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  1. The Great Depression started 1929 and lasted until mid 1930's or until the ramp-up for WW2 During this time, the BSA expanded the program and membership. Scouts were highly visible doing community service - clothes collecting, scrap drives (called recycling today). Health and Safety programs were developed and received national recognitions. Catholic Churches start chartering scout units. 1930: Cub Scout started, opening scouting to younger boys 1932: Schiff Scout Reservation at Mendham, N.J. opened. National Council adopted 10 year growth plan. 1938: Waite Phillips donates
  2. Mr. Peabody: Sherman set the Wayback Machine for Sept, 1972. Sherman: Where are we going Mr. Peabody? Mr. Peabody: To the Improved Scouting Program Sherman: Ah, can't we go to the Titanic maiden voyage instead? Say let's have an Improved Scouting Program to attract a certain demographic... And drop Camping merit badge as Eagle required as after all it is 'not necessarily a big thing' to some people. Been through this stupidity (I am greatly sugar-coating my opinion here) before. 'Green Bar' Bill Hillcourt came back, but even he could not repair all the damage and resto
  3. Good excuse to be irrational today.
  4. Be prepared. Teaching first aid, emergency preparedness, and safety are cornerstones of our troop scouting program. So far, no complaints from our parents. My previous response was about troop first aid kits, but count me in the "few" that want scouts to make and carry their own personal first aid kits as well. It is also Second Class requirement 6b. Each of our scouts carries his own "personal" first aid kit whose contents are mostly those on p289 of the Scout handbook "Personal First Aid Kit". Some kits are store bought, but most scouts make their own very lightweight (5 to 8oz),
  5. First consider what you will carry and then size the container for that plus room for growth. Here's a good article on a backpacking first aid kit http://www.backpacker.com/april_2000_health_first_aid_kit/skills/150?page=1 Strongly consider investing in SAM-splints and the new trauma, quick clotting dressings, ace bandages,... For wilderness activities, generally you want a folding, high-visibility, light weight soft pack with supplies organized in transparent pockets. You want to be able to unfold it and see everything that you have so you can quickly retrieve needed items. You
  6. A scout can get by with sneaks for hiking at many summer camps, but often these problems follow: - the sneaks were not the cheap Keds of yesteryear, but $$$ top of line NBA with blinking lights that are now ruined. Heh, the soles melted next to the fire? - the sneaks were the cheap variety and offered no ankle, foot sole support or toe protection and an injury resulted. - 'Why can't (I, my son) wear sneaks on the (troop campout, backpack, hike)? (I, he) did at summer camp'! Now my oldest son has taken sneaks to camp for the past two summer as a ploy to get a new pair. When those sne
  7. For Webs/New Scouts, I like the Hi-Tec hiking boots in the $40-60 range - good fit, waterproof, 3-season boot, light terrain usage. Merrell and New Balance also offer walking/light hiking shoes in this price range. Try a pair of Smartwool hiking socks too. Check out campmor.com My $0.02
  8. From Courier Post online http://www.courierpostonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2009902060347 which has photos too. BERLIN,NJ When tragedy struck a Girl Scout troop here, the girls stepped up to help a fellow scout's family. Troop leader Jennie Perrottet, 44, of Berlin Township, had a massive heart attack early in the morning on Jan. 14. "What happened to my troop leader was tragic," said Caitlyn Sullivan, 13, of Berlin Borough. "Earlier that night at our meeting she was fine as can be. We were talking about what to do with the cookie money and where we were going. She
  9. From scouting.org homepage Bulletin: Weaver Popcorn Issues a Nationwide Precautionary Voluntary Recall http://www.fda.gov/oc/po/firmrecalls/weaver02_09.html
  10. We buy 1/4" and 3/8" manila rope in 1200' rolls from E.W. Evans Cordage, Cranston,RI http://twevans.com/categories.asp?cat=68
  11. Earlier in regards to the BSA official response http://scouting.org/filestore/pdf/QAHearstmemoedited1-27-09.pdf , I stated, "I did not like the spinning in this response, but most of all I am skeptical of the repeated statement (4x) that the BSA is the nation's largest youth organization. I believe both the Boys & Girls Club and 4-H are larger." I notice today that scouting.org homepage first sentence now correctly states: "The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation's largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations." Thanks for the correction.
  12. In looking at alternative youth groups for my youngest son, I came across Dog Scouts of America. Good relief from uniform police, bsalegals, over-serious scouters, etc. And it is real! http://www.dogscouts1.com/ "It is the DOG that becomes a Dog Scout, so the individual at the loop end of the leash can be an adult or a child. We have programs for all ages!" "The nonprofit Dog Scouts of America was founded by Lonnie Olson in Michigan 14 years ago. It boasts more than 60 troops in 35 states, from California to Alabama to Vermont." The Dog Scout Parent's Motto: ``Our dog's li
  13. Agreed. This was a "stalking horse". The media used this as a means to press the BSA National into responding to other questions. It worked. I have seen the results of selective (single tree) and patch cutting at two scout camps. The selective cut was less obvious and more profitable as these were prime hardwoods. The patch cutting looked traumatic (they always do), mostly hemlock and pine, money made there. Luckily, neither camps were cutting due to pest infestation but that will come. The only beefs that I had were lack of notice and coordination with scout conservation projects. Woul
  14. "My Scouts are NOT paying Roy Williams salary" We all pay. http://scouting.org/filestore/pdf/QAHearstmemoedited1-27-09.pdf page 2,6, 26 "The national council is funded through membership fees, investments, Scouting and Boys' Life magazine, sale of uniforms and equipment, and contributions of individuals." p5 - functions of National - sell program supplies (handbooks, merit badge pamphlets, badges...) and training courses. - administer high adventure areas (Philmont, Sea Base...) and national events (Jamboree) p26 councils "pay an annual service fee to national".
