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  1. Age based patrols. Lose one patrol every year. Recruitment has been such we have been able to add one new patrol each year. Net is the same number of patrols. Boys who join the troop other than as rising Webelos are placed in the patrol of their age. Membership about 40-50 with 5-6 patrols. The oldest patrols tend to dwindle down and participation drops off as most members reach Life. The two oldest patrols usually merge permanently around year 5-6 due to numbers. Patrols commonly rename themselves about every other year. Son's patrol is made up of 16/17 yr olds. Half are Eagles
  2. Gun Control is hitting what you are aiming at. Gun control would not have any effect on the CT shooting.
  3. Troop allows $4 per person per meal for boy scouts cooking as a patrol. As already mentioned, Breakfast is the cheapest so you borrow money from the breakfast budget and apply to other meals. Group cooking is cheaper than individual cooking due to economics of scale. You can offer grits and oatmeal, breakfast bars, fruit, scrambled eggs for breakfast. One person can cook a dozen eggs at one time in a fry pan. Feeds 5-6 people at once. You might be a $1 per person for above menu. Lunch of bulk packs of sliced sandwich meat, bulk pack of sliced cheese, loafs of bread, larg
  4. "I still have my Eagle on my CV, even though these days it's buried on my page 23. It's never gotten me a job or a contract, but people have told me it speaks to character." Page 23! I thought a resume was supposed to be highlight of your career not to exceed 2 pages. If it is buried on page 23, I doubt anyone has seen it. I cant imagine any recruiter who would take the time to wade thru 23 pages. Maybe the first 3-4 but unless you have a immensely entertaining CV, I would think they would maybe skim the rest at best.
  5. A person is fine up to a point and then they just loose it. They rant, scream, stomp around, etc. Someone asked me, who is in charge? The person ranting, screaming and stomping is doing those actions. They may feel or express they are out of control, but who is really in control? They are the ones acting that way. When I heard this, I had to stop and take a moment. When I "loose it", I am doing the looseing. I am acting a particular way. I am in charge of my out of control actions. Somehow I must feel that this is Ok behavior for the situation. I am working on my reactio
  6. Not to downplay having Eagle on your resume is good... Had you been a member of a faternity or some other organization and you saw the applicant is or had been a member of the same organization, you would likely look more favorably upon that applicant. If you saw that the applicant had been an officer or leader of any organization, you would more likely look more favorably upon that applicant. Being an Eagle is a quick way of saying, I have led others and I have toiled for years to earn an award/accomplishment. Both good traits in an employee. We in scouting usually have a high
  7. Is you son likely to ever attend a high adventure base? Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, Bethel. Each of those require you to pare down your gear to small, lightweight, essential. A good knife, a good water bottle, a good compass, a lightweight sleeping bag that compresses significantly, a thermorest, a good rain jacket, a small LED headlight, sock liners, wicking T-shirts, 50 ft of 1/8 braided nylon cord. I have and use the backpack I took to Philmont in 1976. Still have the water bottle. My son went to Philmont last summer and the only thing he bought was a new thermorest a
  8. Thanks for the well wishing regarding the divorce. Something I never planned for or expected but now that it is underway I feel so much better to away from her. Feel sorry for the kids. I plan on joining a troop once I get settled. Just in limbo for the next couple months until new job settles down and can start making more permanent plans. Just felt a bit blue when I posted. Like I mentioned, no questions, no great insights, just missing scouting. Thought posters here would be able to understand what NOT scouting might mean to someone. Looking forward to being active again
  9. I am in the middle of a divorce and recently moved to a new state. One son is an Eagle and a sophore in college, while the other is a project and 1 requirement each for 3 merit badges away from Eagle. He stayed behind to finish up last year of high school. He is in a great troop with teriffic adult leadership. He has his project picked out and most of the submission paperwork filled out. A few signatures and he will be scheduling dates for the project. Should be an Eagle within the next 2-4 months. He is currently fundraising to attend his 3rd national high adventure base this coming summ
  10. My sons don't know or care about the "whys". They enjoyed hanging out with they friends, going camping and all the other fun activites. Along the way they learned citizenship, service to the community, leadership and a host of other skills. Not because that was what drew them to scouting, but it is inherent in the program. Just like all the Dads who volunteer to be the team coach because they played ball as a lad. So do many boy scouts become fathers and teach their sons the joys of scouting. The why for me is first fun. Then it is to help my sons troop provide a good program f
  11. East coaster here. Most adults around here wear a Philmont belt/buckle. A few wear the arrowhead patch. I mix it up. I wear my Philmont buckle with my Northern Tier belt. Then I wear my Triple Crown patch on my pocket.
  12. You have not filled in your location in your profile and you failed to mention your location in your post. Kinda hard to offer suggestions of sources in your area...
