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  1. Hey this my sound stupid orvery simplistic. Ask him what he wants. Whay keep it a secret?
  2. Well thank you for all of your responces. Many were very insightful. But at this point I think that I have gotten to the very bottom of the situation. I have been aided in my meger investigation by the boy's unit committee chair. He is also one of my standard memebers of the EBOR. This incident was handled completely out of court and informally by the unit and council. And now the most important piece of information. This incident took place 4 years ago. Why it was brought up now by one of the unit scouters has yet to be answered. The final story: At a multi council event several (4) boy
  3. What about x-number of hours of community service? By the way the shiplifting issue has been confirmed at this point, he was 17 1/2 when the incident took place.
  4. I have been the Eagle Advancement Chair for our District for seveal years and have not denied the advancment to Eagle for any scout up to this point. I may be facing that issue this week. I want to be prepaired if the alogations that I have heard turn out to be true. At a recent mulit-unit outing the boy in question is supposed to have shoplifted an item and was caught. He wrote a letter of apology and the matter was "hushed." I have also heard but not confirmed that at a previous scout camp a similar situation occured. I am working on confirmation. The boy is 18. Looking for advice.
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