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  1. You should be thankful that the other scouts parents didn't press criminal charges. They had a legal right to do this. Your son pulled a knife on their son. YOur son should have been sent home. Just because another boy is looking for a fight doesn't mean your son had to give him that fight. As far as using the walking stick to beat on a tree. The walking stick should have been taken away from your son. Had be been in my troop this is what would have happened. He would have lost the right to carry a walking stick. We tell our boys that they aren't hammers, they aren't swords. If we catc
  2. When did two of my scouts transfer to your troop? Know this story all too well. Have one boy in our troop that just finished Drivers Ed. I ask him about Traffic Safety merit badge. His comment was I don't need it. Another boy also finished DE has already filled out the paper work and all I have to do is go over it with him and sign off. Any boy taking drivers ed is doing the badge. It is simply a matter of doing the paper work
  3. I can tell you why Kevin isn't going. $750.00 for the week.
  4. I agree this leader needs to be removed. Immediately. There should never be an excuse for a leader screaming and yelling at boys. Not in this manner. If a boy had acted this way I would have sent him home. I wonder how this man would have felt if he had been talked to in the way he talked to these boys. If you want kids to respect you you have to show them respect. Once a leader begins acting like the boys will lost all respect for him. JASM can be a hard position to hold. You are expected to act like an adult but most adults still look at you as a kid. I would have a good talk
  5. One thing I found out when a DE is wanting you to teach and they can't seem to find you the material you need. Simply say to them. "I will be more than happy to each this training as soon as you get me the material to teach it with. But without that material I won't consider setting up any trainings." Has always worked for me.
  6. One thing in defense of kids and nature today. In my youth I could get on the back of the horse and leave the house at daylight and not get back until after dark. Never thought a thing about it. Today I wouldn't let my kids do that. I don't let Kevin walk home from school and it's only about 15 blocks. Many of the freedoms that I had as a kid simply aren't there for todays kids. I never thought about dealing with driveby shootings. Gang violance. Child molesters. 50-55 years ago it wasn't there. But on the other side. Kids are losing touch with nature because we, as parents
  7. We had a great time. Went to Slippery Falls Scout Ranch. Extreemly well run. At the SM meeting each morning each adult that showed up was given an ice ticket. And a daily News Paper. Food was great. (well except forthe meatloaf. Idon't like meatloaf) They had a out of this world salad bar at lunch and dinner. The badge program was wonderful and very well run. Staff couldn't have been better and easier towork with. Badge instructors were very well versed in the subject. Ihelped with Leatherwork and the instructor has been teaching at this camp for 17 years. He also makes indian attire
  8. Summer camp yes. District Camporees, Yes. Gear and uniforms. NO. NEVER When a boy works on a fund raiser the money is divided among each boy that worked and applied to his troop account. We have one mother that doesn't want her son to work fund raisers. She deposits into his troop account at the beginning of the year Dues goes into a different account that covers advancement and troop expenses.
  9. My take on gossip is. If they want to gossip it is their thing. As long as I don't pass it along and take part in it. Now I have at times informed the person gossiping that their facts were wrong.
  10. Our District is seeing boys who earn Eagle at 13-15 leave within a year and go to Venture. I think that once they have Eagle they don't see much challenge ahead of themselves and want to move on to something new.
  11. LisaBob. In my many years of working in a mans world, I have observed that in most cases men gossip as much, in not more than women.
  12. I have four words. TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, AND MORE TRAINING. And it isn't just the training. It is getting with other Den leaders. Hearing how others do things.
  13. We stopped having troop tents for this very reason. Now each boy has his own tent. If they chose to share on a camping trip it is up to them to set it up. This way they are responsible for taking care of cleaning their own tents.
  14. Our troop policy has always been no games or cell phones. Well we went to summer camp last week. On the list given to parents of what to bring and what not to bring it listed NO CELL PHONES. Got to camp the the SM's son had his phone. Nothing was ever said to him. It wouldn't have been a problem if he has simply left it in his footlocker but he ran around camp with it all the time including checking his messages while in badge classes. It bothers me that the rules don't seem to apply to him. Just all the other boys.
