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  1. I was never in the band, but I did do competitive chorus, madrigals, plays and musicals. Very complex stuff. I was also number two in my class(wood shop killed my GPA), Class President(x3), Student Body President, State Student Council Treasurer, a National Merit Scholar, All-State in two sports (FB(3 years) and Wrestling), Academic All-American in Football (Division I recruited and played), National Merit Scholar, and I had a job. I earned twenty-two varsity letters in high school(FB-4, Wrestling-4, Baseball-4, Track and Field-4, Academic Team-3, and chorus-3)Did I mention that I earned my Ea
  2. I still have my therm-a-rest from 1983. It is about 20x48x.75 and it works as well today as it did back then. I have three original items from my days as a youth: Eureka Timberline-2 tent, a JANSPORT Duffel bag, and my therm-a-rest. Everything else has been replaced(even my SVEA 123 stove, circa 1985, but it still works). The tent has over 1000 days of camping, the duff has been around the world twice(most recently two months ago), and the therm-a-rest has been on every camp-out, plus it has made every(11) deployment over my military career. You get what you pay for.
  3. The basics...Swimming, First Aid, and Camping. Lifesaving builds on swimming, Emergency Prep builds on FA, and Backpacking, Hiking, Cooking all build on Camping. I don't want to see skill awards again, they were an unfortunate experiment that lasted way too long. I will say that I enjoyed earning all twelve as a Scout, and it really established the core level for future events. Other than local units encouraging completion of certain MB progression, is there any movement afoot to bring in the basics?
  4. Lifejackets usually fall under the "10 Percent" rule, i.e. you must be 10 percent smarter than the equipment you are operating for it to be safe. What are there 5 classes of life jackets? Type I, safest, bulky, off-shore type; II in-shore, less bulky than I, in-shore, orange horse collar type; III ski-vest type, called a "flotation aid", most comfort for extended wear; IV throwable type, life ring and floating seat; V called special-use, usually air-inflated, comfartable and convienent, only USCG-approved when worn continuously. Someone more knowledgeable than me can ring in on this one
  5. Camp Orr on the Buffalo River was a favorite of our trrop in the early 80's. It used to have the traditional merit badge offerings for first year scouts, PLUS hiking, backcountry backpacking, AND canoe floats. I seem to remember hiking to the highest waterfall of some sort, and spending several hours playing and resting in amazingly cool water pools under the falls...memories. Our troop also did houseboating. It was a Corps of Engineers lake in southern Kentucky, Laurel River Lake??? It was awesome...
  6. If you can contact someone at Ft Bragg/Pope AFB in NC, you will be a bit closer to AP Hill. The best route for contact may be through your MWR office or even the Chaplain. Good Luck.
  7. The BEST ever response I was given to the question... Older Scouter, original uniform (mid 40's),whispered hush voice, "it's been 40 years since I have been to an OA event, two wars and two wives..." I stopped him after that, gripped his hand and said "Welcome back!" P.S. I think the Kingsman passed the rites onto Metallica. Metallica very cleverly spread information throughout the Master of Puppets album. I used to listen to the album in its entirety prior to any OA event.
  8. OA ordeals are VOLUNTARY. The expectations are established up front and the candidate may back out at any time. Now, as for the TAPOUT ceremony, that is a whole different pickle. Each eligible candidate has a reasonable expectation that selection can occur with the requisite votes. They attend the tapout ceremony not knowing (wink,wink) they are to be tapped. I still have the arrow that was broken over my shoulder from my selection ceremony. We may not want to agree, but the older, more experienced Scout has a level of influence over the younger Scouts that we as adults will never have.
  9. So let me get this straight...filling a bottle with urine, passing it off to another with directions to make a third party drink the urine is...a...prank. Seriously? You guys are just pulling the new guys leg right? I always thought that putting someones backpack into a bear bag, then hauling it up the highest tree was a prank. I know the last few camps I have attended, the lunch on tuesday was set aside for "birthday" celebrations. No one was called out directly, just anyone having a birthday this week. Now, if you take your friend to dinner on their birthday, it is not beyond reasonabl
  10. Almost forgot...The ARRA of 2009 expanded the applicability of HIPAA statutes to all business entities irt PHI. It could be very easily argued that BSA is a business entity that uses the PHI provided in its medical forms to protect its exposure to liability litigation.
