100 people...permanently. Most of the training team, member care, a good chunk of supply, membership growth coaches... This is heartbreaking. Whatever your feeling towards paid BSA members, it's gut wrenching to see people lose their jobs, especially in a time of such uncertainty. A lot of good people who don't deserve this.
  2. I had a buddy of mine who helped start of a "history reenactment" Venture Crew. I should ask him how that's going now.
  3. That's......odd. This is pure speculation, but I think COVID-19 is being used as a scapegoat here for something else. Especially when OA's Momentum is happening in August and the Summit HA base will still be in operation.
  4. "Create a membership category for youth and families with no advancement program" You mean like how was Venturing was supposed to be? High Adventure emphasis with an OPTIONAL advancement program.
  5. Ah, the ole "phone book" method. My SE told me stories about the old days. Makes you wonder if Scouting truly ever was as big as the old records show.
  6. where did you see this on? And if it's coming from Effie, it's true. She is in charge of ALL communications
  7. It's not a discount. The $25 new-registration fee is on top of the membership fee.
  8. Just got off the retirement plan webinar. I really could've done without one of the Assistant Chiefs who makes 300k a year telling us "I know you must be mad, but remember why you joined in the first place"
  9. Well it looks like our retirement is one of those sacred cows.
  10. Let me say, when this actually happens, it works *chef kiss* PERFECTLY To bad CO's only do what they are supposed to probably only like 20% off the time.
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