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  1. After achieving Eagle, Palms require that a Scout show leadership. It no longer requires a leadership position in the Troop. Leadership at school certainly counts for this and can be considered a way of having an award for academic achievement.
  2. Gee, that is hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. You know... real polls have been done showing that average Americans when askeed about the Bill of Rights, disagree with about 60% of it!!! Think about it. And God help you if you ever become disabled, can't afford your health insurance, need to go on Medicare, have a parent with Alzheimer's and then needs long term living assistance, etc. etc. etc. I have a better idea. Let's just give Corporate America all the power and get rid of all of these cumbersome rules that inhibit productivity. (Review your American history
  3. Hey!!! I didn't label anyone or criticise them. I didn't disagree with anyone or contradict them. I have enjoyed the discussion about labels. When the label becomes derogatory in nature and is used for political purposes, then one is insulted by it and tends to want to avoid it. That is just human nature. You can still call me liberal and I can defend it.
  4. I REALLY like the idea of setting up a formal debate for the Troop. What a great idea. It would teach them how to organize their thoughts about this issue and help to discuss it in a civil and controlled fashion. Isn't there a Merit Badge that would cover this? (This message has been edited by boleta)
  5. Read Applebome's book "Scout's Honor" for a great outsider's look into BSA and the historical perspective on this and other problems we have. Split the Scoutreach numbers out of the standard program as there is great opportunity for deceptive numbers in this program.
  6. Please refer to Trevorum's post with regard to this discussion. Believe it or not- many of the perfectly acceptable faiths that do duty to God and obey the Scout Law to be Reverent, do not believe Jesus Christ is the personal Savior!!! It might be nice if one puts the shoe on the other foot. Imagine having to say "Allah" instead of "God" in our Oath. By the way, Allah means God in Arabic. When the invocation ends with the words "in your name we pray" and refers to J.C., I know this will surprise many of you.... it may not be what the entire audience is feeling. It may even
  7. The Boy Scouts of America (unlike many other country's Scout programs) requires Duty to God and Reverence which are part of its basic principles. This is not arguable. It will not change anytime soon. Duty to God and Reverence are defined so loosely that almost ANY personal belief other than atheism is acceptable. Many youths are raised in a religion and participate actively in it. Many teenagers question their beliefs and may consider atheism. If you choose atheism, then you CANNOT raise your hand and aver an Oath which promises duty to God without being a liar and/or hypocrite.
  8. Don't argue with a fanatic of any stripe.
  9. I suggest you recruit a good Vice-Chair for your District. Get them to take over some of your duties and train them for your position. That will help take some of the load off of your shoulders and help your District to prepare for the time that you will be moving up to Council President!
  10. It is extremely important to try and make this into a positive learning experience for this Scout. As OGE say, it wasn't for naught if the lad now understands the requirements and executes the project properly. That means getting the signatures of the Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman of the Unit, the entity that will benefit AND the District Advancement Chairman. A true EAGLE will persevere and complete the task.
  11. I am in complete agreement with Eamonn. It is explicitly stated that the Leadership Project Work Book MUST be followed for the Eagle Project. The point of the project is no longer (as when I was a boy) to accomplish something for the community. The point is leadership. Following the Work Book- as REQUIRED, is part of understanding this. The Scout would have to start over in my District and do it right.
  12. First, the parents can be counselors. It is odd when mommy has done Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, etc. and daddy has done Personal Fitness... you get the idea. Having only 2 Merit Badges with each counselor makes the Scout interact with a variety of different adults which is part of the idea here. I was the counselor for my son on Snow Sports and Pioneering. My wife did Gardening and Scholarship with him. That was all he could do with us because of the 2 MB rule. (out of 41 MBs that he earned). Our Council uses Blue Cards and the boys bring them to their BORs. We ca
  13. In our Council, the boys can only use a MBC for 2 Merit Badges. They have to shop around for variety. A MBC, however, can sign up for as many badges as he is qualified to counsel. Eagle Boards do not like it when the candidate has all of his badges from one or two counselors.
