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  1. In the northwest, every summer camp I have been to has had a similar program.
  2. There is little chance that that the lone scout program would work since I live in a city with 100,000+ people. As well, when I was originally searching for a troop before crossing over from cub scouts, I went to four other units that were really tied to their chartered church. It's likely a isolated case and just randomly happened to be that there were many units that were ties close to their charter. Finally, I did not leave my troop due to the parents and adult leaders. I left my troop for a lack of youth similar to my age and lack of motivation between the scouts. I tired making it work si
  3. That is probably so. I have just heard about how units chartered by churches go.
  4. Thank you for the advice. My problem about finding a new troop is that all are chartered by a church. My previous troop was chartered by parents. I don't attend church reguarly. I do not want to end up in a troop that expects me to share a common religion or attend the church that chartered their unit.
  5. In December, I made the decision to leave my troop that I had been part of for five years. I left for a multitude of reasons, including poor leadership and lack of youth similar to my age. It hurt to leave, but for the past year the meetings have been very poorly ran with little variety in the program. I do want to move on to get my Eagle, since I am already at Life. How do I go about joining another troop or should I go back and cope with the troop I just left.
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