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  1. Not that anyone cares...lol but when I began the research for our Pack I spoke with Justin Lowe of the IRS nonporfit division about this..(He is one of the tope people there) anyway his comment was that this is wrong for all the reasons listed. he did comment that you could probably fly under the radar and never get caught but....the other thing that I have heard from other nonprofits around here and as well as from Mr. Lowe...with the economy in the shape it is in, they look for all avenues for revenue...Nonprofits don't pay taxes...there are many nonprofits getting audited because if you can
  2. So, I would pull out for sure if the policy was changed. By the way, I DID take my son out of public school because I wanted to make sure that the role models he had while in his formative years were the ones that I was comfortable with. While I could pull out all of my reasons for not wanting homosexuals around my children, I won't.. However, the bottom line for me is if I don't agree with the foundations of an organization, I dont join...I find something else to join. Seems kind of crazy to me if there are so many that want an organization like BSA to have openly gay leaders why has so
  3. BoomerScout, Due to my concern of this issue, I had to find out where your letter came from...lol The letter you mentioned seems to be part of a publication that was put out last year and here is the link... http://www.scouting.org/filestore/financeimpact/pdf/june10.pdf Seems National has already made a declaration of this last year...hmmm
  4. Beavah, I completely agree with you...beyond the legality issues..why do we keep trying to justify it? As to the questions about the incentives...incentives work differently and are evenly distributed AND come from Trail's End...a for profit company!!! To my knowledge, and I have researched this extensively, incentives are not from BSA but from trail;s End. here is a link. http://www.kintera.org/atf/cf/%7BE843D69F-BAF5-40AD-8006-A9A1D6BA11DC%7D/PRIVATE%20BENEFIT%20MEMO.PDF This is an internal BSA memo from the Tax attorney at national. I actually spoke with him directly an
  5. So, I volunteered my services at University of Scouting to teach a session called pack admin...the basics. My only guildelines really are to talk about best practices and have some discussion time. My question is: what should I cover because there is SO much and so many directions I could go in. any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Thanks for clarifying...I guess where I confused myself was that our dens are not active during the summer...we do some Pack activities...but dens don't meet..We strat back the second week in september. as for rushing them through, I have always wondered why people do that (in anything..sports, school, scouts, church...etc) I feel like they should get all they can and enjoy it...before they have to move on. I know I have wished many times for life to slow down (since I have gotten older lol)
  7. I thought a requirement of AOL was to be at least 6 full months in 5th grade.
  8. engineer, Really? Absolutley not...had he fought, there would have been consequences! I am through with this topic...If this boy is working on Eagle he is hold enough to handle this...Did anyone even think that maybe, just maybe the Scout did not want mom and dad there? I know a lot of teenagers and sometimes they don't want mom and dad to know the whole story and just want mom and dad to hear their side? Anyway, I am done with this topic...I am glad those leaders were looking out for the Pack...
  9. KC, I noticed that some of the quotes you took, were a little out of context. First, yes based on BSA policy, God, and my beliefs, I believe sexual misconduct is immorral. Whether society agrees is irrelevant! We should still strive to fulfill our duty to God even in the realm of sexual morality. I am not going to argue what we think about this. If someone does not want to abide by it, then by all means noone is forcing you to be a Scout. Second, yes you can treat as a victim but even victims have opportunity to choose what they do... Third, Absolutley would allo
  10. Baden , I just want to say that I don't really feel this was an inquisition...In fact, I do not think that it was as bad as what it was made out to be...In one later post I read, I realized that there is some other drama in this troop and there may be a couple different groups wanting control. I do not think anyone should be brought before a lynch mob. I do think the young man should be acountable for what he says, though! I am glad there were 5 people in there. It was mentioned that the CC and COR were there. That way all the key players know what was said.
  11. I completely agree with Crew21. In fact, he said things much clearer than I could. As a mom, I am very concerned about the environments that I allow my son to be in. Before, ever joining scouts we looked at policys to see if it would expose our children to things we did not want them exposed too. Sexual misconduct being one of them. All I can truly say is as a mother, I am glad the leaders talked with the young man and tried to get to the bottom of the situation. We have heard one side of the story...and the thing that still bothers me is...no personal responsibility!! Yes, I understand
  12. Ok..maybe I am missing something here...A group of Scout leaders take a young man aside to discuss an issue.. From my understanding, you could not hear what was being said by anyone in the room and you are only going on what you were told as to what happened??I did not see where they asked him to leave the troop, only try to get to the bottom of a rumor that, if true, directly conflicts with Scouting... So from my point of view, as a mom in Scouting and as a CM...First of all, scouting does NOT condone homosexuality and does not want that promoted...The rumor should be dealt with and the
  13. I had to weigh in on this one. You see, back in Nov. I got my handicap placard and should have gotten one long before, however, I worried about crticism from people that were complete strangers who may have thought I looked fine and should not have parked there. I have RA. I have good days and bad and have a very inconsistent energy level. For example, when I arrive somewhere, I may be fine but when I leave can barely make it to the parking lot. Sometimes, I have to sit in my car for up to five minutes to make my body work enough to move. NO ONE knows the whole story of the person who parks in
  14. I will add...Scoutbucks will be earned by boys regardless, only a certain percentage will go to the pack and that does not change. My question is if I take 10 boys to sale for 2 hours and we sell 100 cards...Do I sp;it the cards between the boys so that each kid gets credit for 25 or if kid a only sells 10 cards, kid b sells 5 cards, kids c sells 25, kid d sells 60 cards should I only give the kids credit for the ones they made the direct sales on? Even if kid B, was holding a sign at the road? In my situation, credit will go to the boy, just trying to figure out the most fair way to do it.
  15. Just curious, how your packs credit sales for popcorn and scout cards when you sell as a group like at a store? Do you give credit individually to each boy or do you take the total and share among the boys?
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