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  1. re: "... is there a way to "mark" a page or specific paragraph ..." Yes. Can set/clear unlimited number of book marks. Can highlight a section. A list of bookmarks and highlights let you jump to any. There is a keyboard and you can enter annotations that save and key to the text. All are a tad clunky. Making notes is a lot like taking notes using your cell-phone. The UI for viewing and jumping to bookmarks or highlights is much harder than the "flags" mentioned. On the other hand, I can highlight a term and jump out to wikipedia to lookup more detail, or lookup a term in a dictionary
  2. Santa brought me the Kindle3 e-book reader with wireless connectivity. I was wondering if other scouters have found the device useful in a scouting context. Some obvious applications are e-book version of the Handbook (doesn't exist - the girl scouts have one); Guide to Safe Scouting (Kindle reads the PDF format, but the version National publishes doesn't have jump/links from the table of contents). I also looked at the PDF files national has for "Program Helps" and "Games". The e-reader can display these, but the 8.5x11 formatted pages don't display well on the kindle. What have you done
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