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  1. My opinion is the same as SP's. I am an active SM and ACC. Previously District Commissioner same time as SM. Never had any conflicts, but if I did/do, I would bring in someone from outside to help resolve the issue. Amazingly, we seem to know and follow the rules. You can keep the two separate and still do both well. I'm not aware of a single commissioner in our council that does not wear numerous hats including every District Commissioner and even the Council Commissioner. For those that continue to quote the Fieldbook of Commissioner Service like it's the Bible, I'm
  2. I'm in Heart of Ohio Council and got to see the presentation directly from Michael Beck. We've had units that followed his plan increase their sales significantly over the last 2 years (when we began the Beck method). Popcorn info will be available at heartofohiocouncil.org sometime next week. Our council switched to Campmasters after Trails End went to the dog food bags. Campmasters still does tins. It's been good for us so far.
  3. We've been having Pack and Troop meetings on Sundays for years. Best night of the week for everyone's availability.
  4. Very strange 1st post. Why complain almost a year after the incident? I find it hard to believe.
  5. This is not intended as a commercial. I have nothing to do with these products. http://www.uvpaqlite.com/ I found this on Facebook and have been drooling to get any of these "toys" since then. I love that they don't need any batteries, never need charged (other than with light), lightweight, etc. The prices don't seem to be outrageous either. Has anyone ever seen or used any of these products? Good or bad reviews?
  6. Non-scouting ... a long time ago. I was about 5 or 6. Big canvas family tent of the 70's. I wouldn't call it the worst experience, but probably the most memorable. My parents slept on the floor of the tent. Me, my sister and brother all had cots. I was closest to the door, my sister in the middle, and my brother against the back wall. I was awakened by my dad reaching in from outside the door telling me not to move or make any noise. He then pointed to under my brother's cot where our groceries were still in their bags, where I saw the black and white tail. (My mom was outside on
  7. junglehammock.com I've wanted one for years. Just can't get my wife to go for the price. Might be a little hard to stand up in though.
  8. You can come do our CSRT anytime. Keep up the good work. The biggest trick is building attendance. Don't count on word of mouth or even a good program to bring new people in. Time seems to be the common enemy of RTs.
  9. Thanks, but I'm quite familiar with all the logos. I'm specifically looking for the font. If you image google "cub scout signature", it should be the first image that comes up. It's a multilayered font that another Scouter told me the name of years ago, but I can't remember what it is.
  10. Does anyone know which font is used for the "Cub Scout type" logo? It's the layered font logo.
  11. It's not on the horizon, it's here. This is a pilot involving about 20 councils. I happen to be the volunteer coordinator in my council. Details of the program are still light. Hopefully things will really get kicked off in the next couple of weeks.
  12. The Adult Training Statistics Report is one of the reports I get monthly from our council registrar. My DE usually sends a copy to me as well. These reports come from MyBSA, not MyScouting. As far as I know, there is not a program in MyScouting that does what you're asking. Yes, the Adult Training Statistics report is broken down by council and district.
  13. Moose, You should be able to get from your DE or council office the "Adult Training Statistics Report" (council and district breakdowns) and "Training Not Completed" report (this is by district and unit specific within the report). It sounds like from your post the info your DE sent was from the Training Validation. You need access to the member ID numbers to get this info.
  14. SP go to the home page > to Volunteer > middle of right hand side of page under Quicklinks = Scouting's Journey to Excellence you can also view it from the Commissioner's page under Journey to Excellence
  15. Been there. Done that. The bushes have no more leaves to beat. A previous administration caused a lot of mistrust and sour grapes. We are several years out and still reeling from the affects.
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