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  1. Our situation is more of a convenience thing for an adult leader who has 3 boys in the troop and a daughter in Girl Scouts. This way she can come along on the campouts with the "crew" which consists of about 4 boys and 3 girls. They camped separately on one outing. On another it was all together. My hope is that they end up planning and going on their own outings instead of tagging along to troop outings. There isn't the camaraderie amongst the scouts since some are bragging about being on crew and having meetings the others can't sit in on at outings. Regarding the planning of the 50 miler
  2. I'm working on planning a 50 miler for next summer for the troop. I'll have to make it clear that, if I'm going to plan it, this will be a Troop activity and not a Troop/Crew activity.
  3. A new crew has been started in our area with some boys from our troop and girls from a local Girl Scout troop. Our troop committee chair got this going as a way to get the Girl Scout troop (which she's also involved in)out camping. I think it's a great idea. The problem I see developing is that they essentially tag along on all of the Troop outings. I'm seeing some friction between the two groups. My question is, would I be out of line saying "if you want a venture crew that's great but I think it's time to start planning your own outings". Thanks for your input.
  4. I picked up a lynx 2 on sale through scout direct for $75. My son and I fit comfortably in the tent. Scout Direct is the way to go if you're gearing up for backpacking.
  5. I prefer Best Track over the others. Just a really nice track. Our pack has another pack come in with a 6-lane best track to run our PWD race. They really like theirs.
  6. Could anyone tell me the length of time a Den Chief must serve for rank advancement? I realize for the service award it is one year but can a Den Chief serve less than that and still achieve rank advancement? Thanks!
  7. Once we get all of the "badge magic" crud off we'll have him sew them on. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Frank! Trying to get my new Scout's uniform in order. The Webelos patch on the pocket should be removed, correct?
  9. Does a Patrol scribe need a patch for that position?
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