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  1. I would like to get my son (boy Scout) something scouts oriented for Christmas. Any original ideas?
  2. One of my Webelos had to move just before his second year. During his last meeting I informed the den of his departure. The boys were saddened by the news but I was "misty". He and his mom stayed behind after the meeting she thanked me and he said "I love you Mr. Morse". I guess I'm just a softy...I cried during their Cross Over too.
  3. Good luck with your ticket! If we could all be Beavers...the world would be worth a dam!
  4. I was relaxing watching the show Pawn Stars on the History Channel. An older gentleman in a scout uniform walked in attempting to sell stamps so he could send some boys to camp. He had a trainer's necker from Wood Badge with a light blue woggle No question...I just thought it was kinda neat.
  5. Mine was at Round Table. Simple, exposed to as many new scouters as possible!
  6. I ALWAYS revert back to the Cub Scout motto..."Do Your Best". If a Cub's first attempt is his best and he can maintain that effort I am pleased. If he is timid and improves, even better (Aquanaut).
  7. Without a doubt the most fun year! Cool things to do and you can improvise quite a bit. The boys have a better understanding of scouting and are more willing to contribute. My Wolf den was my focus group for my Wood Badge Ticket so I may be tainted.
  8. I want to add some "Pomp and Circumstance" to our 100th anniversary B&G. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. I was at our local scout shop yesterday and I heard (froma reliable source) that "The Helps" will be done mid-next year
  10. I want to help a fellow scouter start a new crew. His daughter is disenchanted with GS and wants to have outdoor fun. Can anyone give us some advise. My daughter is only 7yo. If you you were in the same situation, would this be a path you would follow?
  11. My Family and I just returned from J.N. Websters Cub/Parent Weekend and I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the camp. The young men and women that staff the camp are top notch. The program was just enough to keep us excited but loose enough to be low stress. My daughter had multiple "firsts" this weekend: she shot a BB Gun, fired a bow, paddled a canoe, made an origami crane and boulder climbing (COPE course). My wife shot black powder for the first time. We also caught fish and swam. The meals were excellent and plentiful. The Campfire was hosted by a
  12. My thoughts of scouting begin and end with the boys. I went to Wood Badge to help me be a better leader. I made sure that my ticket items would be of benefit to my son and his pack. Whether they know it or not, my boys have benefitted from me attending Wood Badge. Our boys have too many distractions. We are the path layers. Wood Badge reinforces ideals that should not be lost. Wood Badge reminds me that I am not alone in my commitment to scouting. We are a memory from the moment we start our existence. I want my boys to remember me with fondness. Im sorry for sounding lik
  13. The boys notice everything we do.
  14. I like to thank God for thr wet tent and soggy boots too.
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