  13. Around age 30 I joined the local volunteer fire department. We held weekly general business meetings. One weekend a month we had training. During the training, the members were either teaching the other members or being taught. Sometimes we would run specific drills. The state had a certification program of specific courses and tasks that had to be completed. Members progressed at their own pace. We wore matching uniforms and provided service to the community. Sound familiar? Moved and joined a technicial rescue squad. One weekend a month we met to train and complete requirements
  14. I moved out of state about 2 weeks ago. My final meeting with the troop just happened to be a COH. They made a special presentation to me. A day later I recieved a hand written note by an 11 yr old who said I was the best and he was going to miss me.
  15. My troop has an active program. The scouts reguarly use scout skills during camping and outings. Scouts regualarly are teaching other scouts skills. Ropes and knots are used not just talked about. Most of the Eagles the troop generates are 15+ years old. They have stuck with program. I would like to see more real leadership from some of the canidates but they have met the POR requirements. I think the rank of Eagle will mean more for them as they age. Once they leave the troop and have to deal with the rest of the culture, they will find that they have skills in planning, leadersh
  16. I have been fortunate to have been a member of a drama free Pack and Troop. In both cases the CM and SM were most interested in the boys having fun and a vibrant program. The DLs and ASMs followed the example. Occasionally an adult leader would get a burr under their saddle about some minor issue. The CM/SM addressed the issue and insulated the rest of the leadership team from the disrupter. Usually the disrupter is a committee person who is very good at keeping records but not very tolerant of "field decisions" that make exceptions to ensure a scout is able to participate. The
  17. Our 19 yr old had an "opportunity to participate" in a number of activities while in high schoool that were rather stupid. As parents we explained to him that while he was a minor, he was quickly coming to the age when he did something stupid, he would go to jail. And there was nothing his parents could or would do about that. When he would leave the house we would remind him to "make good choices". As a youg man of 18-25, I made a number of decisions that seemed like a good idea at that time knowing it was pushing the limits. Fortunately I was able to get thru without getting
  18. Ditto. What a huge disappointment. 12 years as part of SAR team. This could be accomplished in an hour of talking to a SAR team member. Lets get them in the field and do some of the real stuff. Orienteering, litter packaging & carrying, wilderness survival, how to stay found, etc. NASAR offers a 40 hr Fundatmetals of SAR. Bascially Wilderness Survival and First Aid beefed up a bit. Would like to see more about Mantracking, Air Scent vs. Tracking, Map & Compass, Tracking, Clue identification, patient packaging, patient/victim removal, self preservation, persona
  19. My son presented a itemized list of supplies he needed for his Eagle project to the store manager while wearing his uniform. The manager said he would knock off %50 of the total bill. In this case it was about $125.
  20. We have 3 similar flys with poles 10x20. The lads set up two flys, one for the lads and one for the adults. We typically have 15+ scouts on a campout. With all 15 helping it should not take more than 15 minutes to set up. They do it every campout, 11 times a year. The flys are the same ones and the task should be easier after you have done it more than once. Seems to take forever. Too many chiefs, not enough indians, stick throwing, nose picking etc. The adults are busy doing other things. We do not sit and watch the entertanment, we find ways to be active and give the lads a chan
  21. If you are going backpacking, then you change your water usage patterns. Every soul carries at least 2 liters of water. Cooking and cleaning radicaly change to account the for the amount of water available. For instance, a one pot meal instead of lots of dirty dishes. Line the single pot with a plastic turkey roasting bag first. When all is eaten, the bag is closed tight and packed out. All the mess is inside the bag and the pot is still clean. Personal eating gear is litterally licked clean first. Then a splash of drink is put into the plate/bowl. Use your finger to deglaze the l
  22. Let's see if I got this straight. Your son doesn't bring home a tent for 7 months and its "Boy Scouts" fault? Your son and you have no responsibility in this matter? It is all the organizations fault that a single member doesn't care about his personal gear. Our troop holds a "garage sale" about every 6 months. All "lost and found" or left behind gear is sold off. If you haven't claimed it in 6 months, you must not need it or miss it. Money is used to buy new troop gear.
  23. Rich is a relative term. Anyone with more money than me is rich. Anyone with less money than me is poor. The troop I serve is based in a suburban neighborhood in an area with the highest level of education in the country. Meaning more people have degrees and advanced degrees than any other area. As a result, saleries tend to be higher and the standard of living nicer. The lads need just as much leadership training, self confidence building, and challange as any other 11-17 yr old, regardless of their financial situation. Bratty kids mature during their time in scouts. Shy reser
  24. Several years ago a neighboring troop started a venture crew. The active and driving adults of the troop left to form the venture crew. The adults left behind floundered. The troop floundered. We picked up several scouts from that troop. We have had a couple of scouts leave the troop because there was too much language and typical teenage boy discussions in the tents at night. They wanted the adults to intervene and control the conversations of scouts in the tents after lights out. SM has a policy that "officers do not go below decks to the enlisted quarters". Adults stay out of th
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