  14. In my troop, the patch was removed and a notch cut into it. I am sorry to say, in 1965, my patch got notched for chopping a piece of wood with my foot on the log to brace it. I never did that again!
  15. About 2 months ago, I went into my own little snit when some negative posts were written about my comments. I stopped posting and told several others I would do so. I continued to read the Forum and was humored by the personal umbrage taken by people who were attacked by several authors. Just as I did. Since then, I have posted about 5 times, only when I feel I have something very specific to contribute. I completely disregard the personal commentary and do not respond to those who typically do this. I continue to consider them idiots, but choose not to comment or say so. Sometimes we j
  16. The title of this thread is Lessons Learned. Hopefully the loyal opposition (now the Dems) will learn something from the past two campaigns. I have just finished reading "What's the matter with Kansas." Although difficult, it explained a lot. Hunt makes the point on 11/17 that the social issues (which won the election for Bush) will largely be ignored. What else will they run on if these issues are resolved in their favor? Even with 55 Republican Senators, 240 House and the White House, there will be little social change. The social and moral conflicts between red and blue ideolog
  17. I have heard nothing but good things about the family programs available at Philmont.
  18. nldscout This has been reviewed in the Forum before. Try reviewing this thread. There are many others. LDS has changed its policy. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=65509#id_65798s
  19. I do not understand the resistance of the Scouters on this Forum to the separation of church and state advocated by Merlyn and ACLUers. Keeping the government out of our Private organization can only be a good thing. We in BSA have no trouble finding Charter Organizations. We do not need a governmental agency- school or military to be our Charters This does not prevent us from using their facilities which we do all of the time.
  20. It is not unusual for the DAC to approve all Eagle projects. If the DAC is then on the Eagle BOR, he can tell if the project was done the way it was supposed to be. At the end of the project, the only signatures required are those of the representative of the organization that benefitted and the SM or Advisor, Coach. What was proposed to the DAC, may not be what was done. There is NO excuse for a delay of months to have the review by the DAC. A phone call to the District Committee Chairman may be all that it takes. You should go to the next District Committee meeting and discuss this
  21. A SM friend of mine clearly told an older boy what was expected- obey the Scout Oath and Law or find another troop. The Scout was told that he would not pass muster in this Troop and that he should find another. The SM had no problem that with 5 months to go before 18 the Scout would not be able to complete the 6 month POR requirement. The message given to the rest of the Troop is also an important part of this lesson. Bullying and hazing will not be tolerated in any form.
  22. gsmom, You do not fault Kerry for losing the campaign and in the next sentence criticize Bush for being unscrupulous. Please! This is for the leadership of the United States. It is not softball or for the faint of heart. Kerry allowed the attacks to go without response and did not define his opponent the way the opponent defined him. Kerry basically ran the same campaign that Gore ran and knew in advance that the ringleader would be Carl Rove. There is just no excuse for a failure to define Bush with all of the ammo that Kerry had.
  23. I strongly supported Kerry because I strongly felt that Bush is taking the country down the wrong path. 60% of the American public say we are going in the wrong direction. If Kerry had won Ohio, he would have faced a Republican Senate and House. He would have had 272 Electoral Votes to Bush's 266 and 3 million fewer votes than Bush. Our country would be far worse off with the unclear support Kerry would have had in spite of winning the election according to our laws and Constitution. Kerry ran a nearly incompetent campaign. When attacked in modern politics you must respond and
  24. Proud Eagle, Don't sell yourself short. You are doing an unbelievably good job at filling in for the SM so far. You are emphasizing all of the right things- boy led troop, active parent involvement, adult training, and an attempt to find the right replacement for the SM. You are also learning that the job is easier when more people are involved. Many hands make the work light. Be clear that you will not be able to continue in this role past the next summer, but that you are here, now, to help transition the troop to its next stage. It is too bad that you won't be able to con
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