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  1. TenBears

    How deeply do you vet new leaders?

    >>We'll be passing on the guy who indicates he uses illegal drugs and has a suspended license...
  2. TenBears

    800 Pound Gorillas

    How can you take a person who types with an affected accent seriously? Can't decide if I'm reminded more of Forrest Gump or Madonna. lol
  3. TenBears

    A cancer in the troop?

    >>This sounds like a badly run Cub Scout Pack. The current leadership does not even deserve to wear blue shoulder loops.
  4. TenBears

    How does the belt loop program work for your pack?

    >>Last year I did a beltloop roundup where kids could go from station to station and earn up to 4 belt loops. I'll probably do that again at least once this year. Our pack pays for all awards earned.
  5. TenBears

    Centenial Rank Badges Restricted?

    >>The only Badge an Eagle Scout over the age of 18 should be able to purchase is the Adult Eagle Knot. They can't wear the individual patches so have no need to purchase them.
  6. TenBears

    Centenial Rank Badges Restricted?

    Scoutfish, I'd be willing to bet the Ebay sellers aren't Eagles, despite any claims made to the contrary.(This message has been edited by tenbears)
  7. TenBears

    Centenial Rank Badges Restricted?

    >>If anyone, with an Eagle card, could buy restricted insignia at any scout shop, it would make the whole system less effective.
  8. TenBears

    Centenial Rank Badges Restricted?

    >>Ten Bears... these (and all rank patches) from the Scout store can only be purchased when an advancement report is turned in. An Eagle card, while commendable, does not automatically raise you above the policy.
  9. TenBears

    Safely mounting patches

    I've used a small bead of silicon adhesive with success. If you need to move the patches, the silicon is not permanent and rubs off with your finger.
  10. I think it's usually in November.
  11. TenBears

    Centenial Rank Badges Restricted?

    "'buy the Centennial versions of the Scout through Eagle rank badges', ..... just for that reason." What reason is that, dg98adams? Maybe you can tell me the reason why it's okay for me to buy a set of non-centennial Scout through Eagle rank badges, which they would sell to me when I presented the "proper paperwork" in the form of my Eagle Scout card, but not the centennial versions? I'm just not seeing the logic behind this distinction. Seems to me that if I'm qualified to buy a non-centennial set, it should be okay for me to buy the centennial set. Per current BSA policy (as I am now learning), I should only be allowed to purchase a Type 5 Eagle patch, as that was the type issued when I earned mine in 1980. However, I don't seem to recall having a problem when I bought one of the silver jubilee Eagles back in 1985. Anyway, thanks for the responses. Oh well, guess it's off to Ebay for a set to use in my display. I get the badges anyway, just have to pay a bit more for them.(This message has been edited by tenbears)
  12. Hmmmm.... Just got back from the St. Louis Council Scout Shop, where I was not allowed to buy the Centennial versions of the Scout through Eagle rank badges (despite the fact I presented my Eagle Scout card). I was told you had to earn the rank this year in order to be able to buy the Centennial versions. Is this official BSA policy....or were the two kiddos staffing the shop this morning just trying to improve their Ebay scalping efforts? This may come across as a bit cynical, but as an Eagle, I feel I should be entitled to buy the rank patches for a display I am putting together and really have to wonder if this is official BSA policy or if the fact that Centennial rank sets are going for $30+ on Ebay is the reason behind the refusal by the two young fellows behind the counter to allow me to buy them at the Scout Shop. (This message has been edited by tenbears)
  13. TenBears

    Adults wearing uniforms to boost ego?

    Hmmmm..... Some good food for thought here. As a relatively new Tiger and Wolf den leader, I was still able to fit into and wear my old scout shirt from the days of my youth....and I also left the national and international jambo patches on said shirt just because they reminded me of some good times I had back in the olden days. Guess I need to take those off now that I have been "promoted" to Cubmaster. Wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Quaere. If during my scouting adventures I happen to see an adult scout leader wearing a campaign cover, should I do him a favor and knock it off his head while informing him that he looks like a foolish caricature of GySgt Carter and that wearing one is egotistical to boot? What say ye, Lord BadenP? (This message has been edited by TenBears)(This message has been edited by TenBears)
  14. TenBears

    Philmont patch..

    Gee....almost hate to resurrect this thread, but...... The tail over the shoulder means you climbed/hiked the Tooth. End of story. Of course, that's according to the numerous rangers and other staff members I spoke with during my two treks back in the 1970s, but hey, they weren't store clerks or training center directors trying to make the newbs feel included, so I guess one may wish to take it with a grain of salt.... lol(This message has been edited by TenBears)