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  1. I remember learning this skill as a young second class. We had some lectures from a very qualified ASM. We started with watching him field dress a deer. He explained how that process was similiar to a steer, and where the hamburger was made. We learned how to use every part of the deer with nothing wasted. It was amazing, probably one of the most memorable experiences I have. We were then shown a 'survival kit' and directed to make our own. The best part was the overnight experience. We 'planned' an outing, including food, water, and shelter. The adult leaders, without our knowledge, had a
  2. Lisabob let me start out by saying how much I enjoy your posts. Everyone has given some great advice, and you have probably moved on to better topics, but I would like to add my two cents. Everyone seems to have quoted this and that, and stated what should be happening and what the CC and SM could do, I even read the thank you post. I will tell you that the only correction to enough is enough is when every boy decides that they are tired of it. The best solution will be when the boys in the troop all confront the 2 troublemakers and just "lay down the law." Peer Pressure will prevail, if
  3. Just follow the rules. Personnally, I couldn't wait until I could wear the knot. As far as the original posting is concerned, if that person would like to see a change to the IG and have that modified, I would bet that BSA Supply and the Manual Folks would love to have someone volunteer to update the IG. In fact, it would be awesome if someone put together a historical IG that includes all of uniforms past. It could include socks, garters, shorts, trousers, men's and womens, et cetera. How about a how to guide that shows how to incorporate older uniforms into current wear. I think it woul
  4. Has anyone bought one of the Henry Rifles? I have a 75th anniversary rifle, and would like to get the Henry 100th. Any advice?
  5. In the past, I have followed all guidance provided in the Bear Handbook. I then sprinkled in a large amount of safety and then a little more safety, and topped off the entire topic with SAFETY. I also had a large wooden pocket knife that I used to demonstrate. It was about 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. It had the typical blades and tools on a traditional 'scout' knife, not a SWISS army knife. The kids loved that thing. I wish I could find another one. I have not incorporated the EDGE model into the training process, but it would only take a minute to merge the teachings into the EDGE.
  6. Every topic is great! SOME are better than others, but MOST are all very good. MANY even have great links to good information. FEW are not worth reading, but even the FEW have at least one good post. I have begun by list of acronyms that are posted and so when my wife reads a post that I feel answers her questions, it doesn't generate a host of new questions for the abbreviations. As far as reviving topics, I say no. Unless there is a major policy shift and something that is in the archives is not good information. I always try to read throught the emotion and look for the posters that
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