  15. Here is the official response http://scouting.org/filestore/pdf/QAHearstmemoedited1-27-09.pdf pages 10,11,24,25,26,27 address executive salaries By any comparison, say the smaller executive salaries of a larger youth organizations with growing membership or the President of the U.S., our National execs are overpaid. I did not like the spinning in this response, but most of all I am skeptical of the repeated statement (4x) that the BSA is the nation's largest youth organization. I believe both the Boys & Girls Club and 4-H are larger. A Scout is Trustworthy.
  16. I'm old school and offer a contrary opinion. None. Scouter leaders should have YP, Safe Swim Defense, (come on, those are online, how easy is that) leader training, and First Aid BEFORE taking their unit to summer camp. At Summer camp, spend time outside with your scouts. Share their successes, see their smiles, console their losses, bandage their boo-boos, take photos, laugh, swat mosquitoes. Be there with your scouts. If that's not what you want, if you want training courses at summer camp - don't go to summer camp. You can yak with adults or look at flip charts, at Round Tables, P
  17. Not the patrol method, just a playground selection of teams without much leadership. Your scouts were shortchanged on this phony-Klondike, see if you can guide them to correcting this while winter is still here. The Roses and Thorns is a perfect opportunity to get them thinking about doing their own, Klondike the right way with sleds, etc. in the next two or three weeks. Maybe invite another troop. In the future, shop around and consider events from other Districts and maybe other councils. If other Districts are running better events, consider attending an out-of-district event ins
  18. I think it would help recruiting and "peace of mind" if the details were clearly stated in writing on the joining application. Currently, there is no mention of this on the application and worse, the required joining Class 1 medical gives many the impression that medical insurance is required. Also, give parents a copy of the scout supplemental insurance policy that applies to their son during scouting activities.
  19. In my council's training classes, I have been told that a family need not have health insurance coverage to be a participating BSA member, but I have yet to see that written anywhere, so this reply may not be worth much. The procedure explained in class was that in the event of injury during a scout activity, contact Council which then gives parents a HSR form to submit. HSR is Health Service Risk http://www.healthspecialrisk.com/ is an insurance underwriter in Texas, here is a link to the forms at their website http://www.healthspecialrisk.com/claim-forms.htm On their "Gener
  20. Triangular bandages are commonly 37"x37"x52" or 40"x40"x56", so for a neckerchief to function as a triangular bandage, a larger size seems reasonable. As a scout in the 60's, my troop has a 32" square neckerchief which was adequate for bandaging scouts among other uses. I found this link regarding Canadian neckers http://scoutdocs.ca/Documents/Making_a_Necker.php scroll to bottom and you will see their three "proper sizes" for neckers.
  21. This is stated awkwardly on page 2 of the NEW Local Tour Permit which has editable fields. I believe you can also submit online through your MyScouting account. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34426.pdf You likely completed an older version. I do not recall reading an official announcement. IMO the Local Tour Permit still needs a major rewrite.
  22. Here's what I found www.scoutingalaska.org/uploads/ScoutExecChallenge.pdf How did I find this? Used a methodical internet search as opposed to a shotgun of keywords...and luck. 1. You read the article and know that he, Audun Mikkelson, is the Scout Executive of the Great Alaska Council 2. Google for Great Alaska Council http://www.scoutingalaska.org/ 3. On its homepage, click Search and enter the word Challenge 4. Select Scout Executive's Challenge webpage 5. This page has some info but scroll to bottom and click download Flyer and Tracking Sheet and you have above li
  23. Too funny. Will RIT work on 100% nylon fabric? You may have more luck using an "acid dye" on supplex nylon fabric in that there should be less color washout in subsequent machine washings. Check Jacquard acid dyes. Their website has a forum for asking questions. Here's their color chart http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/dyes/aciddye/colors.php Anyway my 2c, good luck.
  24. Our pack and troop has rang, proudly in uniform and with Council knowledge, for Salvation Army for as long as I can remember. No complaints, just community gratitude. Wanna complain, then we are just scouts singing and ringing a bell. We start at Thanksgiving on thru Dec 23, no matter the weather. We neither collect money nor touch the kettle. People just put money in the kettle and a Salvation Army rep picks it up. This is what scouts do - we help other people. Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth and Goodwill.
  25. The winner: Professor Randy Pausch for his "Last Lecture" http://tinyurl.com/55ukt2 Thank you for the inspiration you provided to your students and the world. You will be missed.
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