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  1. Those were good questions with great answers. I love the forum.
  2. Brian85

    Badge Magic

    For all, Goo Gone will get rid of that nasty residue from the badge magic. I personally prefer to use velcro on my uniforms. I bought the khaki colored stuff in a 25ft/1.5 in roll. I have outfitted a Webelos uniform, two for me and one for the wife, with plenty of left over. I can change out everything minutes. Now, if we can get that plastic flag removed from the centennial uniform, I can put on a larger US flag, just like the old one.
  3. The answer is NO. Everyone has great analogies, I especially like the whole squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, corps, (this can go on forever)...by the BS. Great comparison, but I would call the SPL a Junior Officer, with his staff, and his PL's as the NCO's. This is the second time I have seen mention of a so called 'troop method.' Is that the one where adults pick and choose what is convienent to follow? I assume that would be the boys being boys crowd, that is uniformed in boardshorts and flip flops. Time to vote with your feet.
  4. In regards to atheism, I always like to reference C.S.Lewis. He was an avowed atheist who rationalized his lack of beliefs, until he was basically prodded by his peers to write it down. His book 'Mere Christianity' is a great read. C.S. Lewis converted back to Christianity at age 32 and became a pillar of the Anglican Church. I have encountered many 'atheist' parents to later find out they are actually followers of skepticism.
  5. Do I make it to the 600th post? Like ev has stated, it would be nice to hear the 'real' story. Just imagine if nothing occurs and 15 years passes, and zap...someone pulls up the old records and finds that an Eagle was never awarded...What a great story it will be, especially if he is successful and happily volunteering with his son's Scout unit. What a way to show Scout Spirit...
  6. "(I try to encourage further apart so the younger guys aren't getting in the way of the older guys)" This doesn't sound right to me! It sounds like it is time to intermingle old and young into two strong patrols, vice the little peer groups you have in place now. You said that you have patrol advisors for each patrol that do...those are called ASM's. You have two patrol leaders, I will assume that one is more 'senior' than the other. Therefore you have a 'senior' Patrol Leader. It is the essence of 'boy-led' that is the hardest aspect to introduce to boys. Your 15+ group needs to get involve
  7. Maybe you could volunteer to put together a proper ceremony?
  8. I hate to ask this, but is there not another Boy Scout unit that could use an infusion of new people, both scouts and scouters? Is there a personality conflict that needs to be addressed between units? Where have your boys been going in the past? Is you CO up for starting another unit? The COR should be in communication with the DE, and I will go out onto a limb and bet that the DE will be all for another unit. Why not speak with your Commissioner and find out if a unit needs help in your area? The satisfaction of providing successful life support to a unit that might fail is much better
  9. Maybe we should put the most important award from Cubs onto the BS uniform...the BOBCAT. It would recognize the effort put into becoming a CUB and put that on the uniform for those that do not earn/receive the AOL. Just a thought...
  10. That smell was the wax burning out. Heat the DO, Drain out the melted material, then...God forgive me...WASH the DO using hot water and soap. Then heat to dry. Cool the DO, then apply oil and heat, then apply oil and heat, apply oil and heat...then cook some greasy meats and test the taste, It can be recovered. The final color needs to be very black and smooth. Continued use will correct.
  11. Catholics and Freemasonry...I am not a Lawyer of Divinity, but I am Catholic and I know that there have been no less than 24 'bullas' issued by numerous Popes on the relationship between the Freemasons and the Catholic Church's male members. The first Pope to address the issue was Clement XII in 1738. His Papal Bull decimated most Masonic Lodges. Masonry had not crossed the pond at that time, so his address nearly destroyed the lodges in Europe and the European Colonies. As far a the Salza guy goes, he is speaking squirrel. The Catholics recognized the fellowship and camraderie and Father Mcgi
  12. The most ironic issue here is that the ONLY award from Cub Scouting allowed on the Boy Scout uniform is the one that is usually never worn on the Cub Scout/Webelos uniform. How many of you have thought of that?
  13. Use Velcro. My entire uniform has khaki colored velcro, and it is great. I can wear it at Pack Meetings, Troop Meetings, District Meetings, and make Commissioner Visits. I keep all of my position patchs in the pocket, and can switch at will. I can also swap out the CSP with ease. Does it look as sharp as a well sewed patch? NO, but it is a great conversation starter and it always is ready to display the current temp patch.
