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  1. The news clip I saw said they were at the park on a 'church' camping event. If that is/was the case perhaps the Scouts were occupied elsewhere, or someone from the TV station equated church group with Scouts. RR
  2. The place to get him recognized would be the Danish American Immigrant Museum in Elk Horn, Iowa. Bill was after all a Danish immigrant. National would have zero say in the matter. RR
  3. The ceremony is one of the password protected pages. No dice. I'd like to know also. My troop has as our AC a Vigil member who has asked the troop to be a part of his final honors. He suffered a significant fall and head injury last year and now he is planning ahead. I would hate to disappoint his memory when the time does come. RR
  4. Israel had a problem with terrorist attacks on schools once upon a time. So they armed the teachers and the problem basically went away. Guess what, the teachers haven't been shooting up the schools either. RR
  5. I was able to assist a non-Scout group of English boys secure 2 nights lodging at Kirtland AFB in Albuqueque. They have a troop that meets there and they interacted with the English lads, even provided a local to act as tour guide for visits to are points of interest. They stayed there early this week, touring Route 66 from Chicago to LA. The same group is pending two nights with my troop this week as well. We are taking them camping over in CA on Friday. I should also add that we have never camped on an Army base, but we have found that AF bases tend to be accommodating. usually a
  6. I have begged, pleaded and downright (almost) threatened and in the past 4 years have received precisely 1 (one) letter from home for a Scout. This year I have 4 boys staffing at 2 different camps - that is to say 2 boys each of two camps. Since I know how parents are I am the one sending letters and packages. One camp - Levi Levi, by Kingman, AZ - has limited if any mail service, so I was proactive and wrote letters to be left with the camp director to be handed out on Saturday, Monday, Wed. and Fri. Also sent a package to be delivered on Wed. The 2 boys are CITs for the first time so I
  7. No where do the requirements say anything about "the water conditions he will face." That would be akin to saying if a troop is going white water rafting the participants must do their swim test in a Class 4 rapids because they will pass through one or more during the course of the trip. The Scout was right to be upset: you added to the requirements. Unless the swim test was long enough ago that his physical conditioning or medical status may have changed for the worse than it should be valid, assuming it was done this year. "Not a strong swimmer" doesn't say passed by the skin of hi
  8. One part of Mid-Iowa's problems was Eli Brewer, the Council Exec. There was a trust originating from Mahaska County that was stipulated for the support of local (calling Mahaska County 'home') scout programs. He chose to interpret that as providing a DE and other support services as "support" and thus to allow the Council to claim the annual funds to the general coffers. Long story short it was only after losing every single appeal to the original lawsuit that he finally informed the Executive Committee what had been going on. I wish i had even a clue how much money was spent on defending
  9. The decision has been made to treat the signed BC's as indications of beginning the MB's. After that each one is going to be examined to see where the shortcomings are and to correct them rather than trash the efforts or scream fraud. Future MB clinics are going to be treated with a very jaundiced eye as well. If they offer more than 1 MB for a 4-6 hour session that will seen as an indication that they are not up to par. I expect boys to come back from summer camp with the occasional incomplete even after a week of sessions. As such I do not expect a boy to be able to honorably and
  10. You could do a members-only regalia building workshop. Assuming your lodge or chapter hasn't chosen an esoteric tribe to base their regalia on - they do the White Mountain Apache here which is difficult because their wore loin clothes and body paint only - tips and hints and helps at constructing headdresses and the like could put some life into your ceremonial team. RR
  11. We use Scoutlander and love it. We have both a public site and a password-protected members-only area. The public area is used for recruiting purposes, and the private area for specific info such as what to pack for summer camp, OA info for affected members, the membership lists, etc. We also keep a private photo album there vs. the smaller public photo area. The calendar feature is also nice. Auto-emailings can be limited so as not to be annoying in volume. We haven't made a donation for the site yet but the Committee has agreed to it. RR
