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  1. ScoutWithNecker

    Neckerchief history and size change

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool neckerchief nut. And I probably own more vintage neckerchiefs than anyone. So, here goes. The standard issue neckerchiefs up until the end of the 1930's were 30 x 30 inches. In the 1940's the size was reduced to 29.5 x 29 inches. The triangular - or half - neckerchief came into use in the late 1940's and by the 1950's had completely supplanted the full-squares. I love the really old full-squares. They fit today's larger scouts and scouters, and they can be used for so many purposes. The biggest international scarves that I have encountered are the Indonesian haduks. They are huge triangles and look really neat.
  2. ScoutWithNecker

    Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    I also love neckerchiefs and wish that more troops would bring them back, especially now that they come in a larger size. It always seemed to me that the neckerchief is the most characteristic and recognizable element of the scout uniform.
  3. ScoutWithNecker

    Eagle Scout neckerchief - quick question

    Latin Scot, I love neckerchiefs, too. And I collect them. Over the years I have acquired a treasure trove of the old full-squares, especially the ones from the 1930's that are 30"x30". Scouts love it when I do a presentation on Scouting's history, using neckerchiefs from different eras, jamborees, camps and events to illustrate it.
  4. ScoutWithNecker

    Ditch the Neckerchief

    I couldn't agree with you more, Snow Owl. Leaders should always wear their neckerchiefs. The neckerchief is indeed the universal symbol of Scouting. The girls will call us back to that important truth.
  5. ScoutWithNecker

    Ditch the Neckerchief

    Now with girls joining, the debate about neckerchiefs is over. Girls love colorful kerchiefs and scarves. They will never allow BSA to ditch neckerchiefs.
  6. ScoutWithNecker

    Using the neckerchief to teach the Scout Oath

    Hi Latin Scot, Greetings to another Knight of the Neckerchief; it's good to know that there are still some of us here in the States that have not abandoned this revered symbol of scouting all over the world. I, too, love the old full-square neckerchiefs. The first one I ever got to own was the orange and white regulation issue that was the proper color for our troop. It started me collecting, so that I now have lots and lots of these old beauties. I especially like the ones issued in the 1930's as the cotton pongee material they used then is very light, soft and absorbent as well as strong. Hopefully the neckerchief will make a comeback now that the current ones are a decent size, even if triangular. "The neckerchief is first and last a necessity." Was it James Beard that said that? Baden-Powell declared that "a scouts honor is bound up in his scarf."
  7. ScoutWithNecker

    Neckerchief Other Than With The Uniform

    I always wear a neckerchief. With the new guidelines I will wear a lot of my vintage full-squares very often.
  8. ScoutWithNecker

    Neckerchief Other Than With The Uniform

    August 1st is World Scout Scarf Day. What a great opportunity to wear our neckerchief with our everyday clothes in solidarity with scouts around the world. I love neckerchiefs, especially the old full-squares. I have collected dozens of them in all colors - and conditions.
  9. ScoutWithNecker

    World Scout Neckerchief Day

    Yesterday was World Scout Neckerchief Day. Thousands of Scouts and former Scouts from all over the globe wore their neckerchiefs all day - to work, to school, to shops. From all around the world, except from the USA. American Scouts have rejected, discarded, reviled the scarf that is the universal symbol of the Scouting movement. What a shame! What a betrayal!
  10. ScoutWithNecker

    The Girl Scouts are missing out

    There is one part of the uniform that identifies Scouts - boys and girls, men and women - immediately and clearly everywhere in the world, and that is the neckerchief. It is THE symbol of Scouting world-wide, so much so that Scouts all over the globe are once again observing World Scout Scarf Day on August 1st. Scouts and former scouts from every country are proudly wearing their neckerchiefs all day. What a shame that American Scouts are increasingly out of step as they abandon the neckerchief.
  11. ScoutWithNecker

    National Headquarters full square neckerchiefs

    Mike, I believe that your estimate is correct. I would say that the neckerchiefs you describe date from about 1926 to about 1932. They are real beauties. I have a ton of the old full-squares, most from the 1930's. If you ever want some more send me a private message,letr me know as I am getting older and looking for good homes for them. Ed
  12. ScoutWithNecker

    What Would You Add to the National Store?

    Full square neckerchiefs for sure, made of the old, super-soft cotton as the original Norman Rockwell type. And collarless shirts.
  13. ScoutWithNecker

    Cub Scout Necker Solution

    You are so right, resqman. A necker IS scouting. Develop the habit with the cubs and it will carry through their scouting career. New cubs are most often thrilled to be invested with the neckerchief, and they want to wear it. We should help them understand that the neckerchief is the universal symbol of Scouting, and that brothers and sisters all over the world wear their neckers proudly. They trade and exchange neckerchiefs with other Scouts. The neckerchief should never have been made optional.
  14. ScoutWithNecker

    So When Did CS Neckerchiefs Become Optional ?

    The one part of the uniform that is immediately recognizable to people around the world as "Scout" is the neckerchief. Scouts in other countries wear their neckerchiefs proudly as the one uniform part that they would never forego. There was a time when boys in the USA couldn't wait to wear the Cub Scout uniform in its entirely. And many of them would not part with their neckerchiefs, even when it was time to take off the rest of the uniform.
  15. ScoutWithNecker

    The Necker - an historical perspective

    And in Europe, as around the world, every Scout without exception wears his or her neckerchief and wears it proudly. Why have we in the USA all but abandoned this universal mark of the Souting Movement? Scouts come back from World Jamborees and other gatherings with several neckerchiefs they have received from new friends. And at Jambos it is unusual to see Scouts wearing only one neckerchief. They trade and sign and exchange multiple neckers with other Scouts.