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  1. I don't know any specific rules on this but I know that in our council the OA lodge chief is on the Board.This year that is a 16yr. old.As far as I know he is the only youth on the board.
  2. I know this thread is pretty much played out.But it was pointed out to me in a private message that I made a misstatement."You are not responsible for teaching the merit badge.Your job is to review the boys plans for fullfilling a requirement and checking that the requirement was completed." OK your job is to council and guide and this is teaching.Some require more than others.What I was trying to say was that you don't need to draw out a detailed class plan for the badge.You explain to them what is needed and you guide them towards the answer.Personally I beleive that helping them kn
  3. Wauna La-Montay Lodge#442 Entire OA experiance has been as an adult. Chapter Advisor, Vigil
  4. The Council or District key 3 are only involved in the situation of an adult picked as a district choice or council choice if person does not function on a District level.
  5. I think I may have given the wrong impression on selecting my district nominees.I don't make these choices lightly and I've never done more than 1 in a year and I don't choose one every year.(our chapter had 130 regular candidates this year) I do follow the rules that FB stated.I have waived the camping on 2 in 6 years In our lodge the Chapter advisor has the option to make this decision.Our chapter is as large as many Lodges and our lodge is pretty big we have 26 chapters grouped into 3 service areas,so some of the administrative powers are given to the chapter for it's members.
  6. Actually if you go to a fabric store there is a no fray product.comes in spray form ,tubes and brush in bottle. It's for edges. We some times use it to save sewing time on regalia.Does a pretty good job stopping fraying on cut edges. Also you can get snaps.They go on like leather rivets. Can find these in craft shops where leather work supplies are found or in some Fabric stores. I've washed my sash in regular warm wash with no problems.
  7. I just encountered the 18 thru 20 registration situation. You can't do a duel registration in this situation. You need to register as a youth in the venture crew and you need to submit an adult leader registration form for the troop. So you need to pay 2 registration fees.Had a disscusion with people at council about this situation.The people I talked to didn't like the situation since it penalises the tweeners who are adults in one program and youth in another. a 21 yr.old can be duel registered on the same dime as with the 17yr. old.
  8. I'm registered for 10 merit badges and had only a few instances where I had more than 3 or 4 boys signed up with me at same time. FOG has a good point too.You are not responsible for teaching the merit badge.Your job is to review the boys plans for fullfilling a requirement and checking that the requirement was completed. You just make sure the applicant understands what is required and advise him on where he might look for resources. Eamonn pointed out the importance of the boy making the contact with the merit badge councelor.I agree strongly with this.Sometimes I think that th
  9. Oops! I wasn't remmembering Craig's original post very well. I don't remmember the Kid/Parent one.But I still may be able to find it for you if you want.
  10. If Craig is speaking of the ceremony that I remmember'It's not a problem.The paint one, I remmember is for dens moving to next level.One yellow stripe for tiger to wolf ,a yellow and a blue to bear etc.with something said about each level. Craig I realise from the date on initial entry it's late for this year but if you still want it I can see if I can find it for you.I couldn't find it in my files but I think I can get it from someone I worked Pow Wows with. As far as the Native american situation is concerned,the cubscout thing is not a problem. Eamonn is right that there
  11. I agree with you BP.Did you take a peak at the web site I put in the entry I made a couple of boxes up?It's a flyer for a youth designed and planned Venture event.It's a great example of what a youth run organization can do. I'm not involved as a Venture advisor,but the originator of this event is my son and I've watched closely as he brought together a team of youth and 'adult advisors' and made his dream become a reality.
  12. FScouter Sorry if I was kind of pissy.But the copying of things out of context to focus a response is a pet peeve of mine. I really was not trying to answer the full scope of Proud Eagle's complaints.Was just addressing the 2 different adult age things. The complaint I was making about the event commitees spending time on the issue was a minor point and the people I was talking about were honestly trying to do the right thing.They weren't so much argueing as trying to figure out the logistics. I agree with you though PE's camp mangement seemed to be a little out of line with the
  13. Eamonn I think sometimes this is the problem with the broad audiance that the forum reaches.The relationship between the chapter/Lodge and the District/Council manifests itself differently from area to area.Even in our Lodge it's different from chapter to chapter.We have 25 chapters in our lodge and there are probably that many different situations. My philosophy with our chapter is to encourage an openess and look for different ways we can be an asset in the district. It's true that what the commisioner is doing is under that hat.But he knows he can come to the chapter with prob
  14. FScouter That was very helpfull of you to find a sentance you could take out of context to point out what an idiot I am. I'm glad things are so clear in your world.the people that are deabating this issue are trying to deal with 2 different groups with diferent breakdowns of age for YP.There are written policies for each of these programs. The 18 seperation definitely needs to take precedence when both programs are involved.There are just some who feel they need to take the extra step to cover both sets of rules.They are only trying to do what's right and Before you chimed in it
  15. Yea that's pretty much how I feel about it.It would be nice if there was clearly stated policy so that planning commitees wouldn't be wasting time arguing about what to do every time the situation comes up. But yea,respect for the spirit of YP should be the guide.
