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  1. This week my son submitted his Eagle project plans. Some of the things that he got dinged on where no big deal, his plans need to be more detailed. One of the dings that I'm having a hard time understanding is the "Phase Two of the Project"(exact written SM words). I had him call his SM just to clarify it, I thought that he had misunderstood something. What "Phase Two of a Project" is, a boy must write into his plans, work for other boys in the troop, who are not directly involved in the Eagle project, to be done at the place of the Eagle project while the Eagle project is going on.
  2. David, Thanks for the information. He is in the process of tracking down a couple of 1920's Eagles. A First Class Scout will work if he can't find an Eagle. Thanks for the heads up tip. Where does he live? Do you live near him? We live in south central Pennsylvania. If he is close maybe I'll drive my son to conduct an inteview. If he lives too far away, does he have a web cam or can one be made available for my son to conduct an inteview? Thanks, Raymond Hess
  3. I attempted to join several times but had no luck. I finally called the web disigner. It turns out a server was still being used that was taken out of service.
  4. My son is looking for any Eagle Scout from the 1920's that is alive and can still communicate. It doesn't matter where in the world that he lives. At the very least where he lives should have mail or phone service. Does anyone know of anyone? He has tried NESA, so far that is not working out. We realize an Eagle Scout from 1920 would be about 105 years old and probably unlikely to be around. But an Eagle Scout from 1929 would be around 95 years old and a better chance of still being around. I realize privacey concerns. If you know a man like this, email me privately a
  5. Anyone know of an Eagle Scout from the 1920's that is still around and can communicate? He can be living anywhere in the world. Just so it is a place that in the worst case scenario has at least mail service. Phone service would be nice. It doesn't have to be from 1920 exactly, I know from 1920 this would make him 105 or so years old. 1929 is still in the 1920's and would make the man around 95. There are a couple of men in our area that are in this age range, but they are not Eagle Scouts. My son is looking for one for his Eagle project fundraiser. He doesn't have to meet him i
  6. Who monitors / maintains this site? Who and how do you let someone know that something is not working? I love the information available but it is getting to the point of not being worth it to go through the hassles, hoops and massive waste of time chase rabbits to find things.
  7. I didn't see this question on the last 24 hours topics link, even though it was posted about 12 hours ago. Does anyone know of any Eagle Scouts from the 1920's that are still alive and can still communicate about scouting? My son is looking for one or more for his Eagle project fundraiser. If you can forward his contact information that would be wonderful.
  8. How in the world do you pull up recent (less then 24 hours old) forums? I have clicked on "Click here to view active topics from the last 24 hours" and it doesn't bring up topics that I have posted less then 12 hours prior.
  9. I love all the information that is available from this forum. However the forum itself is giving me fits. Silly me thought that by clicking on logout this would take me out. All I get is an error message. How in the world are you supposed to logout of this forum with out getting an error message?
  10. I'm checking the box "Do you wish to be notified via email when there is a reply to this thread?", but am not receiving emails when there is a reply. What is the trick to making this work.
  11. How do you access the Scouter.com forum archives? I came across it one time, but now I'm looking and looking can't find it. I already tried the "Search the SCOUTER Forums, this does not have what I'm looking for.
  12. I had attempted to post a question in reguards to 1920's Eagle Scouts, but it wouldn't go. I changed the title to "Scouting History" and it finally went. I'm pretty sure that I had clicked on new forum. What is going on here?
  13. My son is a Life Scout who has recently started working on an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. Part of the fundraising for the project, he would like to communicate (meet in person if possible) with an Eagle Scout from the 1920's. I realize that this would make the man in his mid to high 90's, but there is a possibility. It doesn't matter where in the world that the 1920's Eagle Scout lives, just so he earned Eagle Scout in the USA and my son can communicate with him.
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