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  1. Female Boy Scout leader charged with having sex with boy in troop By Nicholas J.C. Pistor ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 12/09/2009 ST. CLAIR COUNTY A female Boy Scout troop leader was charged Tuesday with criminal sexual assault for allegedly having sex with an underage boy. Sheriff's deputies said the boy's parents arrived at their home outside Lebanon from a shopping trip Sunday to find the woman "engaging in mutual intercourse with their minor son." CRIME STATS Wendy R. Rogers, 39, of the 1400 block of North Smiley Street in O'Fallon, Ill., was named in one count of crimi
  2. http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/laworder/story/9F3E217B3735C01F862576870015309E?OpenDocument
  3. Instead of SCOUTING it should say VOYERISM. The little guy is obviously a peeping tom, scouting through his binoculars for a cheap thrill!
  4. Yes, America got 'Bushed' - by George II - and his henchmen.
  5. This reeks of the Hitler Youth.
  6. The Orkin Man red epaulettes do look stupid. Its too much and really clutters the look of the uniform.
  7. Beavah, You state: "LOL. Do yeh really think there's any standardization of expectations between college professors and different classes? Or different colleges? Yeh must be jokin'! " -- I see your point. How about this: The registrar evaluates 2 students who have successfully completed the same coursework (at the same U), and tells one to go take another class, and approves the second for graduation. Or a professor gives Mary an A with 87% and Billy a B with 88%. Because Billy wasnt active in the class My point is this is a slippery slope. Either you follow the rules. O
  8. Dear Board, Eamonn, who I respect said, There is adding to requirements and adding to requirements! I dont believe this. IMO there is just adding to the requirements When I read you guys defending your arbitrary raising of the bar it amazes me how you rationalize it! Changing the rules published by your own organizationon a case-by-case basis is the most unfair demagoguery. IMO. It should be like college. Follow the syllabi. Check your progress in the published legally-binding catalog. Complete your required courses and a smattering of electives and you graduate.
  9. OGE, I never said my boy was Christ-like. He doesnt have to eat with the lepers. If this so-called pariah was getting pummeled at recess, rest assured, the big-guy (my kid) would put a stop to it. But he (my kid) is a new kid in town. He cant be expected to like being joined at the hip with the kid the other kids dont like. NeilLup, Wow, what a post. You gave me a lot to think about. I respect and appreciate that. Your appraisal of Junior High school life is profound. I honestly dont think my boy wants to put himself up - by putting another down that is in NO WAY hi
  10. I think its a wonderful idea (surprise surprise). When I cut the grass I do it as fast as I can. I dont want to be an expert; I want to be finished! From my reading (and very little else admittedly) It seems that the biggest problem with your organization is attrition, not too many inexperienced Eagles. I dont know, but I would bet that your Eagles are much better contributors and supporters later in life (no pun intended). Why would some aged out star scout give money, time or encourage others to join? Why not let the boys knock out some hard-to-get less-than-fun MBs an
  11. Has it occurred to any of you that this guy may be mentally ill? It may be undiagnosed, but the descriptions may indicate schizophrenia, bipolar or adult ADD. He may have no intention of offending the SM whatsoever; he just follows his impulses
  12. *Thank you HICO for the constructive criticism. **Thank you lisabob for the other kind! Ill tell my wife of your (HICO) advice. I sincerely appreciate it.
  13. Beavah (& 92Eagle), Thanks for taking the time to write. I appreciate your candor. My boy still likes scouts, and he's not happy about fading-out. Please don't wish a relocation on me! We just moved (Coast-to-coast) in 2007. He's had to reinvent himself already! I'm an old man. I can roll with the punches. But for my kids, with no grandparents and nothing but new friends, it's really tough. Grades 2-5 he was in a new school EVERY year! I said earlier that cub scouts was one of his few constants - he loved it; it really helped. However, the transition to a troop from a pack
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