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    It's a little late to be posting this, but. . . . We have some openings with $200 discounts (un-refunded deposits) for flights out of Chicago to the Tomb of the Unknown Scout in Manchester, England, UK. 4-day trip, lots of fun.
  2. Fester281

    Alternatives to the evening campfire

    My troop (281) has a microwave campfire. Skits, storytelling, corny jokes, an inspiring message and smores, all in 3 1/2 minutes.
  3. Fester281

    Win All You Can

    Always wondered why the game wasn't set up as pairs of two groups, A vs B and C vs D, with cooperate/don't divvied up secretly between the two. That way, a better comparison could be made. Haven't done WB yet, but encountered the game elsewhere. Took me about 5 minutes to figure it out. Spent half the remaining time watching to see when others would "get it", and the other half wondering if the few remaining would ever get it at all. Applicable? Yes. I've told crossover Webelos, "Hey look, we really don't have the equipment and adult help to do some of the things that you're all excited about doing. But, check out the troop over at Saint Velcro; you'll find a dozen kids over there who LIVE what you want to do." I don't recall many kids being sent by the St Velcro crowd over to US, but it doesn't matter. We do no favors to a kid by putting him in an unhappy, ill-fitting situation just to pump up our numbers, and one more happy Scout making it down the trail ups the final score for everyone.
  4. Fester281

    Min Tent Size?

    Don't buy those little 10-inch high tents they have on display at the Council Scout Shop!
  5. Fester281

    New Uniform CSP

    I'm working a non-Scouting camp here in southern indiana for the next two weeks, and already found the council HQ for Hoosier TRAILS. They had two CSP' for the council. First was the regular mostly-red one. Second one had the same design, but was kinda beige, with dark green border, lettering, and Indiana map with Council area in black. Only design difference was the new one had a pale, understated "sunburst" in an indescribable pale blue. I asked if it was a replacement CSP, and received an emphatic NO. required for the new uniform? NO. I was then told that a new design WAS in the works, but it had nothing to do with, nor the same colors as, the new uniform. Gotta admit, it DID look very good with the new uniform, but was also very happy to hear that there were no plans to do away with the bright colors CSP. What a concept-- "Give people a choice". So far, it hasn't killed anyone yet. I was told that both sell very well.