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  1. Just saw this news item about nearly 800 former scouts suing (see link), who claim to have abused by over 350 abusers: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49253696 In another video I heard a lawyer saying that most of the plaintiffs are 50 and 60 years old.
  2. YouTube Commentary on change: The attached link is to a YouTube commentator I get in my feed who just commented on the name change, and she makes some interesting points. She is originally from Slovenia, and not the United States, so she can come at things from a slightly different angle. I am presenting this as "food for thought":
  3. Thanks to everyone for the input about the boy scout with autism. It just struck me as such a sad story, and I feel bad for him. In regards to the Merit Badge Colleges/Fairs - has any thought been given to the merit badge requirements being an incentive for these organizations? I have been looking over the merit badge requirements, and they seem overly complicated and elaborate to me. The merit badge requirements as written seemed to encourage shortcuts (like MB Colleges) or for a scout to spend most of his time away from the troop if he wants to earn then in a valid manner. Maybe
  4. Attached is a link to a article about a Boy Scout with Dows Syndrome and Autism whose application for Eagle Scout has been rejected. Does anyone know anything more on this issue? https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/father-sues-boy-scouts-america-rejecting-15-year-old-son-syndrome-autism-eagle-scout-153042248.html
  5. I think that BSA will continue as a organization, but that it will have to either change greatly or retrench and rebuild over a log period of time. Unfortunately, many organizations for boys have come and gone, so it is possible (but unlikely) that BSA could be unsustainable. However, its size and brand name value, make it more resilient than most other organizations. For some perspective, attached is a link to a site documenting kids organizations of the past. The link opens up to the page for "Open Road Pioneers Club" that was a Boy Scout like organization that existed from 1920
  6. I can understand your feelings towards medication, but I have been diagnosed with depression. The medications, I have used for years have been very beneficial to me. So we can just agree to disagree. As for staying, once again I understand your point, but what I meant was to let him know he is wanted, and if he has to take time off to deals with things he is always welcome back. People in this frame of mind tend to only see limited options and everything is black and white. It is very important to let someone depressed know that multiple options exist for them.
  7. First of all bless you for caring about this boy. I have a little experience in this area and as bad as it sounds there are positive signs 1) his parents actually care about him (that is rarer than you might think), and 2) if he is getting professional help that is a gigantic step forward. If he is suffering from depression than medications will help a great deal. Nothing "cures" depression, but medications can make the symptoms less severe and less frequent. I would recommend the following as things that can help: 1. Always be positive in your interactions. 2. Let him
  8. I worked with statistics through most of my professional life, and looking at the numbers given my main impression is that they are not very useful for any kind of analysis. The numbers are too general for any valid comparisons to be made with previous years. The numbers for each group needs to be broken down to show more specific details. Once again examples have already been brought up by other forum members: Cubs: What percentage of the total numbers is composed of the new "Lion" progr
  9. A link to the "Patches" comic book mentioned: http://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=61389
  10. I checked and ScoutmasterCG has posted today Podcast 352.
  11. I thought ths might make for some interesting, and non-controversial, discussion topic. A website "The Art of Manliness" is launching a new program "The Strenuous Life", which is basically a Boy Scout Program for adults. It will include a handbook and even merit badges. I was wondering what everyone this of the idea. Attached is a link to the website: https://strenuouslife.co/ Please note that I am not endorsing the program, and I have concerns about some of the ideas and information on "The Art of Manliness" website. However, I would be curious to know what everyone think
  12. By accident I was doing some historical research on line, and came across some information regarding Howard Hughes. He was not a billionaire (just a small boy), but his family was rich. His father wanted him to associate with regular boys, so he saw sent to Dan Beard's camp in Pennsylvania. I think this might have still been under Beard's old organization "Sons of Daniel Boone". Apparently, young Howard took camp very seriously. He voluntarily turned in a badge (Buckskin Badge) that he had received, because he violated the rules by eating some candy. Below is a narrative I found on l
  13. Has anyone considered that the nature f boys has changed since BSA was created. I know this is heresy, but maybe organizing boys into small groups (patrols) is becoming a negative. By this I am that boys seem to be more individualistic, and less interested in being part of a group: - Some sociologists have noted that males tend to get together with other males because they have to, not because they want to. - Many of them activities boys do today (computers, video games...) are done alone. - People in general seem to have more trouble getting along with other people (at l
  14. I wanted to thank everybody for their recommendations. I mentally coorelated it and passed it on to my nephew, so he could make an informed decision on his own.