  16. kenk, Keep looking for a troop that may be a good fit.Talk to the leadership about your son's special situation and go for unit that has most understanding people. I'd suggest that when you enter troop register as a commitee member and just be an active parent helping on camping trips so that your energy isn't taken too much away from your son. Middle school age boys can be pretty mean.If they are given the right role models and training they do tend to grow out of it. Jason is right about helping son to develope scout skills to show his strengths. Another thing that may be he
  17. Our Chapter does a call out for new candidates. We tap out our vigil selections at the Lodge awards banquet. Chief of the fire does whisper in your ear"hard or soft?" before whacking you.
  18. BW That is one of the prime ways of looking at it.Do you know if the situation is addressed specifically in a written rule? Working with Lodge leadership in planning things, I get the impression that there is no such clearly written rule.Actually it seems that some times they go by the Boy scout split only.I think it's influenced by the chair of each events interpretation of situation.
  19. The OA unit Rep is supposed to give a 2 way communication between troops and Chapter.Thus letting us know what the strengths and weaknesses of units are.Idealy this would help us direct resources towards units in need.Say there are 2 troops who would like to do a 50mile backtrip but neither has the people resources to pull it off.If they would combine resources they could do this. With the input from Unit Reps. the chapter can be a match maker to fill gaps in unit programs. They can give us ideas of how we can plan our program to best serve the units in our district.
  20. BW, I beleive the break down,was connected to the different age of an adult in the 2 programs.This issue comes into play in the OA as well. in the boy scouts 18 is adult but is youth until 21 in Venture and the OA. So you need to segregrate the 18 and above from below 18.But in a Venture situation that 18,19 and 20 year old is a youth and thus needs to be seperate from the 21 and above.It throws in another seperation factor.There is some debate as to how to deal with this.We just do the extra split at Lodge events to be on the safe side.
  21. Have no clear answer on the YP rules.We do the triple age split at OA events though I don't know if it's a rule.My impression is that it's just a Lodge policy to deal with a situation that no one is real clear on. As to the wages for camp staff.My boys have explained to me that they are considered compensated Volunteers and thus not subject to minimum wage restrictions. This works in Oregon but it may be different in other States.I've been told that staff in California receive minimum wage. It does seem though that your camp management is not playing straight.In 7 years my sons
  22. One of the traditions we have been able to keep going for the past 6 years or so,is a chapter run merit badge clinic for the district units.It's our first chapter program event of the fall.We pick a non aquatic summer camp merit badge, when we plan basic calandar for coming program year.I reserve our local cubscout day camp for a day.We promote at beggining of summer letting scoutmasters know what prerequisites will be needed. Last year it was pioneering merit badge,this year we are doing Emergancy Preparedness. It's pretty neat by splitting merit badge into about 6 stations and spli
  23. sorry Aardvark Didn't notice the Quotes.It's a philosophical hot spot with me more than problem with the terms. YiB
  24. Eamonn Thanks,I'd be overwhelmed with joy if each of our units gave us a person to help on election teams (we have 71 units counting the LDS varsity teams).Just having someone in each unit to put the elections on the unit's calendar would be great. The phone calling which tends to fall to a very small group is daunting,with all the messages not returned and need for multiple calls. Still this is but a small part of the position.There should be a year round communication between units and Chapter/Lodge.I don't think the position was ever well defined.The hope was that we could get comm
  25. I came into forum a week or so ago and my first experiance was very frustrating, and I didn't handle it very well.I had a controversial viewpoint on OA and Venture. I wasn't perfect in my terminology.These imperfections became the focus of the responses.My frustrated responses and attempts to qualify statements only got me deeper into directions I never intended.I was attacked for my contempt for rules and proper terminology.I don't have that comtempt but the focus on my imperfect terminologies seemed to be taking things away from the meat of the issue. Towards the end ,Eamonn did come
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