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  1. Here is response I got on search for stalking signs from old handbooks.Still looking for history answer for original question. Probably "Gesture Signals," which came from Dan Beard. The collection in his book "American Boys' Book of signs, Signals, & Symbols," is larger than the ones that appeared in the old BSA Handbooks. Give me a couple days, and I will add these. You might also be interested in his collection of trail signs, see: http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/skills/beard/signs_direction.htm (This message has been edited by wojauwe)
  2. We have monthly chapter meetings in conjunction with Roundtable.We do the opening flag ceremony for the adult roundtable then go to our meeting room.July and August we do not useually have an organised meeting.(most of our active youth are on camp staff). We have an email list with about 60% of our members on it,that we use to pass on chapter and lodge news. We have seperate ceremonies meetings twice a month starting in Sept.up to the Spring ordeal season. Lodge leaders are elected in April and chapters must elect their leadership within the next month.(was added to Lodge rules 2 ye
  3. Oh here's the introduction to that class. CREATIVE PROGRAMMING AND CHAPTER IMPROVEMENT INTRODUCTION The goal of this class is to give you a few ideas on the kinds of programs you can plan as a chapter. We will give some of the points that you would want to consider in the planning process. Each chapter has it's own strengths and challenges. Your program will have to take these in to consideration when choosing what best suits your needs. Chapter program and Chapter Improvement are one and the
  4. 9muckraker7.I've pasted the outline to a class that my son and I taught at last years Conclave and will be revisiting this year.Sorry the formatting didn't paste real well,but I hope this can help you get started.Try small things first. CREATIVE PROGRAMMING AND CHAPTER IMPROVEMENT OUTLINE WHY HAVE CHAPTER PROGRAM? 1: Give members a sense of involvement 2: Develop leadership skills 3: Create bond with units 4: Service to District and units 5: Fun WHAT?
  5. Continuing search.So far the stalking hand signal sites I've found come up with special forces and sniper info.not sure I wnat to put that out here. I did email the creator of the scout signals page asking the original question this thread started with.If he's responsive,I'll ask about the scouting stalking signals.I have a few people I know that I'll see at Conclave next week who are real scout history buffs,I'll try to remmember to ask if they know anything about the subjects.
  6. Just looked at the coke commercial 'Be-prepared' brought up. The site I found that I presented earlier has these signs. http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/skills/drill.htm . Just looked at the page again and I'm pretty sure that these are the Scout silent signals that were being sought.
  7. first:Twocubdad,It is not against the rules for a troop to run it's own election.The form does have to be signed by the chapter advisor,this way he can confirm the eligability of those elected.It is preferred that the elections be run by people from outside of unit,but sometimes it doesn't work out. 1: Our Lodge is fairly large around 2000 members with 20 chapters which gives us a good pool of resources to draw from. We have 6 ordeals one at each of our boyscout summer camps and at 2 Cub camps.we bring 100 to 200 members and candidates to each of these and get a great deal of
  8. Fscouter,That wireing statement is actually a layman's way of stating a clinical symptom of ADD whether they be 12 or 40. You are right that there is a learning process with all of us but it's much more difficult with these people to grasp the lessons. (we seem to have strayed a bit from eagleSM's topic)
  9. I found a site with information on scout hand signals.didn't look too deeply into it but it looked like a promising jump off for a fruitfull search. http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/skills/drill.htm The page is about formation drills with hand signals.It looked like it had some links to find similar stuff. Beaver, hang in there.the only thing that I've found that works with ADD is to have a very busy program.If you have an hour meeting plan for 3hrs. in case something doesn't work. It's easier with Cubs where the adult leaders control the program. Lectures rarely work.The
  10. beaver,I was just gloating about my current luck.I've experianced the chaos.I was the WEBELOS leader for a den that had 6 of 9 boys who were ADD.Learned quick that down time was my worst enemy. Found the training tapes pretty humorous when they showed a group of WEBELOS doing some low key chatting ,which the tape reffered to as rowdiness.The leader put up the sign and the magic occured.Got a good laugh out of it at the time.As OGE said though it can be a challenge, but there's a good chance they will learn.
  11. You might want to check this book out,costs 4.95 "Indian Sign Language by William Tomkins" This book has a forward by Baden-Powell.He spoke of sign lanquage being a way towards world peace.It's a great little book has a translation of the scout oath into terms that translate into corresponding indian signs.It also has a good dictionary.Note this still doesn't answer the question of origin,sorry couldn't find anything. SR540Beaver,I'm sorry to hear that you don't have the benefit of this tool.I'm blessed to be working with older very dedicated scouts who are deeply ingrained with
  12. This has nothing to do with the history,but I think it's worth sharing. My oldest staffs at a WEBELOS resident camp on the oregon coast. After the Cubs leave on Friday night the Staff invades a pizza place in the nearest town.This is a group of about 20 very enthusiastic pumped up teenagers. I think someone tipped off the waitress.She puts up the scout sign when she wants their attention and instantly about 20 signs go up and there is absolute silence.
