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  1. Come to think of it....I have noticed that all of the non-Christian boys that moved up from SS's Cub Scout group are now gone. Of course, 1/2 of those that did AOL didn't move up anyway. What was 10 is now 4...
  2. Camping at a farm would be pretty cool....definitely some current and useful lessons there. Just remember to stay above in elevation) and upwind from the hog lot....that 5 AM feeding they do will burn your nose hair right out!
  3. So, you need approval from the bureaucracy to use a facility that the owner has invited you to use? Wow....
  4. The ZT policy (Draconian or not) in the schools was brought about by the demands of parents (and society as a whole) because we had drifted away from it so much in the 70's-90's. Since Scouts is an EC that supposedly holds to higher standards of behavior and morality, I would think the consequences would be at least as severe as our schools. Of course, it's likely I haven't caught on to Scouts yet either.. $0.021416
  5. I have a Stepson (SS) in Scouts. I'm not involved...found that since I was not a Scout that there's no use for me there (they've made that obvious). My wife is heavily involved. I don't see much benefit to the whole scouting thing...a lot of unnecessary risks...SM's and ASM's seem to be into the testosterone rush and rather than having the boys learn stuff that is useful in modern society. Chaotic troop with no real leaders in the ranks. I am tired of clean and putting away camping gear every few weeks so I can get my garage back. Seems the Scout won't do it. Still, I
  6. I agree 100% with Evmori... You gave this kid a "pass" for fighting because you didn't want to make a scene at the campout. Wrong answer. Had this happened at your school, all of the kids would have been bounced from school for at least three days... With an EC like Scouts, fighting MUST be an immediate and permanent ejection...no less.
  7. Most of Scouting is about Testosterone, not survival. You want to teach them something useful about the food chain, teach them how to farm and butcher properly so they are providing for more than just themselves. Reality is that unless you're living in wilderness a majority of the time (which if you're posting here, you probably aren's), these activities provide nothing more than a "Yeah, when I was a kid I did _____." Scouting is so arrogant.
  8. FROM THE OP: 1. The objections of the LDS church is based on the potential for homosexual leaders in positions that are both "superior" in relation to their unit and out of their total control. (ex. District scouters and above) Now that is an interesting concept....locally, I have been warned by more than one former scout and scout parent, to avoid interaction with the LDS based troops, because over the years that have taken men you have had issues with sexual misconduct and placed them in leadership positions in troops as part of a rehab.(This message has been edited by asichacker)
  9. Here's why I'm not a Scout Leader. Any boy engaged in aggressive behavior with another is immediately bounced from the outing and the troop that instant. Actions have consequences... Severe actions have severe consequences.... I thought teaching this responsibility thing is what Scouting was about?
  10. Inappropriate at best. Dangerous at the worst. I'd pull my kid from your troop the instant that I heard of it.
  11. Yeah, I have a lot of problems with the selective religious affiliations that the Scouts have as well. It's a tough nut for me to crack as well. I am a Christian, but I disagree with the Scouts having such a close affiliation with the Catholic Church and the LDS. It seems that every community project they do around here has some attachment to the LDS. Hardly the pinnacle of most needy. If you look at the history of Powell, it's not too hard to make the case of why the connections are the way they are. I think the Scouts would be a much more beneficial organization without the a
  12. Thanks for the reply Mike. I've basically decided that BSA is not much more than a social-club/hobby for my SS. Kind of an expensive hobby, certainly more than most, but less than some. The Troop leadership have made it clear that non-Scouts need not apply to help. So be it. I'm also not happy about the selective alliances and agendas that are pushed around...not appropriate for this day and age, that impact will have to be fixed before he gets much older. I am going to have to put my foot down on his camping gear...if he want's to camp, somebody else but me is going to have to
  13. SS goes on his first Winter Camp this weekend. Dumb idea, heavy snow pack this year (250% of normal), major melt in progress...no confidence in SM's and ASM's to call it quits when things get dicey. SS is inexperienced, uncoordinated and doesn't think before doing.
  14. Wow Lisabob... Scouts evoking Hitler? I would have be out of that troup that day! I guess the KKK does still run some troups after all. At some point, the decision is not your son's...it's your's!
  15. I've also heard, but not confirmed the following... 1) If you become injured on the trail, the Rangers will no longer "Mule" you out. Helicopter only, and you have to pay for the evac. 2) The Rangers now monitor more closely for rim-rim-rim hikers. They have the option to cancel your trek should they desire.
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