  11. "HIPPA does not now nor has it ever applied to the BSA." Not...nor...ever is very firm. The original Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 did not originally apply, but amendments to that law have made some changes to the original act. The biggest change that everyone is the disclosure clause incuded in the Protected Health Information clause of 2003. The BSA Medical Form is a legal document that can be used as evidence in insurance claims cases. The BSA uses the medical form to mitigate issues and limit liability exposure for all the activities that units perform. T
  12. NOT HAZING!!!! (YES, I AM YELLING.) Are you out of your mind? It is a textbook case of hazing. The older boys didn't even own up to the SM that they were involved. You have multiple victims and several bullies involved. I would argue that this incident be reported to the Council Executive IMMEDIATELY. There is a tipping point where boys being boys is no longer acceptable behavior. The law decides what is juvenile behavior and what is adult. The line is being lowered daily. Our private organization is open to criticism from every outside group that disagrees with our views, that is wh
  13. The difference between practical jokes and hazing is your position. If you are the victim, then it is hazing. If you are the practical joker, then it is just that. I would suspend the involved individuals until a BoR can be held and the incident be reviewed fully. The CoR would be invited, as well as the DE. The seriousness is not to be diminished and needs to be addressed in a formal enviroment. The CC, SM, and the boys parents need to understand the seriousness. You may want to bring up the issue in South Carolina. Continuance in the program is the decision of the CoR to decide. Th
  14. What organization doesn't have "secret" files? The military has warehouses full of personnel files that document past errors and personnel issues. Tens of thousands of files on discharged individuals and reasons. All of it is private and is covered by the privacy act. I bet that even the Fed has private "perversion" files that we will never see nor hear about. Our public officials have access to young interns and pages and low paid staffers. How many of them have had public background checks? If they did have a background check performed, how many of those have been presented to the public? Ta
  15. Same thing happened in 1985. Numerous units had scheduled treks way in advance, but changed plans due to the National Jamboree for the 75th Diamond Jubilee. My unit had decided late that we wanted to return to Philmont, and we got a prime date for our trek. I kind of regret not going to the Jamboree as a scout, but I will never forget my trips to Philmont. Don't feel bad about choosing other options, plenty of others are waiting in the wings to take part in the great programs at any of the high adventure bases.
  16. It sounds good. Just follow the rules of the camp. They may have a no compound bow rule. There are different scoring options for using either a longbow, recurve, or compound bows. The compound requirements are: Option B - Using a Compound Bow Name and point to the parts of the compound bow you are shooting. Explain how to properly care for and store compound bows. Show the nine steps of good shooting for the compound bow you are shooting. Explain why it is necessary to have the string on a compound bow replaced at an archery shop. Locate and mark with dental floss, cri
  17. I bought 4 Garmin eTrex handheld GPS receivers for my Pack to use. I have not got involved in any geocaching events yet, but I am looking forward to some events this season. BTW, most auto units can be used in walking mode, which allows them to be carried when hiking. The only drawback is that the really colorful screens on most suto units will drain the battery in very short order. My eTrex units have a battery life of about 16 hours continuous use.
  18. I like upside down pie... 1. PECAN 2. Cobbler, any and all. 3. mince meat 4. Breakfast Pie (pie crust filled with sausage, bacon, chunked ham, and scrambled eggs, then topped with a flapjack. That then gets a small amount of maple syrup. 5. ...taking apps...the sho fly sounds good.
  19. 1. Pecan Pie So I have to ask, Mickey's a mouse, Donald's a duck...where does cobbler fall into the discussion?
  20. The World Jamboree is coming up in Sweden...Why not go with Denim pants, beaded cowboy shirt, leather belt with BIG buckle, brown cowboy boots, and a 'Hoss Cartwright' Stetson? It would be awesome to see that at the WJ. After the first two days, when all the participants have traded for the USA uniform, we could go back to something more comfortable. TAKERS?
  21. Excellent OGE. It is interesting that you have now confirmed my suspicions that "doctors" are the good guys and "physicians" are the bad guys. I haven't had time to read the entire thread, but I will have to ask the opinion of all about which group is worse: the insured or the insurers? I have been on active duty for over twenty years and have never had to ask for medical care. It is just one of those things that was there, like a galley. As I have aged, I am beginning to wonder though, how much have I been paying into support the medical program. I have begun asking how much my ap
  22. Is it an unreasonable request? No. Maybe he is trying to imply that a little bit more leadership is required. I don't know what the project is, what your son has done in Scouting, etc. maybe, just maybe the 100 plus years of Scouting might be prodding for more leadership. I recently saw a project completed by an individual that was a huge fundraiser to allow him to hire some heavy equipment operators to establish a diversion for runoff from flooding a city park. Where was the leadership? I don't really think he led the equipment operators, nor the foremen. Being a general contractor is not
  23. I agree with Eagle 92 completely. The hardest job in Scouting is the TCDL. If you find a TCDL doing everything they are supposed to be doing; record keeping, planning, advancement, dealing with kids AND PARENTS every week...it is a very busy job. Even if the TCDL is delegating activities, it is a tremendous responsibility. On top of it all, who is the TCDL? A former CM, ACM, CC, or experienced DL??? No, it is the newest, most least trained person in the entire program. Sometimes a young Mom, multiple younger kids, and she gives her one hour per week... But the question is how do we improve t
  24. What are others doing??? That was your question. You stated that the fast growth has overwhelmed you. I have to ask how you did that? I am trying to units to increase membership by 25-30% yearly and you have had a 500% increase!!! WOW!!! With a unit of 10, what was your adult/youth ratio? Was it 4/10? something better maybe? Your leadership must have grown by at least a factor of 5 to support the growth. so a TC of 20 may be necessary to support the troop. Assume you have 5-6 patrols of 7-8 boys, an SPL, ASPL(or two), TGs, QM, HST, SCR, LIB, etc. Each patrol could have a ASM (plus a Scout
  25. All of the advice is great. The boy is going to understand the policy and will live with it. I hope it does not have any later advancements and the final goal of Eagle. If it doesn't, cya when its done. The much harder sell is going to be Dad. I hope Dad did not go out and buy a real no kidding bugle. Trumpet, cornet, or bugle can be used to perform as a bugler. I know, I used a cornet. Dad has been fed his son's version of the story, and that is going to be the obstacle. I wonder if we look at the POR forum if there is a Dad asking about what is and is not allowed and how his
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