  12. BMD, between meetings so no action yet. Have to get past 4 nights in a row of 12+ hour shifts before the next meeting. RR
  13. I remember green Acres but not the generator reference. RR
  14. I purposely did not provide details in order to stimulate a variety of responses, basically to see if there were valid reasons (i.e. more than one), and if so what they might be in general, rather than focused on one instance. I was deliberately vague for that reason only. Here's the situation: local troop holds a MB clinic. They decided ahead of time what MB's to offer, and then tried to sign up counselors to fit their pre-determined offerings. Scout comes to the clinic 45 minutes late, looks over the schedule of MB offerings and jumps in. No pre-signed BC's. I was there teaching fi
  15. When do you - if ever - refuse to award a merit badge when the scout presents you with a signed blue card? I am being deliberately vague with the question so as not to limit the responses. I will say that this is a situation I am currently facing as a SM. RR
  16. I am in the process of getting one for Armenian for a new Scout. To get one in the language itself have someone familiar with it write it out. Thus I had the dad write out Armenian in the Cyrillic alphabet. This is sent in to national with the order and they send the strips custom-made. The strips as mentioned run about $7 and come as a minimum of 2 per order. They are ordered through the local Scout Shop. There is actually an inventory number on the national database that covers custom-ordered Interpreter strips. RR
  17. Yes, remove the Webelos patch from the pocket itself. Boy Scouts (as opposed to Cubs/Webelos) may wear the Arrow of Light strip underneath their left breast pocket, assuming they earned it. If not then they do not wear any patches indicating that they were in Cubs. Rather they start on a whole new set. RR
  18. I am starting a new job next week that offers better pay than what I was getting last but also is without benefits. No paid vacation means that in order to keep my commitment to my Scouts I will be taking off a week without pay, and losing in excess of $1,200 in gross pay to do so. It is not a precise calculation of what my time is worth but it is a starting point any way. I was told if I wanted to work all week-ends I could make an extra $6/hour. Tempting but as I told the new employer that would mean not taking my Scouts camping, so I'd need at least 1 week-end a month free. Another $1
  19. You good folks do realize I hope that we are allowing a dependency on technology here. Modern Scouts would not be able to survive without a fully functioning system in place. I am being serious. Try to imagine a boy sitting down and crying and giving up because his cell phone ran out of power, and he no longer has his GPS and is unable to text the Rescue Rangers, and you can see where things are heading. Technology has its place but we as a world (especially in the US but a few other countries as well) have become so dependent on it being there all the time that we virtually cannot live w
  20. Our council does the kit that includes a mentor pin as well, and it is sent at no charge to the troop (the kit that is). We've only had one boy earn Eagle in the past 7+ years and his mother tried to wave off any recognition (she dislikes the appearance of a fuss being made about her family in any way) and finally agreed to a modest Eagle CofH. It might be that the local council has a sponsor for the Eagle kits. I really don't know. But I do know that local photographers in the Las Vegas area vie for Eagle portraits and offer then sans sitting fee and also provide the family with one copy
  21. I'll try to answer things as best I can; hope I hit everything asked. The APL did very little leading. it does not come naturally to him and in any case his family and the SPl's have gotten to be friends, so I really wonder if he would say/do anything to step between the SPL and the others. Just my thinking any how. The cooking went off or or less as planned. The Toten Chip class wasn't part of the plan. After I suggested it a couple of patrol members took the newer boys under wing and pretty much got them through fire lays, etc. This helped occupy time gainfully. I have not had
  22. I believe that the problems with the current SPL have resulting in a very eye-opening experience for my boys. He is on his 2nd term in office (6 months each time), and we have implemented a policy as of last year that 2 terms in a particular POR is it, so as not to create a glass ceiling and hold boys back from advanced rank. I expect that he will toss his hat into the ring for the PL position of his previous patrol, but also expect that he faces an uphill battle after his performance this past year. In the past when membership was down we did away with the SPL for a time because of
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