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  1. They are just boys let them be! in a month they will most likely want another name. I let them use most anything as long as they all have patrol patches a flag and a yell/cheer
  2. boy I hate these ZERO Tolerance policies why do we even have administrators if there is no decisions to be made. just my 2 cents
  3. we offer the popcorn as a fund raiser but most of my scouts pass on it and sell Christmas wreaths easier sale and more profit. Thats what my boys say. wreath anyone?
  4. Wasen't it BP who said "never do anything a boy can do and a boy can do quite a lot" we need to trust them not hold them back.
  5. Boys have the last word as to national policy pro's answer to them use 21 an boy age limit. my 2 cents
  6. what I've seen is some summer camps put age restrictions to "keep the kids coming back" they are afraid the kids will cet boared if they do to much to quick. In our troop 11 tear olds can white water (rafts) or rock climb (top rope) we try not to limit any of the boys just my 2 cents tony s
  7. the rulers I remember were steel edged, but that was nothing compared to what happened when mom got the call! aha the good old days.
  8. I seem to remember at training being told to be careful when signing a boys book since you can't take it back I personally think that asking the bor to correct my mistake in really not a good idea either I'd talk to the boy at this point. he is what 11 or 12 and mention the behavior you found objectionable. He can work on correcting it by the time he is ready for 1st class. Also if the behavior was only at camp you might look in to what was going on maybe a lack of structure for the for the first time? or just tired by the end of the week? I think you have time with this boy. keep some not
  9. one of those kids will flip the others. most likely kids will sell the adult up river and it is still a kidnapping charge.
  10. The 12-year-old notified scout leaders who immediately called the Putnam County Sheriffs Office. The boys were all taken into custody and deputies said they found duct tape and two bottles of urine at the site where the boy said he was assaulted. Deputies also confiscated a cell phone on which they said is a recording of the entire attack. In addition to Reid, 16-year-old Harrison Reid, 15-year-old Kyler Brower and 16-year-old Nicholas Larsen were also arrested. All four have been charged with Kidnapping a child under 13 and committing aggravated child abuse. The teenagers have been tur
  11. 1ust to try to clarify what I meant by boys will be boys. Boys will be boys was a term used by the parents of a scout whenever they were informed on a behavior issue. Like disappearing from the campsite at summer camp after hours and having the whole scout reservation put on alert. when he was found with some staff he claimed to be gathering firewood for the Saturday night show (except there has never been a Saturday night campfire).Swearing at the Scoutmaster (because he couldn't set up a private campsite in the woods away from the rest of the troop at summer camp(against camp rules). carryin
  12. If I may I'm open to any parents helping out step or otherwise. My only condition is that they are involved for the benefit of the boys. Unfortunately I have seen stepparents made unwelcome by parents because of mom and dad being at each others throats. I don't know what your situation is I hope that isn't what is going on. as for the benifits of scouting a well run boy led scout troop is a scary thing to behold to the outside world. we as adults can do all of the things the boys are expected to do fasted and much more efficient. True learning comes from experiencing setbacks. forgetting a
  13. my two cents tell parent who told you you will keep an eye out. then You know your boys keep an eye out. If it happens again then deal with it. it wasn't a big enough deal for the first parent to tell/call you that day or the next so its not that big a deal. If she did not find out until a month later again too much time has passed. my vote is watch. good luck with getting volunteers. keep up the good work YIS Tony
  14. my two cents tell parent who told you you will keep an eye out. then You know your boys keep an eye out. If it happens again then deal with it. it wasn't a big enough deal for the first parent to tell/call you that day or the next so its not that big a deal. If she did not find out until a month later again too much time has passed. my vote is watch. good luck with getting volunteers. keep up the good work YIS Tony
  15. I have an issue with the timing here. A Bear cub so a boy of 7 or 8. A month is an eternity at that age. I say you have lost the ability to address the situation effectively at that point. As someone else said boys are in many ways like puppies and like puppies if you want to correct behaviors you need to do it right then. I don't think you will accomplish much at this point. You can talk to the boy but if it happened again then the thing to do is address it right then and there. just my opinion tony
  16. Appalling The district attorney is responsible for these Young men now. Whether or not it "ruins their life" is up to the DA and a jury. I'm sure it has changed the life of a TWELVE YEAR OLD BOY! Horseplay, pranks, Boys being boys ect. this behavior left unchecked always leads to trouble period. It is not in keeping with the scout oath and law and has no place in scouting. Tony
  17. Our Troop has these "fun nights" every other year or so I hate them but the boys like them. They do socialize and bond at them. We adult leaders try to keep an eye on what is played. and the rules are no M games and no R movies period. The older boys who always ask for exceptions (they don't get them) are the ones who enforce the rules. The boys can hide things from adults buy the youth leaders seem to know what is going on, and they at least in our troop the boys do enforce the rules more often than the adults can. I guess it is the old saying a boy can fool an adult but he can't fool another
  18. thanks dean I wonder if there are any lurkers from national on this thread I'd love to hear from them. well how about it? tony
  19. I for one want to know from a troop level what can we do to get the w'2 to cross over that's still where i see most kids leave the program. lion scouts for the kindergarten boys isn't going to do it. minimizing the gay thing would probably help I think if we let it alone. it would help and my guess is on a unit level parents and kids would vote with there feet if sexual orientation was flaunted. national can do better to help os than they do now. tony
  20. If What you posted is true, and there are no parents willing to step up and run dens then moving is your only option. you can't do it all and if you try you will burn out. Remember you need to take care of your family also I love scouting but do what is best for you and your son if moving is it so be it. if the de wants to save the pack/super den let him recruit the parents.
  21. Unless I'm Mistaken (and I could be)we can have mandatory attendance if it central to the charter organization. Like a church requiring service attendance. Why not a VFW post requiring memorial day activities?
  22. Something Seems amiss here I wish we could hear the other side. There is always another side. and the truth is always (in my experience) in the middle. tony
  23. Our Troop is also sponsored by the local VFW Post 1672 and they ask the same two things of us flags and the parade. They do a lot for us and are a great bunch of guys. they recently moved our troop to near the head of the parade to carry a large flag putting us immediately behind the veterans and ahead of all other groups in town. Some of the boys are in the band and some are always away. most of the boys march even if they would rather sleep. but there is a lot of peer pressure not to be a scout and I know most of the boys 8th grade and up don't advertise it a lot. Some of the boys do talk a
  24. Knot Head I asked the same question when we went white water rafting last weekend I called our council and was referred to a gentlemen who is on the committee or aquatic activities. the answer got as we were using a professional service that there safety training was sufficient for the intent of the regulation and that the new regulations were a work in progress ? anyway after I had that conversation council approved out tour permit no more questions. Tony
  25. daddy 0 I hope scouting or not works out well for both you and your son, in whatever direction you go. with the class pariah boys change a lot and I can't count the times I have seen kids who can't stand each other become best friends. when scouting works it seems to me that at least respect if not out friendship is the result YIS whatever your decision tony in the northeast
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