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  1. Can I put Council and Troop numerals on my backpack?
  2. "If you, and your CO, are that concerned with doing background checks on all adults who have any kind of contact with the Scouts, then your only option is to require that all parents register as Committee Members. Committee members do not have to have a specific job function. If the Troop does require this, you might consider including the cost of those registrations in the Troop budget, and have the Troop pay for them. " Ah, I did not know that one can be a member of the Troop Committee without having a position. That may be a solution. The only problem then is the TC meetings wi
  3. "I think you need to be clear on what you are trying to accomplish by registering volunteers. When is it 'necessary'? It is rarely necessary to register volunteers. It is often a good idea. According to BSA policies, you would need to be registered as a committee member if you are going to sit on a board of review. You need to be registered to wear the uniform. You need at least one adult to be registered in order to take the Scouts camping. You could require training and vetting without requiring joining. Our troop does require any adult going camping to take Youth Protection and Fa
  4. Thank you for all of the good advice. We are an inclusive troop and encourage the ScoutParents to actively support the troop. Today we already have all Troop Committee positions and ASM positions filled. We look to our new ScoutParents as the pool of future TC members and/or ASMs. We encourage the ScoutParents to help do a lot of the "leg work" in researching new activity venues for our growing troop. Many of these ScoutParents actually come on the trips and maintain a respectable "hands off" role during the activity. However, it is a concern of our Troop Committee that the Sco
  5. Hi All, Our Troop is rapidly expanding, in the last three years we've gone from a little more than 10 to over 50 scouts. Our Troop Committee and Scoutmaster are overwhelmed and we are now more seriously recruiting help from the parents. But here is the problem. Some of the help we need, for instance extra drivers, will put some adults in greater contact with the scouts. Many of our drivers and other parent helpers actually stay with the rest of the troop during overnight outings. Even if they maintain a good observation role in these activities we still can't ignore their presence an
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