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    repeat after me songs

    PACK 79's version of the "WILD CHEESE MOOSE HUNT" Blue is body jesters. Red is the song. Have everyone standup. Be enthusiastic! Stretch like you just got out of bed. I'm going on aWILD CHEESE MOOSE HUNT! I'm not afaird! I got a gun! (Raise hands as if holding a rifle) March in place. Oh NO! A river! Can't go around the river! (Extend arm as if going around something) Can't go over the river! (Raise hand in an over motion) I'll have to go through the river! (Extend arm forward) Swim river. Shake yourselve dry when you get to the other side. I'm going on aWILD CHEESE MOOSE HUNT! I'm not afaird! I got a gun! (Raise hands as if holding a rifle) March in place. Oh NO! A mountain! Can't go around the mountain! (Extend arm as if going around something) Can't go through the mountain! (Extend arm forward) I'll have to go over the mountain! (Raise hand in an over motion) Climb mountain slow. At top, look around (hands over eyes). Go down the other side really fast. I'm going on aWILD CHEESE MOOSE HUNT! I'm not afaird! I got a gun! (Raise hands as if holding a rifle) March in place. Oh NO! A swamp! Can't go over the swamp! (Raise hand in an over motion) DON"T want to go through the swamp! (Shake head no) I'll have to go aroundthe swamp! (Extend arm as if going around something) March as if walking around something, kill mosquitoes as you go. I'm going on aWILD CHEESE MOOSE HUNT! I'm not afaird! I got my gun! (Raise hands as if holding a rifle) March in place. Oh. Acave! A big cave. (Hestant) I'll going into thecave. (Hestant.Walk slowly with gun in hand) Something breathing funny! Something fuzzy and breathing funny! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (Toss gun in air) AWILD CHEESE MOOSE ! Run out of the cave. go around the swamp. climb the mountan (double time on the way down). Swim the river. Run and hide under the bed.
  2. caddmommy

    repeat after me songs

    I recently had a very successful campfire for our pack inwhich I did two repeat after me songs. I'm looking for some more to do. The first one I did was the Tarzan, Cheetah, Jane one that I learn from my son's fellow crew members. Since, they use it as a work and hiking song, I added little body jesters to make it more fun for the boys. I then did the "Wild Cheese Moose Hunt". I added little things like shaking the water from the river out of their hair, climbing the mountain really slow and going down the other side really fast, and killing mosquitos as we went around the swamp. I got rave reviews, even the older brothers of the scouts, who always think my attempts at living up the pack meetings are "dorky", came over to tell me that, they really liked my songs.
  3. caddmommy

    Eagle Scoutmaster Conference

    He got this far and now the SM is saying "slow down". Why did that not happen when the SM signed off on the Eagle project, and the Advancement chair should have been clued in by all the MBs. The fire should have been contained when it got started, not after it burnt down the building. I think you will get lots of info on how this is not right and that the SM has no right to deny the conference if every thing is done. (there's a whole thread on thr pros and cons of young eagles current active.) The knowledgeable people on this forum will guide you best, but I would be a "pushy" mom and complain to council.
  4. caddmommy

    Checking on an apllicant

    The background check will bring to light any legal miss deeds. Hopefully! But does checking out the references of the applicant really work? Most people put down close friends or relatives with different names for references. It seems you really dont get any negative comments. You might get some indication of trouble from the employer, but companies like their employees to volunteer and rarely give a bad report. If they mention scouting experience and you know the unit, do people really follow up to see if there were any problems? Is it easy to do so? In council, maybe yes, out of council? The reason I bring this up is this: I think there should be a council resource for leader information, good and bad. A work file you might say. Possibly a complaint/praise department. When leadership has changed, I think a short form should be filled out to as why this leader is leaving his/her position. This would give the committee a chance to let other know of any problems. If a SM has been asked to step down and leave the troop, shouldnt his new troop know this before the problems in the new troop?
  5. caddmommy