  15. Just got back from Slippery Falls Scout Ranch, Last Frontier Council, Oklahoma. HAD A BALL> Very well run camp. Great staff. Great badge program. Our boys could take up to 6 badges. They finished almost all of them. One not finished was Astronomy. They lack tracking Venus and Mars for 4 weeks. Small camp. Nothing was more than about 10 minutes away from our camp site. Very impressed. So in any of you are from that council, congrats.
  16. Kevin (13 and Life) and I talked about this last night. This thread has been looking at it from the point of a SM adding a requiement. He ask me what happens when a SM decided that a Scout doens't have to do a requirement because the SM think the the requirement is to hard for that Scout. Like not expecting him to learn First Aid the SM signs off as long as the boy known how to put on a bandaid? Have we been fair to that Scout. NO!!!! If we allow SM or CO to alter Advancement requirements by making the reqirement harder or by making it easier we havedone a hugh disservice to that
  17. Ok then if they can enter into marriage at 12 that means that they can sign legal contracts at the same age. Most states say that is your are old enough to marry you are old enough to sign a binding contract.
  18. No your aren't stupid. You are like so many of us. Have a hard time using that ugly two letter work when it comes to kids. Like my mother's little sign said. A Hundred years from NOw it will not matter what my bank account was the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a CHILD.
  19. Camp Orr is great. Beautiful country. I grew up in Harrison,
  20. I have a question for those that think there is nothing wrong with the adults in a troop altering a Rank requirement. So we change the Life requirement from take part in to lead. On what is to say that a leader can't then take Tenderfood and decide that they have to do spend at least three nights camping. Oh you are camping anyway so why not increase the number of nights required since we are trying to teach the boys how to camp. Or for 1st Class require them to take part in 20 troop activities. BSA Policy is VERY clear on this. The SM nor the CO or the committee can not
  21. Years ago I had two Dobies. The female was a "MAMA" dog to the core. She mothered everything that she thought was a baby. One morning about 2 a.m. I heard her "Mama bark" Went out into the back year and she had a baby raccoon down and was licking it all over. Mama raccoon was in the tree having a fit. Seem she didn't see the need for a nanny and certainly not one that was a BIG BAD DOG. Had to take Dutches in the house to let mama raccoon have her baby back. Dutches mothered three kittens and two baby squirels. Plus a customers little boy that was crawling out of the office do
  22. Your husband is right. People see the uniform. Kids are taught if they are in trouble find someone in a uniform. I have many times at stores when a child is lost had a kid come up to me if I an in my Scout Uniform. It is a nice feeling if trust. Kevin and I stopped at an Jazz fest on the way home one Saturday. We were both in uniform. He went to the bathroom and there was a little boy crying. He went over to the kid and ask if his mom or dad had gotten lost. They had. Kevin took the kid to the lost area. One man commented that he had tried to help the little boy but he would s
  23. I still have all my Girl Scout training information from nearly 40 years ago. Have all my Cub training. I guess I just keep that type of stuff. If it has been over 20 years since this person has taken any training I would be wanting them to take it again. I personally think that courses like BLT, BALOO, OLS should have to be renewed atlease every 10 years. Unless the person helps with the training program by teaching. I know SMs that took their training 20+ years ago and have never taken another training, except for YPT. I love training and like taking them over. I have learned somethin
  24. I directed our district day camp 4 years. And for all intents and purpose the unit they are with at camp is a den. We did both BB and Archery belt loops as well as Flag Football. The instructors for these loops always did the discussion with the boys about the safety rules before they were allowed to shoot. Since the only place a Cub can earn BB or Archery is at a Council sponsored event that means either day camp or Cub day. Just like with Boy Scouts the requirements says discuss. We all know that kids of cub age forget a lot of what they discuss within a few hours of hearing it. That
  25. Talk to the father. Find out what the details are. There is a young couple that lives next door to me. Since I sometimes have the boys at the house I check the offender list on a regular basis. His name showed up. They are so sweet and have three great little boys. The oldest will start school this year and I am trying to get him in scouts. The story is. At just barely 14 she got pregant. Her parents filed rape charges against him. He then 17, was convicted and served some time in jail. By the time he got out of jail she had turned 18, She left home and they married. They hav
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