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  1. Do you count your meeting location as a place where a scout can satisfy the campout requirement?
  2. When a patrol plans an activity as part of their patrol meeting, do you have two deep adult leadership attend the activity and the patrol meeting? If a scout were to get hurt at the patrol meeting/activity will BSA insurance assist?
  3. Let's face it, none of us folow the scout laws. If we/you did we would be walking on water. If you believe that homosexuality is a choice, shouldn't you as a leader, molder of youth, work with that youth to see the light? If a scout lies, we don't kick him out of the scouting, we point out why he should change his evil ways. Have any of you ever kicked out a scout because he was/is gay? I think I would have a hard time doing it if I had to. I hope I'm never confronted by that situation.
  4. It seems as if you try to stay in the current troop life will not be good for you or your son. Remeber this program is for your son. Find another troop or assist in starting another troop. Enjoy the time with your kid. If your current troop is causing grief within your family, the troop you're in is not worth it.
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