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  1. Thanks to all for your insights! Found this in Aids to Scoutmastership, B.P, didn't "Care a fig". Could explain why the "Corporation" doesn't require. Dust off your "Saucy cock"'s Thanks again!! THE SCOUT UNIFORM I have often said, "I don't care a fig whether a Scout wears a uniform or not so long as his heart is in his work and he carries out the Scout Law." But the fact is that there is hardly a Scout who does not wear uniform if he can afford to buy it. The spirit prompts him to it. The same rule applies naturally to those who carry on the Scout Moveme
  2. Done some poking around the interweb, can't find an answer to this one, I'm sure it has been here before. Does BSA require a uniform to be worn at any time or occasion? I haven't found anything that says so. Thanks
  3. Scoutfish had it right, it is a helmet, however I don't believe the BSA would endorse the nazi variety, although this may have slipped through their QA/QC process. The "Fish Helemt" is also a safety item covered in the GSS.
  4. A not very Scoutlike prank gone bad. Happy April one
  5. Last Summer at camp they did the lost and found at lunch, a room full of 600 hungry souls. All Scouts who had items on the L&F table had to come up then all sang "Reunited". Cleared this with the MC of the show first, then went to town and purchaced an oversized pair of pink panties, while in uniform of course, took them back to camp, had my 11 y.o.'s write our SPL's name on them and filled the the guys in on the plan. Dropped unmentionables of at the table in a bag and let the MC know. He was great, prefect timing, Needless to say you had 600 Scouts who had a BIG laugh. On the walk to
  6. I really want to thank all of you for your input. As a new ASM (1 yr.) this is still a learning process for me, your options and solutions have been insightful. Here's my two cents worth based comments here. I don't not consider this hazing and based on the Scout not taking a drink, do not believe expulsion would be the way to go. However, if the Scout had taken a drink I may be in favor of it then, I know, doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's because of potential legal issues involved, if the Scout had taken a drink, I believe the parents could have pressed some type of charge against t
  7. It was actually urine. I tasted it myself just to be sure. Ahh..jus kiddin'
  8. On a recent outing, Senior Scouts (14 y.o.) gave a bottle of urine to a younger Scout (11 y.o.) and the younger Scout was told to get someone to drink it. The younger Scout knew what was in the bottle. The chosen victim did not drink the contents and came to me to report. I found that there were three Scouts involved and brought them to the SM. The younger Scout stepped up and said it was his fault, although it was a conspiracy. He was admonished by the SM and told his BOR would be delayed because of his actions. The older Scouts to my knowlege, suffered no consequence, because the young
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