  15. I am trying to help my plan out summer camp for this year. I have never been a scout and have never gone to summer camp, so I am trying to tap into the communities collective wisdom for help. I am always willing to steal a good idea. From reading some posts, it seems that their is a negative feeling towards over doing merit badge classes at camp. I wanted to confirm if my impression is correct or not. If merit badge classes are overdone, then does anyone have any suggestions for the following: 1. How many merit badge classes should a boy scout take at summer camp? 2. Any
  16. Benjamin Franklin said "It is better to be silent and thought a fool, rather than to speak up and remove all doubt." That has been one of my guiding principles, but this one time I will not follow it. I saw the news about the change on TV, and realize that it will be a hard loss to accommodate. But counter-intuitively, it might in the long run benefit BSA: 1. Sometimes getting smaller helps an organization to re-focus on its mission. Such as a football team getting rid of fancy plays and going back to "three yards and a cloud of dust" type play. 2. Being smaller and more cohes
  17. When it comes to "leadership" I have heard about it at school, at work, and on the Internet. Many times I have asked for a definition, but have never gotten an adequate one. Sometimes it is having a title and position, sometimes it is setting an example, sometimes it is a combination of the previous two and sometimes something else. Leadership seems to be one of those terms that means whatever you want it to. I am afraid my perspective on leadership was become jaded over the years. I have seen it used as an explanation and excuse for a great deal of unacceptable behavior. Right now w
  18. I do not think that STEM will be the answer for scoutings current problkems, because that niche is alreadying being filled by other organizations. Locally Robotics Clubs are the big thing now. Attached is a link to one that is close to where I am but not close enough for my nephew to use: http://www.fremontrobotics.com/aboutus.php If you read the website you will see that a number of things in common with scouts - a) they state that participation in the club increases the likelihood that the member will participate in the local community, b) they have self-governance for the members
  19. I knew this would interest everyone, so I am just posting it. Two things I noticed were - 1) a great deal of the desire to make Boy Scouts coed seems to center around girls having the opportunity to earn the Eagle Rank, and 2) one person who comments its states that they have they know that girls do best in an "all girl, girl lead" environment, while still advocating that the Boy Scouts be coed. http://www.kiro7.com/news/local/15-year-old-new-york-city-girl-spearheads-campaign-to-make-boy-scouts-coed/493469156
  20. Isn't the most important thing that they were showing respect for the flag.
  21. POLL FROM LONDON BOAT SHOW: I heard of another poll done in London, regarding the loss of practical skills by people. Shown below is a copy of an article on the poll. A survey shows millennials are missing out on practical skills such as map reading or fishing, compared to their grandparents’ generation. More than half of young adults were unable to tie a single knot and 40 per cent had never swum in open water, despite Britain being an island nation. The poll, conducted ahead of the London Boat Show, found simple life skills have been left behind with advances in technology.
  22. You are correct about the Lone Scouting, I looked into it originally. I think this is a mistake, because if they made it more available they might appeal to more boys and increase membership. Boys today are not as group oriented as they were years ago. For example team sports seem to be declining in popularity while individual sports are increasing in popularity.
  23. I was reading an article about a new "Adulting School" (a school that teaches basic skills to adults). The article cited a study done by the Ordnance Survey (official mapping agency of Great Britain), which listed 20 skills that people believe are dying out. I thought this would interest people, because a least five of these skills are basic scout skills (including the first three listed). The skills are as follows (I added BOLD font to emphasize the particular skills: Reading a map Using a compass Tie a specific knot Darn socks Looking something up in a book using an i
  24. My nephew is working towards Second Class. He enjoys parts of scouting, mostly being outside and being able to move around and actually make noise. The meetings and being part of a group are really hard on him. Remember he comes from a home environment where he has learned to squeeze through a door only partially open to avoid making noise or letting in a draft. Sometimes he does not even realize how different the way he is being raise is. I am afraid when he does realize it will make him even sadder. But he has got to open up his world. I worked in the high tech sector with guys who
  25. I would like to thank everyone who replied. I understand that everyone has many issues that they are dealing with, and I appreciate the time and effort given. I think I have some ideas how to advise my nephew. The thing is that bad parenting runs in my family (my sister treats her son the way our mother treated me), so a great many things that seem obvious to most people get right past me. My nephew is very bright, and is in a gifted program at school. But he is very sad. He sees a therapist, and I and school and now scouts do what they can for him. His therapist thought that may
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