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  1. So when I complete this form and send it to the office, will it even get signed in the first place? Of course I’d attach a note explaining what had happened, but since I didn’t sign the form before I started fundraising, do we think that form will still go through? That is what the majority of my concern stems from.
  2. Thank you all for the replies! So since the beneficiary is essentially collecting the funds, do I even need the application? There is one other loophole, because of course nothing can be simple in life. People have been handing me money in person, since they don’t feel comfortable doing so online or they’re not old enough to have a bank account in which they could do so. I have then been donating that money to the website. Will this change anything? Because the Scout is then donating to his own project and that is allowed to be done without the need for a packet. Also, everyone suggesting to talk to my Eagle Coach, I’ve never had one. I apologize for all the confusion and thank you all that have been so helpful!
  3. Hello Everyone! My Eagle Scout project is set to take place this Saturday, February 17th. For those curious, I'm organizing a group of about 50 volunteers that are getting a semi truck of dehydrated ingredients sent to my school cafeteria. For two hours we will be packaging the ingredients into individual meals, boxing them up, and then sending them throughout the world to those in need, especially schools in Africa. Over 10,000 meals will be made. Sounds fine and dandy, right? So this costs a lot of money (almost 3k), however, I'm not worried about that part. I'm very close to reaching that goal and should do so by Saturday. Naturally, I've been fundraising the last couple of months, through emails and word of mouth. Now to the problem. I never had a Fundraising Application signed. I don't recall the council rep saying anything about it when I was presenting my project proposal, so I never thought anything of it. This means that after I had my proposal signed, I went right away to emailing my beneficiary about raising funds, and he set up a website to make it easier for people to do so. Thus, I have been receiving funding since 11-8-17, a few days after my proposal approval. The application states 'you must obtain approval from the project beneficiary and your unit leader, and then submit the fundraising application to your council service center at least two weeks in advance of your fundraising efforts'. However, since the beneficiary was the one to make the donation website, it's not like they don't know that I'm fundraising for them. So I don't really know what to do. Am I going to have to do another project? Yes, this was a mistake, but I feel like this shouldn't completely void all the work I've put into this. Please let me know what your thoughts are or if you have any experience in this. Thank you so much in advance, Matt
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