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    Jeanne, Your son should have received a letter from the OA lodge giving details about his ordeal.Each Lodge(council)has it's own way of setting theses ordeals up.My council has quite a few camps and we have 6 ordeal dates and locations.The service part of the ordeal involves getting the camps prepared for the Summer camp season. I noticed one of the replies you got spoke of exspense.The ordeal charge in our Lodge is $35 this covers the OA sash(which costs us $14),the OA handbook and the lodge pocket patch also 3 meals saturday and Sunday breakfast. If you have not received this in
  2. I don't see a great need for an adult to be active in the chapter or lodge to be a good Arrowman.If he is active in his troop,scout camp, district etc.then he is fullfilling his obligation to the order.It's good for the boys to see these active adults wearing their flap All I ask is that they be aware of what the chapter/lodge is doing and paticipate where they can. I'm the chapter advisor for a chapter that is larger than many lodges(around 300 registered members).Part of the advisors job is to be aware of the adult resources in his chapter/lodge.I've found that I can always find
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