    Sticky SM issue

    greg78 It sounds to me that your CO doesn't seem all that interested in what goes on with the troop and you and the others would be better off going elsewhere. If so many parents have a problem with a leader, the CO should do more than what it did to resolve the problem. If the boys are not repecting their leaders, then the program is not working, no matter how trained the leader may be. Maybe the boys should start visiting the other troops in the area now. If they find one they like, see when they go to camp. If it's the same camp, you may be able to switch before the end of summer. If the new troop goes a different week, talk to the camp director. Chances are, if there is room, he would be willing to switch weeks for you. This would give the boys a better chance to get to know each other.
  6. Our SM does not say "my troop". The boys plan and run the meetings. They hold there own at scout events. They evaluate their mistakes and aim to improve their skills. They work together to achieve their goals. I don't agree that they are not getting a scouting program. They are getting a very good scouting program. I will talk to him about the choosing of the leadership, but I will not fight with him (at least not at this time) about it. Some of us parents are still shell shocked from the previous SM's snoozefest. I will, though, get the committee members into the BORs.
  7. hummm..... I know the boys are suppose to pick the leaders but in our troop the SM does and it seems to be working pretty good. All the boys who need positions for advancement are covered and there is nolonger a popular boys group who had all the high postions. Under the old SM leadership, my son was in this Troop a year before anyone relized he needed a position for advancement to Star which only came after the SM change. I cannot say that I am pleased with all the decisions he has made, but our troop is doing great. We generally have 95 to 100% participation in weekly meetings and scouting trips. Our CO rep backs him 100%. The other adult leaders have no issues that I know of with his leadership. The boys respect him. We accept him as being in charge and I think the Scouting Prinicples are being taught to the boys. The older ones are becoming fine leaders and enjoy working with the younger and new scouts. He does, though, have his ASM and himself do the BOR.(HE does not do BORs for his son). I am CC but I have never been asked to join the BOR and neither has any other female committee members. I think I will look into this, since, I would like to be a part of the BOR process.
  8. caddmommy

    Most Hated Nation

    A musically history lessen! I love this thread!
  9. Found this thread after I made my post for interesting patrol names. Do the Dew? Some things should just not be.......
  10. caddmommy

    out-there patrol names

    I would like to know some of the more interesting patrol names and how people feel about the non-traditional ones. I have a problem with the newer ones. My son is the patrol leader for the DOUGHNUTS. DOUHNUTS! (Which is at the top of the food list on every campout.) I could not believe that there was actually a patrol patch made up already. I have also seen a HAZMAT patrol.
  11. caddmommy

    Blue and Gold, or, Blue and Gold ?

    we have a red and tan. i hearb some troops don't have anything but regular court of honors.
  12. caddmommy

    Adult LeaderTrouble

    Maybe you should also consider getting a committee chair. He/she really didn't do its job. If teh trouble maker wasn't suitable because of his actions for the cubmaster position, why would your CC think he was suitable for the WL position. you have so much more contact and influence with the boys in the WL position than at the CM position.
  13. caddmommy

    Tiger Cubs in Blue Uniforms this Fall

    In regard to teh Webelos uniform from blue to tan. My boys move up to 2nd year webelos this week but I really don't like the mixing of the colors in the den. I plan to talk to my parents. Either we stay all blue or we go all tan.
  14. caddmommy

    Kindergarteners as New Tigers?

    When I joined my current pack, the numbers were very low. Once, I got a few more adults involved in leadership, we decided to "get the word out" that our pack existed and started a spring recruiting session. It has worked wonders in adding boys to the pack and getting additional leadership. Last year, we recruitted only the kindergarten boys and this year we had two tiger dens, of which, the leaders came from the spring roundup.
  15. "Fortunately, my God doesn't require me to sit inside of a stuffy building to be "reverent." In fact, the last time that we talked about the issue, he was of the opinion that he's much happier if we're outside marveling at his creation instead of sitting inside of a building singing off-key and listening to someone rant about sin." Interesting. Most religions that I am familiar with, expect you at least spend some time during the week coming together to praise and glorify together and share in his goodness as one. The marveling at his creation is for the rest of the time so that you never leave him "in the buiding". And as for "singing off-key", He should expect that of us after all, he did give out the voices.