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  1. I have washed both mine and my husbands many times in the washer with our uniforms and OA sashes. I have also dried them in the dryer with no complications. I don't know about starching them as I have been afraid to use an iron on them. They do clean up nicely though with no change in color.
  2. Depending on the Scoutmaster you may have plastic or ceramic cups on our courses. Last year we had maroon ceramic cups with Wood Badge, a set of beads, the quote "It's all about Leaderhip", and our course number WE1-611-05. I sit drinking my coffee from it as I type. I was one of the lucky ones to be on staff and recieve two so the other cup is on display while I use this one as a come on to get people to ask me what my cup says then I tell them all about Wood Badge, not that I wouldn't anyway.
  3. #1 Summer camp staff presenting me with a staff sweatshirt that says "Grizzly Staff Mom" #2 My oldest at his Eagle ceremony charging his little brother the "New Tiger Cub" to become an Eagle Scout. #3 Getting the phone call from Texas at 5 AM when the oldest became Western Region Chief for the OA. #4 Being awarded the Eagle Mentor pin at an Eagle Ceremony from a young man in a different district that had adopted me as his "Scouting Mom".
  4. Our district puts out an updated MBC list every month at Roundtable. Our Troop leaders then highlight all the MBC's that we know are good. We then photocopy the list for the particular MB the Scout wants to work on, then let him choose from that list. If he comes back with any signature not on the list (either highlighted or otherwise) then we call council to see if that person is an approved MB counselor. If not, we will not accept it, and the Scout must then do the work again with an approved counselor that we mandate. We also get MB lists from the other districts that have them and that are close, and use those counselors too.
  5. shanve

    Day Camp Ideas

    Our theme this year is Cubstruction. We have tossed around the ideas of a recycled sculpure and a tool box but from there the ideas just get thin. We have two, 2 day camps. The first being Tiger, Wolf and Bear and the second being Webelos. Any ideas would be great. I should also tell you we get $3.00 per day, per boy to spend on program.
  6. I have used the Badge Magic and have found that it leaves a mess. The patches tend to fall off after the 25th washing and if you wash the uniform without the patch on then the residue gets everywhere. I did find a product that cleaned up 99% of the residue left on. It is called "Goof Off". "Goof Off" is available in the paint removal section of Walmart and is safe for clothing. It works quite well and may save those older more experienced uniforms that have been ruined by Badge Magic or Patch Attach. As for the felt vests...I did use Badge Magic on my sons vest and he still has all his patches attached, probably because I don't wash and dry the red vest because I am afraid it will disinegrate.
  7. Awesome Movie and the Beavers were just amazing. That was the first thing my son noticed about the movie,that "Moms critters are everywhere."
  8. Congratulations on becoming the 2006 Western Region Chief. May your year of reign be fun and informative.
  9. My son (10) recieved a hydration pack with enough room in it for his 10 essentials of which he also got so he doesn't have to use hand me downs now. Mom (me) got a leatherman. Poor dad only got wool socks. And big brother got left out since he has everything and then some. The family recieved the movie Follow Me Boys from a fellow Scouter.
  10. I am not sure how many Beavers I have either but the strangest would be the Bobblehead one and the coolest would be the one that is scroll-sawed in a scene inside a wooden feather. I also love the giant two foot tall one with the baby that my youngest got me at a flea market because he knew Mom would love it.
  11. Eamonn, I am sure it went through the proper channels I just know they chose me because I was so involved with other units and being on both the District and Council Training Teams. Could it be that maybe they needed his approval for the vote? In other words they knew I would make an informed vote not a personal one. They just never told me anything about the position. matuawarrior, I agree with the inspector general although I am sure they have something like that but they probably can't be everywhere and those that are newsworthy get the attention first.
  12. Okay since this is all new to me. First what is the District AGM? I know I was made Member at Large by my district Executive because I am on the committees for 5 different units and have been asked to sit on Eagle Boards for different 3 districts in our Council. The problem is I was never told what it meant to be a Member at Large. So can you explain in more depth please?
  13. A few of us recieved our District membership cards this weekend and we had a question. Mine has me as a District Member at Large while the others were District Committee Members. What is the difference?
  14. I just discovered this product called "Goof Off" that removes the gummy stuff from patch glue and Patch Magic. It also claims to remove candle wax and oils. I have tried it and it is amazing so before you throw the uniform away you might want to try it. I got it at Walmart in the paint isle for $3.95.
  15. OneHour- Do you really cook s'mores over a retired flag or have I read that wrong?
  16. We had two patrols. They called themselves "THE" patrol and Scorpions. I don't know how the older boys in "THE" patrol managed it but they got the Scorpions to yell..."Scorpions, Scorpions, we're the man if we can't do it THE can! THE patrols yell was THE, THE, THE getting progressively louder. THEs flag was white with multi colored THE's all over it. And the scorpions had a black and red scorpion. They took blank patrol medallions and wrote THE using a black sharpie.
  17. Buck knives are located in Postfalls Idaho. They celebrated the grand opening of their new factory in May 2005 with the help of localCub Scouts serving refreshments. They are a small company and do most of their business by custom orders. I personnally like the Leatherman Wave though.
  18. Day Camp Staff They are never recognized in our council or districts.
  19. We ran 4 days two with Cubbies - 2 with Webelos. Cost was $30 for Early registration & $40 for late. T-shirts are practically guaranteed no matter how late you register. Activities varied according to group but all had Archery , BB's, and Wrist rockets. Cubs made foam snakes on a leash and Webelos made wooden duck letter holders out of the craftsman section of the handbook. Beginning Orienteering (W) and nature hikes (both) Lunch was not provided. It was extremely hot so we had sprinklers and kiddie pools set up in strategic places to cool down with since we weren't near any swimmable water. We also had a trading post set up after lunch with stuff from the scout store and various munchies we had a total of 215 scouts and about 30 leaders plus staff(This message has been edited by shanve)
  20. RickChappell~ I don't beleive I was "Painting with a broad brush". I was relating an experience and since I used one example from the many conversations I had with the different LDS leaders you seemed to take that one as the only happening. I have no problem with LDS troops or their leaders. I do have problems with Leaders that put others in danger. You said nothing about the behavior of the leaders but said plenty of what you construed as my problem. Obviously you have not payed attention to what was said either. I wrote that this was my experience this time around and you generalized that I was putting down LDS scouters and people in general. I will make the statement once again that these leaders showed poor judgement and very unsafe attitudes during this particular camp. If they continue to do this they will further endanger others. These leaders have been trained. They know better!
  21. I just finished a week of day camp for cub scouts as the Director also in Washington State. I had a few problems with the LDS leadership (my only problems). The leaders seemed to think that they and their scouts didn't have to follow my "Stupid Rules" two deep leadership(National Standards). The "Buddy System" did not apply to them. And they could yell out "Commence Firing" whenever they felt like it on the Shooting ranges. After talking with these leaders about their behavior and the saftey issues I was informed that I "Knew Nothing". One "Gentleman" actually stated that I should go home and be a "Good Wife" not interfere in a "Mans World". I was lucky, I had a MALE LDS District Executive there to talk to him. He was also told to not come back to camp. This type of attitude is why there are accidents and deaths. By the way I know the "LDS Gentleman" is a trained leader so he should have known better on all accounts.
  22. I would suggest something quiet so the Range Masters can still be heard at the Shooting sports stations. We handed out journals from our Daycamp and the boys wrote in them while at the shooting sports.
  23. I will post a second for the Lodge then!! Es-Kaielgu Rocks!! West is Best!!
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