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  1. When a Scout has several different fund raisers for his project how should he fill out the fundraising form, one for each fund raiser or combine them all into one form?
  2. Spoke to Scoutmaster, it was a poorly written response. He was just making sure that after he contacted the businesses that he didn't forget to do the fundraising form.
  3. I have a Scout that recently got his Eagle Scout project approved by the council, his next step is fundraising that will be done in cooperation with a few local businesses. His plan is to contact the businesses to determine a date that works for them to get the fundraising done. He notified the Scoutmaster of this to make sure that the three dates don't conflict with any troop activities. The Scoutmaster told the Scout that he can't talk to the businesses until he has his fundraising forms completed and signed. Since the fundraising forms require a date for the fundraising, isn't this a catch-
  4. I have read all the posts and my feelings have not changed much. Earlier I said it is the Troops money let the boys decide, I guess in the end I would change that to its the Scouts who will use the gear they should be the ones to determine what to get. Like I said before, I think it would be naive to think that the Scouts would make all of the right decisions, but I think their decisions would be what they think will work best. As leaders I think it is our obligation to discuss with them their decisions and if we disagree with them explain our reasoning and come to an agreement. Most impor
  5. Well put... I kinda likened it to the government, I put a lot of money in and I don't like some of the places that it goes. SN95GT50
  6. My view is that the mony belongs to the Troop not the leaders and that they should determine what to buy. Granted, I am not willing to let them run rampant, but, I think that they know what is needed to assemple a camp kitchen. I also believe that they will treat the equipment better if they are invovled in the process of choosing and acquiring the equipment. Unfortunately I believe I am fighting a loosing battle... SN95GT50
  7. This came up recently when during a leader meeting it was decided that we should buy equipment for each patrol to have for Patrol cooking. Currently we just have a hodge - podge of cooking equipment. It was suggested that the Scouts decide what to purchase as the troop money is their money, later it was decided that the SM would decide what to buy and order it off the internet to save the Troop some money. So, in your Troop, who decides what equipment to buy? SN95GT50
  8. Thanks for the support... The comment about the second class scout, he has a problem passing the swimming test. He is very close, after that only the time requirements will slow him down. He already has all of his Star MB complete except one Eagle Req. Now to convince the SM, I liked the parent trump card idea. Thanks again, John
  9. A patrol in our troop has indicated that they would like to do a Patrol campout independent of the troop. This Patrol has picked a camp area and would like to plan a hike starting from the camp area (part of their hiking MB). They also want to plan and cook all of their own meals with little adult intervention. We would have 2 adults attending, possibly in a different campsite, still to be determined. We have never had a Patrol request this before, here is my question. Does your troop: Allow this, forbid this, discourage this or encourage this? The Patrol is made up of 3rd ye
  10. Simple as that, how long should patrols last before shaking them up? If your troop shakes up the patrols, how is the patrol makeup determined? John
  11. Summary... We are all volunteers and doing the best we can. Just like driving on the interstate, eveyone driving slower than me is an idiot and anyone driving faster than me is also an idiot. Unfortunately everyone feels that the level that they interpret the standards is perfect and everyone else is either too fast or too slow. I can say that at times i felt that I was too hard on a Scout and sometimes too easy. I try to use that experience to adjust and in the end I can sleep well knowing that I am doing my best and hope that these Scouts are better off with my efforts. Kee
  12. We had our Board of Review last night and 7 of the 15 advanced from Scouter to Tenderfoot, one from Scouter to Tenderfoot to 2nd Class. Our intention as a Troop is not to be an Eagle Scout factory as someone put it (we don't even have any Eagle Scouts, yet). Camp Geiger did not sign off the Scouts book, instead they give us a form for each Scout identifying what they worked on. We will use that as a guide line as they show us proficiency and then we will sign off the book. The one Scout that attained 2nd class is pretty impressive, I am the one that signed off most of his r
  13. In March, we bridged 15 new Scouts into our Troop, all of these Scouts attained the Rank of Scouter by our first Court of Honor in April. In June, most of the new Scouts attended Summer Camp at Camp Geiger in Missouri and participated in the "Trail to First Class". Of the 15 about 12 have completed Tenderfoot requirements except ScoutMaster Conf and B of R. About 5 of them have completed most of Second Class. One of the five has completed all of second class except ScoutMaster Conf and B of R and has one requirement left for first class. So, is this too fast? What is too fast? Is it
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