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  1. Personally, I don't believe you should be rushing the program. The BSA program is to be enjoyed not rushed. You don't get a huge medal for finishing early. You should try to participate in everything you can. In my opinion regardless of how old you are or what grade, NO EXCEPTIONS or "special circumstances" should be made. As an Eagle Scout, I know the award should not be rushed into. Trust me the award wouldn't be as honorable if they made special circumstances for people who wanted to procastinate and turn in their paperwork 6 months late. You can get some much value from just the program
  2. I agree with sailingpj. Google sites are really easy to use and change information. We use it for our troop. Troop 555 of Pierre Part, LA http://sites.google.com/site/bsatroop0555/Home
  3. I have an Eagle Scout in my troop who will be having his Eagle Scout Court of Honor in the next few months. We have recieved many Eagle Scout Congrat. Letters for him. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any special organizations or people who give really nice letters or certificates besides the typicall ones like at usscouts.org or something like that. We have all ready contacted all the typical people and organizations. Thanks!
  4. I always wondered one thing about the Boy Scouts. One of the pillars it was founded on was leadership. The patrol method and leadership were created for this reason. SPL, ASLP, Scribes, and all the positions were created. If you look at the tasks of each youth leadership position you can see that Boy Scouts is youth led with adult supervision. Using that statement, why does the youth leadership stop at the troop level? When you look at similar youth organizations: 4-H, FFA, Beta Club, etc all have local, district, state, regional, then national level officers or youth leadership. E
  5. Is there a difference between the Eagle Scout medal in the Eagle Scout Kit ($87.99) or the Eagle Scout Kit - Antique Finish ($24.99). A scout in my troop is about to purchase his Eagle Scout award kit and wants to know if there is a difference in the MEDAL. I know the pins for the mentor, mom and dad are different in the eighty dollar kit becuase they are made of sterling silver or something. But is the metal on the Eagle Scout Medal any different???
  6. I agree with SR540BEAVER, Now that many of you have given me a new outlook on the academic situation, I now see that the BSA shouldn't really reward scout's for their academic achievement, because there are things like NHS and other honor societies. But, all of you are mostly incorrect about the YA awards because the award is designed for students ages 19-25. Boy Scouting doesn't go till 25; only Vent. goes to 21. Thanks for all of yall posts!
  7. What is intitled in the BSA Lifeguard Examination?
  8. Why aren't there any awards for scouts who excell in school. Shouldn't the Boy Scouts offer a medal or something for a 4.0 GPA. The Boy Scouts of America should be supporting scouts who do well in school, becuase it is helping them become better young men. There could be a different medal for different levels of achievement 3.0, 3.5, and the best medal for a 4.0 GPA. The national council could also create a list of academic achievement like some state's high school sports associations do. Like Louisiana has an Academic All State for those athletes who have a 4.0; an Academic All Region honor f
  9. Does anyone have any ideas of easy William T. Hornaday projects? Also, one of the scouts in my troop would like to do a project in the category of resource recovery (recycling). He wants to post several articles in local newspapers talking about local recyling programs, locations, ect. He also hopes to set up several recyling drop-off locations. His main focus for this project would be to raise public awareness of what the public can be recycling. Would this count as a project or no?
  10. What are some different awards that a scout can earn besides just the traditional religious, Hornaday, ect. I've heard of a few: Congressional Award, James M. Steward Good Citiznship Award, ect what are some others?????
  11. I went on the Nation's Trails Heritage website earlier today, and it said that it was under new management and the transition would be complete by Jan 6 2009. I plan on calling NT next week because we ordered several awards from them in March of 2008. I plan on asking them since it took SO long to get the awards to me for no cost. I'll see if it works.......
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