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    Add Breastfeeding to G2SS?

    Swooping in for a moment...to followup on Stosh's ideas, I suggest arranging for classes to have some hands-on experience changing diapers, real ones, dirty ones, fully loaded. That is a spectre that will last a lifetime, lol. Flutter, flutter.....
  2. packsaddle

    Interesting topic came up....

    Briefly out of quarantine. Calico, most of the tuition is borrowed at interest rates likely to follow graduates for many years if it isn't paid by rich families. Tuition rates are rising not because states are raising them. On the contrary, when this state lowered state support to record low levels (10% or less) the university was forced to raise tuition to compensate - and the legislature raised concerns about the rising tuition costs in response. One of the major state institutions compensated by opening enrollment to much larger numbers (with resulting increase in failure rates) and another raised both tuition and entry standards - a gutsy move that 'paid off' it turns out. That institution has a huge applicant pool and they only accept a tiny fraction. It conforms to market forces in many ways. Unfortunately, as Beavah noted, it isn't exactly the way to spread the benefit of education to many of the best students who can't afford it. But back to your assertion that states raise tuition: think about the political reasons that this would NOT happen - such as angry parents who can't afford college because some legislature raised rates. Legislators just don't have that kind of 'courage'. They'd rather take the path of cutting support and then pretending to be outraged when the institutions raised the tuition. Over and out.
  3. packsaddle

    Be on my way

    >>coming out of hibernation... There's a limit to how much time moderators have to 'police' the 'behavior' of forums...remember...they also don't get paid and they have 'lives' outside of this as well as careers. In the ideal world, a forum like scouter.com (if it doesn't work for scouters it probably can't work anywhere) should be self-moderating with the 'moderators' providing occasional nudges now and then. I read the series in this case and while I also disagree with his decision, I understand cyclops's feelings. Sorry to see him go. back to hibernation<<<
  4. packsaddle

    As we say goodbye

    MoosetheItalianBlacksmith, I will break silence to express how deeply saddened I am to hear about your mom. She was a truly good human being who, with great eloquence and passion, expressed empathy and generosity and fairness for others. We are all better for having had her among us and I am personally saddened that, like OGE, I never was able to have the pleasure of meeting her. Perhaps someday, I will be able to meet you and say these things in person. My condolences.
  5. Just a quick visit to the old gang, and I noticed this. It took me a few minutes to find it but I still have my diary that I wrote on my solo 100+ miler way back in 1973 in the Yellowstone backcountry. Thanks for the memories. See you 'round.
  6. packsaddle

    Does Every Child Have To Be A Scout?

    Interesting topic and timely. I've been interacting with my grandchildren, the first just coming into the Cub Scout age. They have looked around their area and considered the CS program. The father is an Eagle Scout. But the programs seem to be something they are just not interested in and the local community has a strong youth program itself, not affiliated with any organization, church,...anything. They have decided to go what what they know and like. I asked about the kinds of things scouting is advertised as promoting: character, good citizenship, etc. Their response was something on the order of: "That's what we are already. This family doesn't need some external program to do that." I can't find a flaw in their logic. So, this probably means I'll be helping with that program and withdrawing from the unit I'm with. Interesting...how these things turn out. The ultimate in local option. Guess this is goodbye.
  7. packsaddle

    Cub Scout Adult Leadership & Scouting Values

    Nothing wrong with some good vibes these days. I think you made the best decision that you could. Qwazse had some good suggestions that are also worth consideration. When I was CM, it was tough for me to turn down any request. Sometimes they just ask too much.
  8. packsaddle

    Path To Save Bsa?

    Back for the evening. I agree with qwazse. On that note, if the unit had been on those streams with me, all this turmoil would have paled into background noise. Which is what I intend to let it do again tomorrow. On a different note, I am saddened to report that one of our former scouts has just been charged with a local murder (a different one). When I joke about some our bullets landing not to far from some of the rest of you, I'm not really joking. Thanks qwazse, I'm outta here again. This forum is just too much.
  9. packsaddle

    Decorum And Acting Scoutlike

    As I promised Sentinel, I took time off and took a hike. While I'm back I'll take this time to apologize to BDPT00 and the forums in general for 'going off' the way I did. Stosh was right, I should have handled it with PM and the result was destructive overall. I regret this greatly. I had been on the trail for a short time only to be called back to attend a memorial for a friend, evidently killed in a robbery the same day as my regrettable words - which just doubly makes my reaction that much less important in the grand scheme. I apologize.
  10. packsaddle

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    I won't do the deed. It will be up to Terry. You are free to make the same request. Edit: OK, I'm backing off.
  11. My daughter routinely outperformed some our best scouts, physically and mentally. It would be a good thing.
  12. packsaddle

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    And in your post above you just put quotation marks around something I didn't write as well. No user error for that. When someone publicly lies about me, I respond publicly and directly.
  13. packsaddle

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    You think this is a threat? When he offers a complete explanation, I'll apologize.
  14. packsaddle

    Bsa Amends Adult Leadership Standards

    We should not 'need' charities anyway. We should be paying our own way as we go. We should not lament when someone decides not to give us something we haven't earned...that is entitlement. We should be paying the freight for the camps if we use them, and all the other stuff, same as families in our unit do every month, every week. It's called responsibility. The 'program' is an idea. The 'program' is not an overpaid, bloated superstructure that volunteers should worry about getting their bloated salaries. Sorry, end of rant.
  15. packsaddle

    Vatican Scouts?

    This gets into 'program' but that's pretty much what we do. Plus it relaxes a lot of the restrictions that are placed on the 'official' places, like the arbitrary age limit for one. Moreover, the alternative gives the PLC and boys a lot more planning and leadership opportunities. Some of the council camps I have known well are now becoming surrounded by gated communities and suburbs. The National Forests and Parks and private lands offer a lot of great options.
  16. packsaddle

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    Sadly, this has the ring of truth. But with all the prognostications, all of us will just have to 'wait and see' what happens
  17. packsaddle

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    Why do they exclude LDS?
  18. packsaddle

    Decorum And Acting Scoutlike

    Sure we can. Some of us just need more space than others. Sometimes it needs to be completely different space.
  19. packsaddle

    Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

    I know next to nothing about LDS scouting but I was under the impression that that was how it is now.
  20. packsaddle

    Cooking Mb At Summer Camp

    That is similar to the way I interpret it as well. Really, shouldn't this be the case for all MBs?
  21. packsaddle

    Pooping Cyclist Started Idaho Foothills Fire

    Yes, except for the fire, all good news. Are you sure this belongs in I&P? I guess maybe.
  22. packsaddle

    Can I bring my younger son to scout campouts?

    What's wrong with posting to a 'Lazarus' thread? Have you seen "The Walking Dead"? (I'm not talking about political candidates)
  23. packsaddle

    Is Local Option An Illusion?

    Is Trail Life really floundering?
  24. packsaddle

    Bsa Gay Adult Opinion Poll

    KenD500, kill switch? An affirmative response. I will begin to clear this thread and leave a followup message as a marker for future reference.
  25. packsaddle

    Something New For "discussion".

    This is human nature. It was recognized long ago and just as an example there is this classic paper by Chamberlin (1890) who proposed a way to try to avoid these kinds of 'personal' entanglements. Science (old series) 15:92. Link to the text. It has been republished and reprinted over the years, and notably referred to by Platt (1964) in his paper on Strong Inference.