  14. You did melt the protective coating off, I assume? My first real DO and the wax was sealed until a good burning over a campfire. I have two of my Grandmothers cast iron tools. One is a 10 inch fry pan from 1922 and the other is a Dutch Oven, rounded cover, from 1927. I know the dates, because they were cast on the bottom. The most important part of the seasoning is to continue using it until you get that good hard black imbedded color. Your pretty DO sounds like it has an enamel coating, so the seasoning is not so much an issue, but the other one is a gem. When you cook for the first ti
  15. My district has a shortage of UC's. The possibility of having a UC for various programs sounds great, but shear numbers precludes that. I currently am responsible for a Pack, a Troop, and a Ship. I had two troops, but when I went looking for the troop in August, I could not find any evidence of a unit, other than a cool trailer. The unit just disappeared, honest. Every point of contact, poof, not one registered boy or leader to be found. I did find evidence of former members in nearby units, but they had not left due to program, but proximity. I reported to the DC, DE, and the CC that I could
  16. Paintball is NOT allowed. The quotation from the G2SS defines what is allowed: Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations. Units with Council approval may participate in formally organized historical reenactment events, where firearms are used and intentionally aimed over the heads of the reenactment participants. The use of paintball guns, laser guns or similar devices may be utilized in
  17. I built an artificial fire pit. It is an all-weather indoor/outdoor never fail to entertain device. The only 'stoking' that occurs is the volume adjustment on the fire sounds cd. It uses a small computer fan, 6 LEDs, some colored plastic, that silky craft cloth(in four shades: red, yellow, orange, and a blue), and a self-contained homemade digital sound system. I tried to operate on batteries, but I could never get it to last more than about 10 minutes with sound, so I wired it all for 110 and ran a cord. In the dark, from a distance, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. Not incl
  18. Great ticket item. Are these all places that have hosted units and activities in the past, or is a it just a SWAG at places that could host? I have to ask what 'higher' adventure is? I like the cavalcade in MI, that sounds very interesting. I used to be an OWL...
  19. A uniform is a uniform. FULL, HALF, and COMPLETE are irrelevant when disussing this topic. I have worn a uniform for more than half of my life. Longer if I include wearing a School Uniform and Scout Uniform. The issue here is really about the conduct of a BoR and how the leadership runs that part of the program. I like the question posed about Scout Spirit and wearing the uniform. You put your best foot forward and make the best impression. Instead of a uniform at the BoR, how about a copy of the last uniform inspection that was conducted be reviewed? For all of the Uniform Police out th
  20. When I started CUBS in '77, I had a blue longsleeve collarless shirt. My first Boy Scout Shirt, was a 60's or 70's era long sleeve with a collar. The only difference between the ODR uniform and mine was the epaulets. I loved that shirt, and wore it out. It quickly became a short sleeve, due to elbow burn through. I finally got the 80's version about 1983. Tucked in, CoH rules, neckerchiefs, no neckerchiefs, and the bolo ties. I remember it all. I have just switched to the supplex 100 shirt and contrary to earlier posts, I think the collars are too small and don't wear right over the neckerchie
  21. I agree with all, except the judicial proceedings. The court system does not need to be be overburdened by THAT. The simple solution is get the product back. DONE. Then sell at another venue or cough up the missing money. Good luck with the Pack.
  22. Eventually it will hang on the wall in my MAN CAVE. I have an old mid-60's Henry .22LR that has been beaten, and it still is the most accurate rifle I own. Any idea what the value of the 75th anniversary rifle is?
  23. I am very possessive of MY TIME and I like to know that I am making a difference in MY community. I am currently serving in a pack and as a UNIT COMMISSIONER. MY units all know who I am. Scoutfish...Don't let anyone argue semantics, just the issue. You ask the best questions and have a fresh 'why?' look on many things.
  24. -fish, How many ways can it be written to ask away? Your posts and questions are all relevant. I have been invloved in Scouting since I was a CUB, starting in 1977. Nine(ten including overseas) councils later, and I am still involved. I love reading all of the differences in program from across the country. I have only recently begun actually responding to posts, but I will continue. I urge you to do the same. I take a lot of things for granted and usually assume that ALL leaders were exposed to scouting as a youth. I had one parent just recently tell me how great Cub Scouting was and he wis
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