  13. I have 2 sashes one that I use when working and one for official things.My son gave me a hard time about wearing my dirty sash when we were running unit OA elections. Blade, my son and I's Vigil was reverse of yours.My son was my Vigil guide. Congratulations OJ and Eamonn.
  14. (oops unruley mouse sent unfinished) Superfluous adults are encouraged to participate in roundtable pullouts.We have a good email list and any needs that we have for adult help are communicated regularly and we make sure that they are kept informed of lodge and chapter news.They can have the parking lot meetings in the parking lot. The chapter is run by the boys with advice from advisors and support from adult members.This is our general meeting we also have ceremonies meetings which is a whole other group of 20 or so,a few of those crossover into general meeting.We have a ceremonies
  15. 10% is a good estimate of the norm.I'm the chapter advisor for a chapter that carries between 300 and 400 members on it's roster.My average meeting is around 20 youth and maybe 1/2 dozen adults(these are mostly the ones who function as support people).Unless a question is put up for general comment,adult speaking is discouraged.If they need to chat they can leave room.I'm out of the room most of the time.The chief and I've allready spoken about what is being covered in meeting and he knows where to find me if he needs me. I've useually got at least one of the adults cornered in the hallway
  16. You seem to be getting some sound advice.Our council has a pretty good Venture website with links to a variety of Venture information.Note this is for if you go the way of choosing to form a crew. http://www.joinventuring.com/
  17. Hotdesk, I think it's time for you guys to figure out what you want to do as a patrol.I don't think it's us guys place to tell you what to do.It's actually even difficult to suggest anything specific since we don't know your area(at least I don't)Also don't know the people involved.Now's time for your first challenge as a patrol,have a brainstorming meeting get some ideas,pick one and start figuring out how to make it happen.
  18. BW The things that are offered are high adventure events and team building leadership courses that are usefull in both programs.I'm not talking about administrative stuff. This Summer we had a high adventure race in the Oregon high desert.Biking,backpacking,canoe race and white water rafting. Interspersed in this was the Kodiak leadership course which involves team building games.Teams were taken off the clock and got time taken off for sucess in the games.(served a secondary function of allowing staff to apraise the well being of the teams).This was a very challenging event the bi
  19. Bob, I know the difference.Not sure I understand why it's called a Venture patrol and not just be called the senior patrol. I gave the regular Venture suggestion because it sounded as if the troop was not supportive of the direction the patrol would like to go.A crew would be an option. I don't know about Hotdesk's council but in ours a "Venture" patrol can participate in Council Venture programs,trainings etc. without being registered in Venture.These offer the boys an option focused more towards the older boys. It would be a much easier option if they could just get help within th
  20. I missed part of what you had said.Eamonn pointed it out.Before offering a Venture patrol you need to define what it is going to be.If it's to be for High adventure,let the boys know.If they don't want to do high adventure then it would be silly to join that patrol.Forming a specialty patrol just for older boys only works if they all want the same thing. E's right if you want Venture you may need to seek out a pre set Crew.
  21. Hotdesk, Here is our Councils Venture Web page it has links to lots of information on the Venture program.Things from fast start to The more advanced Kodiak training. http://www.joinventuring.com/ Be carefull you don't try to take too much on your own shoulders.Pick the position in troop that you feel you can make the most difference in.You are allready in what can be a very demanding position as Chapter chief. My personal feeling is that if a group doesn't have enough support to stand alone as a Venture crew they should just stay in their patrols.Why bother calling them a Venture
  22. 2CD,I shouldn't of bothered addressing scoutldr's response since it didn't address your issue. I think you are on the right track.The only suggestion I'd make is be sure to give each leader of the sub dens a helper. you could avoid using any official title.It's amazing but asking some one to be a den leader or assistant will some times scare them away but I've gotten good results when I asked a person to take on a specific defined task.Strangely enough that task was exactly what the position would of called for. After they've done the job for a while I'd point out to them that t
  23. scoutldr has the same philosphy that we are coming to in my district.We've coordinated with all of our bordering Districts so that none of our trainng overlaps and we advertise all dates to all of those districts.We also support training efforts within units. I was appalled last week at District commitee meeting when I saw the numbers of trained leaders we had in District.What was worse was these numbers were in line with qualiy district requirements. We need to do what ever we can to improve this. Glad to hear there is a position that replaces Den Ldr.Coach . I wasn't familiar with
  24. Sounds good in print to split.But it also occurs to me that 2 cub has a problem with leadership.Which pack gets the leaders? Who's going to choose who goes where?More parents need to step up to help.You say you have a really great team of leaders for this large den,but it's a good chance they are going to burn out.I had 9 and 10 member dens and it was a challenge (I did have a good dose of ADD boys). Someone needs to have a heart to heart with the parents and let them know that if they want their boys to have a quality program they need to help. might be a thought to do your nonsp
  25. Our council allows us to use the National online Youth protection training.We reccomend that this not be used for first time participants but for renewals.Still it's prefferable that they go through at least the online rather than none at all. http://www.scouting.org/nav/enter.jsp?s=xx&c=yp Above is the National site.The program is administrated through councils each one may have a bit different procedure so the national site lists the areas that are set up to administer program. For youth contact position this is the foundation of their training (a must). It is always reccomended th
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