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  1. Correct. My questions still remain: Is such a search warranted in this instance? What is the proper protocol for conducting such a search? Is a “fruity smell” considered “dangerous contraband”?
  2. I suppose I should have been more specific. The incident has already occurred but there is talk of whether or not it violated BSA guidelines. They did not seek prior approval or attempt proper channels (peers, SPL, ASPL, etc ) of trying to resolve the issue first before immediately jumping to a search. Scouts were on a weekend campout. An adult leader claims he smelled a “fruity smell” on a scout’s breath and told the SM. They decided a search was in order and justified based on the “fruity smell” which made them suspicious of a possible vaping device. A surprise search of tents and backpacks ensued while the scouts were present. It was not done secretly behind their backs. No vaping device was found. Parents not in attendance were not notified prior to or after. I believe the other adults on the campout assumed that the proper procedure was being enforced and basically just agreed. I have spoken to the SM and he is adamant that the search was within the guidelines because there was a threat of potential “dangerous contraband”. Hope that makes the situation clearer. Thank you !
  3. When, if ever, is it acceptable for SM and ASM to suggest/approve a surprise, shake down type of search at weekend campout?
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