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  1. Thank you for the sound advice. I sent an email to the North Florida Council asking for the Troop{s} name and/or Scout Liaison for NAS Jax or Camp Blanding area. We've tried to go through the Public Affairs office at Jax but they don't return phone calls or emails. Going through the Council/Troop was a good idea. Appreciate it!
  2. Thank you Thank you! It's a great start. We were stationed at Tyndall AFB, Panama City. {Air Force Brat} Lots of cottonmouths, diamond backs and water moccasins there. Thanks for the heads up! Really appreciate the info.
  3. Thank you very much! And yes, I'd like the info for the other sites too. We may need it for the future.
  4. Good Day Everyone: I'm looking for the name and phone number for the Scout Liaison for any military installation {AF/Coast Guard/Navy} in Florida and Georgia. I have the contact info for Robbins AFB, GA. Specifically, I need the contact person for NAS Jacksonville or surrounding area. We've tried going through Public Relations, but they don't return phone calls or emails. The Scout Liaison at Robbins doesn't have this info either. What we're trying to do is stay at a military installation on our way back from camp in North Carolina. This will cut down the expense of a hotel. We are a
  5. We've all had our share of trials and tribulations when dealing with our Scouts. I felt compelled to share what I witnessed last night. Our troop was invited to conduct a flag retirement ceremony for the Wounded Warriors who visit our area in the Upper Florida Keys. These warriors are American Marines, Royal Marines, Army, Air Force and National Guard. They have visible scars, eye patches and some are in wheelchairs. Our Scouts had not performed a flag retirement ceremony with the current Scouts. We have a lot of new Scouts and they are learning to work together. So, I had my share of
  6. Let me throw this question out to you. What if we interview the Scout in question and he says "I was only kidding around...didn't really mean it...I didn't actually have any." IMO - this is still a serious situation and gives me plenty of reasons not to trust him.
  7. Thank you all for your words of advice. It is greatly appreciated.
  8. In regards to the above. I meant to say 'It is unknown if Scout C informed his parents.' Thanks.
  9. A situation recently occurred at an official cub, webelo and scout ceremony gathering. The situation involved 3 of our Scouts. Scout A approached Scout B and C and offered to sell them some pot. Scout A is 15 yrs. old, his family has been involved in Scouts for years and has grown up in the webelo/scout arena. Scout B is having his Eagle ceremony very soon and Scout C will soon follow with his own Eagle Ceremony. Scout B is the Scoutmasters son & SPL and informed his parents of what happened. It is unknown if Scout B informed his parents. I am on the Troop Committee and a couple other Comm
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