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  1. I love the old full-squares.
  2. You have a wonderful son.
  3. I would never be without a neckerchief and I much prefer to wear mine over the collar.
  4. I also love neckerchiefs and have several hundred in my collection. I especially love the vintage full-squares. I have a lot of dupes and would gladly send them to a fellow neckerchief fan.
  5. I also love neckerchiefs and have a huge collection. I especially like the vintage full-square neckerchiefs.
  6. I love neckerchiefs, too. And I am so happy that National is making them larger, though I have a large supply of the vintage full-squares to wear with troop tee-shirts. I really do not care for the friendship knot. Nothing looks better than a scout wearing the neckerchief over the collar. I will say this. The neckerchief seems to be making a.big come-back among younger scouts. Every troop in our area wears neckerchiefs. The scouts wear them readily, smartly and proudly. It is rare to see a scout pulling off his neckerchief and shoving it into his pocket the second that the closing ceremony is
  7. That’s a super idea. When I was a scout, we wore a variety of neckerchiefs - camp,event, award, national issue troop color, vintage full-squares of various colors to troop meetings I. My buddy, who took me to my first troop meeting wore a huge, white, rayon, TMR full-square that I wanted to wear so badly.
  8. I wear the old national-issue full-squares . The ones from the 1930’s are soft as silk, cool, and so comfortable round the neck. Needless to say, they can only be worn over a tucked-in collar.
  9. Yes. I want to trade.
  10. The neckerchief, Jamboree or otherwise, is sufficient to identify scouts . In the very old days of the 1950s jamborees mothers could purchase silk scarves to wear as marks of their sons’ participation in the jamboree
  11. Never embarrassing. Always a show of pride in belonging to the greatest youth movement ever - a movement whose universal symbol is the scout neckerchief or scarf.
  12. I am a dyed-in-the-wool neckerchief nut. And I probably own more vintage neckerchiefs than anyone. So, here goes. The standard issue neckerchiefs up until the end of the 1930's were 30 x 30 inches. In the 1940's the size was reduced to 29.5 x 29 inches. The triangular - or half - neckerchief came into use in the late 1940's and by the 1950's had completely supplanted the full-squares. I love the really old full-squares. They fit today's larger scouts and scouters, and they can be used for so many purposes. The biggest international scarves that I have encountered are the Indonesian haduks.
  13. I also love neckerchiefs and wish that more troops would bring them back, especially now that they come in a larger size. It always seemed to me that the neckerchief is the most characteristic and recognizable element of the scout uniform.
  14. Latin Scot, I love neckerchiefs, too. And I collect them. Over the years I have acquired a treasure trove of the old full-squares, especially the ones from the 1930's that are 30"x30". Scouts love it when I do a presentation on Scouting's history, using neckerchiefs from different eras, jamborees, camps and events to illustrate it.
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